IT Troubleshooting Skill Training

IT Troubleshooting 101 for Analysts and Managers
IT Troubleshooting Skill Training
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IT Troubleshooting Skill Training

What you’ll learn

Minimize problem duration
Standardize troubleshooting procedure
Practice efficient problem identification
Technical deduction and isolation exercises

IT Troubleshooting Skill Training


Minimum of 2 years technical support experience


How to Troubleshoot: IT Troubleshooting Skill Training is about applying logic over technical components to identify faults. It is not about memorizing specific tasks for specific problem. Program focuses on developing a methodical approach in IT troubleshooting. You will learn the fundamentals of efficient troubleshooting using technical deduction and fault isolation. Through repetitive exercises and drills, program will condition your technical reflexes to raise your troubleshooting intelligence. Target Audience: Technical Managers, Enterprise IT Analyst, Data Center Analyst and Call Center Analyst NOTE: Skill program complements ITIL and ideal for Technical Managers looking to build a more productive and consistent technical team. Take this ultimate IT Troubleshooting Skill Training course now and learn how to troubleshoot basic issues.


Section 1: IT Troubleshooting Basics

Lecture 1 What is Troubleshooting?

Lecture 2 Principles of Troubleshooting

Section 2: Isolation Methods

Lecture 3 Why Isolation?

Lecture 4 Isolation Methods in Troubleshooting

Section 3: Levels of Troubleshooting

Lecture 5 Verbal Troubleshooting

Lecture 6 Process Troubleshooting

Lecture 7 Component Troubleshooting

Section 4: Skill Training

Lecture 8 Troubleshooting Drills and Exercise Guide

Lecture 9 Troubleshooting Drills and Exercise Document

Lecture 10 Tactical Troubleshooting Exercise

IT Managers,IT Professional,Technical Trainers,Enterprise IT Analyst,Call Center IT Analyst

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Created by: Noel Temena

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