JavaScript Step by Step how to apply it to your web pages

Learn the concepts of the JavaScript programming language. Learn foundations for JavaScript programming web developer
JavaScript Step by Step how to apply it to your web pages
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JavaScript Step by Step how to apply it to your web pages

What you’ll learn

Understand basics of Programming
Learn basic JavaScript
Learn how to make interactive html web pages

JavaScript Step by Step how to apply it to your web pages


Web editor
Understand Basic HTML
Basic CSS


Learn web development with JavaScript. JavaScript is an essential part of creating websites learn the building blocks of web development with JavaScript programming.
This course is designed to get you the knowledge you need to succeed. We provide over 34 source files, challenges to get you coding and a unique approach to encourage you to code.
Get ALL THE CONTENT you NEED in one place. Our unique European approach to teaching is designed to help you LEARN better. Its encouraged that you code, along with the course instruction. We show you how. You will find that this course is the fastest way for you to get a fundamental understanding of JavaScript programming.
OVER 35 LessonsOver 8 ChallengesOver 34 Source FilesRegular updates to the courseResource links to text editors and so much morewe don’t waste time typing in the videoswe get right to the pointwell covered code functions to get you started
With programming you need to understand the fundamentals in order to build on them.
JavaScript is used everywhere. Its fast, easy to implement and can add a whole new layer to the user experience. Making web pages respond to the user, allows us to create a more dynamic experience for them. This is JavaScript!!
Not having to contact the server when code functions can be run immediately makes JavaScript a SUPER FAST.
Speed. Being client-side, JavaScript is fastSimplicity. JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.Versatility it has what you need to get the job done.
Download the source files, follow along as our instructor explains what each code function does. With real examples that work.
JavaScript for beginners to JavaScript advanced users, this course also includes lots of coding examples. This course will show you how to Master JavaScript, learning dynamic web design using JavaScript. JavaScript is a crucial part to become a Complete Web Developer. Learn and master JavaScript from Scratch. Check out our other JavaScript courses to learn even more advanced JavaScript included with our of web developer courses. Comprehensive JavaScript Programming, learn by making and working with examples. Build dynamic websites with JavaScript.
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This course is perfect whether you are an Absolute Beginner, who wants to learn about JavaScript Programming or whether you are a web developer who wants to learn more about JavaScript.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 JavaScript Fundamentals Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Tips

Lecture 3 Resources for Web Development

Lecture 4 Course introduction Help Tips

Lecture 5 How to use this course


Section 2: Basics of Javascript

Lecture 7 Where do you place JavaScript Code

Lecture 8 Comments

Lecture 9 Console log JavaScript Communications

Lecture 10 JavaScript Writing Variables Camel Case

Lecture 11 JavaScript Strings Numbers Variables Writing JavaScript

Lecture 12 JavaScript Data Types JavaScript Objects Arrays Strings Numbers

Lecture 13 String Methods

Lecture 14 Number Methods

Lecture 15 Working with Numbers

Lecture 16 Writing Dates in JavaScript

Lecture 17 Challenge 1

Lecture 18 JavaScript Challenge 1 Lesson 1

Section 3: Get Coding JavaScript

Lecture 19 Change HTML Attributes

Lecture 20 Change Image Source on Click

Lecture 21 Change CSS styling

Lecture 22 Use variable text to change innerHTML

Lecture 23 Challenge 2-5

Lecture 24 JavaScript Challenge Lesson 2

Lecture 25 JavaScript Challenge Lesson 3

Lecture 26 JavaScript Challenge Lesson 4

Lecture 27 JavaScript Challenge Lesson 5

Section 4: Dynamic Code JavaScript

Lecture 28 Regular Expression

Lecture 29 Functions

Lecture 30 JavaScript Scope

Lecture 31 Working with Arrays

Lecture 32 Objects

Lecture 33 Object Methods

Lecture 34 Element Events

Lecture 35 Conditional Statements

Lecture 36 JavaScript Switch Statement

Lecture 37 For While do Loops in JavaScript

Lecture 38 Working with Loops

Lecture 39 Challenge 6-10

Lecture 40 JavaScript Challenge Lesson 6

Lecture 41 JavaScript Challenge Lesson 9

Lecture 42 JavaScript Challenge Lesson 10

Section 5: Final Notes

Lecture 43 Try Catch Throws and Debugging

Section 6: Course Bonus Resources and Extra Lectures

Lecture 44 How to create Page Elements DOM

Lecture 45 JavaScript Resources

Lecture 46 Download PDF JavaScript Coding Guide

Learn the foundations of programming Javascript,Anyone who wants to learn how to program in Javascript,Anyone who wants to get a better understanding of Javascript

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Udemy | English | 1h 44m | 587.65 MB
Created by: Laurence Svekis

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