Java Programming Introduction for Beginners

Learn Java — Quickly and Thoroughly — With this introductory course. Become a Java Programmer
Java Programming Introduction for Beginners
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Java Programming Introduction for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn essential programming skills in Java to be a proficient developer
Develop an understanding of the core of Java allowing you to take on advanced projects.
Learn the “why” behind the code you type. No more depending on copy and paste.
Sharpen your skills with tips and tricks from a developer who has taught millions through YouTube or Udemy.
Become proficient in all the basics – types, operators, input and output, collections, classes and objects.

Java Programming Introduction for Beginners


A computer with Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Attention to detail. One typo means your code likely won’t run. Pay attention closely!
Focus. A LOT of information is covered in this course. Following allowing / taking notes is essential.


You’re looking at the the most useful Java Introduction course. Build the foundation without spending weeks of your life studying. Everything you need to be a Java developer, without the fluff. With over 280,000 students on Udemy and 170,000 YouTube subscribers, I’ve has established myself as a top instructor in Java.Whether you are a student crash-coursing for a final (been there), a new developer trying to survive a job, or an established professional who needs to build an app in Java, this course is for you. I don’t assume much prior knowledge, but I also go in great depth for a beginner course. Get ready!I don’t just want to share facts, I want to share understanding. I want to give you the foundation needed to take on advanced Java concepts. Whether you’re looking at your first programming job, need to bring Java into your project, pass the Oracle certification, or just expand your knowledge, this course offers it all in a timely manner. What else? I make it fun and simple!I’ve gone through great lengths to teach the world programming. Including Java! Here is some of my feedback around my Java content:“Bruh this is going to save me from failing my Java midterm!” -Noah P“Dude this is awesome! What an awesome resource for students and programmers alike.” -Josh P“You actually explain the parts of the code, what most code teachers don’t! Thanks!” -Tris S“Thank you Caleb for all that you do! I have to say that you make coding fun! AND I have learned things seemingly complex items you’ve explained in seconds that textbooks/professors have not been able to convey! PLEASE keep going! Please. “ -Todd G“This is one of the most understandable tutorial I’ve ever watched. I’m a complete beginner, I may have coded with C++ and that was three years ago and I have forgotten all about it. Now I’m diving into java and I find your videos really helpful.Thank you.” -Leunnamme S“Dang you’re smart and good looking” -MyselfCan we really cover everything we need in this course?Most of the code in programming can be broken down to some key concepts and thoughts. This is what we focus on in this course. Will you know the entire Java language? Absolutely not. Will you have the confidence to start developing on your own thanks to this solid foundation? Yes.Don’t believe this course is straight fire? Why don’t you ask my 6,000+ Udemy Reviewers?“Excellent, lively course. Beautifully taught. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.” -Shikha R“So refreshing to enjoy a course and not to be bored silly be a monotone voice. Actually made it fun and easy to learn. now off to build an Azure data factory, wish me luck!!” -James D“Great course. The instructor is funny, knowledgeable and keeps the videos interesting.” -Ashley G“Caleb is a highly skilled and intelligent instructor, delivering well-structured, easily understandable and entertaining lessons.” -Sydney M“very easy to understand even for non native english speaker” -Maria KHeck, this course seems so good, I’m thinking about buying it myself. Give me a shot to teach you Java. If you’re not satisfied, Udemy has a very solid refund policy!Check out the preview video to be certain this is the course for you. Once you’re ready, make the purchase and I’ll see you in the first episode!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Me and this Course

Lecture 2 Resources (IDE, Documentation)

Section 2: Learning Java

Lecture 3 Java Foundations – Getting Started, main Method explained, Input and Output

Lecture 4 Java Data Types – Primitive Types, String objects, Operators

Lecture 5 Control Flow – Loops, if Statements, Boolean Expressions, Logical Operators

Lecture 6 Collections – Working with Arrays and Generic Lists, Range Based for Loop

Lecture 7 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) – Classes, Objects, etc

Beginner Java Developers who need to get up to speed quickly.,New Developers who want to understand the basics at an in depth level.,Experienced developers needing to pick up Java quickly.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 21m | 622.03 MB
Created by: Caleb Curry

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