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How To Master THE MOST IMPORTANT DevOps Skill In ONLY 2 hours
Jenkins Beginner To Pro
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Jenkins Beginner To Pro

What you’ll learn

Jenkins Pipelines
Parameterized jobs
Full breakdown Of How To Use Jenkinsfiles
How To Use Jenkins The PROPER Way
Scripting Your CI/CD Solution
Use Functions In Your Jenkins Pipelines
Multistage Pipelines in Code
How To Write Declarative Pipeline Language

Jenkins Beginner To Pro


Laptop Or Desktop
Internet Connection
Ready To Master Jenkins


If you’ve heard of DevOps and seen the words: CI/CD, Pipelines and automation, then more than likely, the tool being used is Jenkins.Where most courses go wrong is they teach you the tool in the web interface. Then as soon as you start the job, you’re presented with “Jenkinsfiles” as everything is done in code.This course will show you how to do everything you need to do in Jenkins exclusively in the code format – why? Because that is what is used in Business!Do I need programming experience?No, you don’t. It’s easy to get started and no scripting experience required.Sign up now and get started with learning the most popular CI/CD tool on the market!Having spent hundreds of dollars on training and getting up to speed with Jenkins when I was a contractor for Deloitte, I found that I had wasted loads of time and resources on courses that didn’t prepare me for what I would need to do on the job.They will teach you how to use the web interface…REALITY CHECK: ALL THE PIPELINES ARE SCRIPTED IN Jenkinsfiles!The web interface WAS NEVER used to set up the jobs, like I had been taught to do in the courses.I remember when I was in your shoes, TIME WAS EVERYTHING! I had to have this skill “yesterday” so if I had even just an hour to study it was crucial! Now imagine having spent that limited and invaluable time on JUST the installation! Like many of these courses do.This fueled me to create this course out of spite because I wanted to SAVE YOU the PAIN, TIME and MONEY that this mistake costme.This led to the birth of this course to teach you Jenkins and how it’s used in industry so you’re ready to go, immediately after you finish watching it!In this course, you’re going to learn about:Jenkins Pipelines: What they are and how they are usedParameterized jobs: Pass information between the different jobs. You’ll be using these all the time at workIntegration with GitHub: Jenkins and GitHub go hand-in-hand which is why I’ll show you how to leverage both with this courseFull breakdown of how to use Jenkinsfiles: From the ground up and for a complete beginner, by the end of the course you’ll know exactly how to create, use and update JenkinsfilesTrains you to use Jenkins the RIGHT way! Get used to and familiarised with Jenkinsfiles and Declarative Pipelines so that you can hit the ground running at workScripting your CI/CD solution You’ll be surprised how often you’ll be asked to do this in your DevOps role and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to implement itHow to use functions in your Jenkins pipelinesTake advantage of functions to save yourself time instead repeating big blocks of codeMultistage Pipelines in Code These are one of the MOST POWERFUL FEATURES of Jenkins and now you’ll not only learn about them, you’ll know how to create them in codeHow to use Declarative Pipeline Language The bread and butter of Jenkinsfiles, learn it here and learn it nowSounds like a lot to take in right? I remember having to learn this on the job thinking “Where do I start?!”.I’ve gone through the PAIN so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!The course has been expertly organised to maximise your learning efficiency!Following the Warp 9 mantra of mastering everything you need to know to get hired tomorrow, TODAY!In just over 2 hours from now you will go from googling: “what is Jenkins” to being on the same level as a DevOps pro!All the fluff, filler, mistakes, corrections and unscripted blunders REMOVED!Everything, from the filler “erms”, load times kept in and to the little details like the large gaps between sentences has been cut-down to streamline your learning experience and save you time!Everything you need to master Jenkins, packaged where YOUR Time is The Most Important Factor!I’ve shown this course to some of my former colleagues asking them what they thought…They all loved it! Wished they had something this concise and quick to teach them when they were starting out!Now to the question you’re asking yourself…“Well that’s great, but how much does this cost?”Normally considering the time, research, professional know-how from REAL EXPERIENCE, and effort put in, I’d have charged MORE! A lot of my former associates who know the value of an expertly crafted course would have happily signed up early.But I know recent events have been challenging for us all, and I wanted to do my part in helping you become the engineer I know you can be!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why This Course Is Different

Lecture 3 Stay Up To Date

Section 2: What Is CI/CD?

