IT Help Desk Professional

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IT Help Desk Professional
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IT Help Desk Professional

What you’ll learn

Understand how computer works from a hardware & software perspective
Have a good knowledge about networking, DNS & DHCP mainly
Understand how printers works
Enhance their knowledge & skills in help desk with extra tips & hints

IT Help Desk Professional


We will explain everything from scratch, but general knowledge in IT world is a plus
It’s preferable to have a test PC for apply and practice course contents


Do you want to start your career in the IT world? Do you want to start building your IT career path from a solid ground? You are in the right place! Wondering why? Let’s see
Because when you want to become an IT specialist, you have to start from the basics, you need to master computers & everything related to that, how they work, how to install operating systems like Windows on machines, how they communicate, how to manage them, and of course troubleshooting all that, that’s from a hardware point of view, while taking into consideration the need to learn how users are managed through network, how you can manage users accounts permissions, passwords, access, all through Active Directory.

These are part of the stuff that we will discuss here in our course, we will discuss printers, networks, and some other important stuff, where we will guarantee that the information & examples provided here will maximize your learning experience to the max., so in the next time you are in an interview for a help desk position, you will be more confident about your technical background as you will have a solid understanding from applying what you will learn here.

The instructors’ experiences sum up to more than 15 years in total in this field, so you will not get theoretical information, but a practical one!

We structured the course from the most basic knowledge required, Installing, and see how we can install Windows on a machine, as most operating systems follow the same steps, we will use Windows 10 as a standard, and once we complete installation, we will prepare the machine for the user.

The second section talks about networking, we will discuss DHCP & DNS, troubleshoot some network related issues, and master the most useful & needed commands in CMD that help you troubleshoot connectivity problems.

After that, we will move to discuss hardware, and mainly printers; types, terminologies, drivers’ installation, and of course basic troubleshooting to see how you can solve some problems when they occur.

The forth section will be a quick but very important one, which covers Active Directory, how to manage users there, and settings folder permissions based on Active Directory users.

Next, we will see two tools and two websites that will help you a lot in doing some tasks faster, easier, and more professionally

The last section will be about hardware as well, the first hardware section was about printers, and this one will be about PC, we will we will uncover the PC from inside and see how it works, what parts are there, some troubleshooting basics that you must know, and we will also talk about hardware upgrade.

As more than 90% of the course contents are practical demonstration, and in order to maximize your learning experience outcomes, we highly encourage you to have a test PC in order to apply and practice everything we will see here.

Are you ready to get into this world? Do you want to land your next IT job? Here is your key for that, enroll now in this course, and let’s begin the journey.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction – Paul Hill

Lecture 2 Course Overview and Objectives

Section 2: Installing Windows 10

Lecture 3 Configure & Create Bootable USB for Windows Installation

Lecture 4 Installing Windows 10

Lecture 5 Machine Naming, Workgroup & Domain Join

Section 3: Mastering Networks

Lecture 6 What is DHCP?

Lecture 7 Configuring DHCP and Static IP Addresses

Section 4: Printers

Lecture 8 Understanding Different Types of Printers

Lecture 9 How to Install Printers Drivers

Lecture 10 Printers Terminology & What to Consider When Getting a New One

Lecture 11 Troubleshooting Common Printers Problems

Section 5: Active Directory Introduction

Lecture 12 Active Directory Basics

Lecture 13 Manage AD Users

Section 6: Useful Tools to Ease Your Life

Lecture 14 Getting The Most Needed Apps, Quick, Easy, and Latest Versions

Lecture 15 Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Section 7: Hardware

Lecture 16 What is inside a PC

Lecture 17 Troubleshooting Common Hardware Problems

Lecture 18 Upgrading Machines

Section 8: Course Conclusion

Lecture 19 How to Get Your Certificate of Completion

Lecture 20 Bonus Lecture

Fresh graduates in IT colleges who want to start their IT career,All IT people who wants to get into the help desk world,Help desk technicians who want to expand their knowledge

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Created by: Paul Hill

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