Lecture 4 CI

Lecture 5 CD

Section 3: Setup

Lecture 6 Reason For Docker

Lecture 7 Docker For Mac

Lecture 8 Docker For Windows

Lecture 9 Docker For Windows Notes

Lecture 10 Docker For Linux

Lecture 11 Docker For Linux Notes

Lecture 12 Editor Of Choice

Lecture 13 Getting Jenkins Running

Lecture 14 Links for VS Code and Plugins

Lecture 15 How to Login

Lecture 16 Code For The Course

Section 4: Jenkins 101

Lecture 17 Create New Jobs

Lecture 18 Settings Explained

Lecture 19 Up Next Pipelines

Section 5: Challenge 1

Lecture 20 Challenge 1 – Breakdown

Lecture 21 Challenge 1 – Walkthrough

Section 6: Pipelines

Lecture 22 Introduction

Lecture 23 Maven Setup

Lecture 24 VS Code Setup

Lecture 25 Jenkins Login

Lecture 26 Pipeline Script

Lecture 27 Build Triggers

Lecture 28 Useful Links

Lecture 29 Useful Links

Lecture 30 Install Maven

Lecture 31 Pipeline Statement

Lecture 32 Agent

Lecture 33 Stages

Lecture 34 Clean Up Stage

Lecture 35 Clone Repo Stage

Lecture 36 Build Stage

Lecture 37 DIR Explained

Lecture 38 Using the Dir Step

Lecture 39 Avoid Mistakes With This Plugin!

Lecture 40 Test Stage

Lecture 41 Stages Recap And Build

Lecture 42 Build Success And Logs

Lecture 43 Console Output

Lecture 44 Replay

Lecture 45 Quick Recap

Section 7: Challenge 2

Lecture 46 Challenge 2 – Breakdown

Lecture 47 Challenge 2 – Walkthrough

Section 8: GitHub Jenkins

Lecture 48 Before You Begin

Lecture 49 Setup Phase

Lecture 50 Polling SCM

Section 9: MultiBranch Pipelines

Lecture 51 Branches Explained

Lecture 52 Setting Up the MultiBranch Pipeline

Lecture 53 Amazing Time Saving Trick

Section 10: Parameterized Pipelines

Lecture 54 What they are

Lecture 55 Demonstration

Lecture 56 Boolean Parameter

Lecture 57 String Parameter

Lecture 58 Check Which Parameters Were Used

Lecture 59 Dropdown Selection Parameters

Lecture 60 Recap

Section 11: Challenge 3

Lecture 61 Challenge 3 – Breakdown

Lecture 62 Challenge 3 – Walkthrough

Section 12: Variables

Lecture 63 Introduction to Variables

Lecture 64 Defining Variables

Lecture 65 Using Variables

Lecture 66 Jenkins Specific Environment Variables

Section 13: Advanced Jenkins

Lecture 67 Groovy

Lecture 68 Build Health

Lecture 69 Troubleshooting

Lecture 70 Credentials

Lecture 71 Jenkinsfile Name

Lecture 72 Multiple Jenkinsfiles

Lecture 73 Multiple Jenkinsfiles Demo

Lecture 74 Debugging Trick

Lecture 75 If Statements

Lecture 76 Functions

Lecture 77 Variable Scope

Lecture 78 Multiple Lines In Bash Shell

Lecture 79 Job From A Job

Lecture 80 Pass Parameters Between Jobs

Lecture 81 Plugins

Section 14: Clean Up

Lecture 82 Delete Forked Repo

Lecture 83 Stop Docker

Lecture 84 Delete Volumes

Section 15: At the end…

Lecture 85 Final Video

Developers,DevOps Engineers,Sys Admins,Technical Support Engineers,Anyone Who Wants To Master Jenkins

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Created by: Warp 9 Training

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