JKD Street Fight

Master Wong System – JKD Training
JKD Street Fight
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JKD Street Fight

What you’ll learn

Basic Self-defence movements

JKD Street Fight


Anyone wanting to try something new or learn a new skill


This is the Master Wong JKD training. This service is provided for all those who are interested in learning JKD and would like to try our product be for purchasing a full course this training section includes a variety of JKD lessons for a small price and will be regularly updated as we develop new material so it is the perfect way to start experiencing the benefits of learning the Master Wong system. This course includes a lot of the basics of JKD including punching, kicking, stances, defending, attacking, movements for self- defense and answers to frequently asked questions. This training will give you a taste of what is available and allow you to start to become part of the Master Wong system.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 JKD Bodyweapon Intro

Lecture 2 Master Wong Message

Section 2: Master Wong Live Class

Lecture 3 Live class explanation

Lecture 4 Arm bar with pain compliance 2

Lecture 5 Rear take down and pain comliance 2

Lecture 6 Basic physical training

Lecture 7 Ground and pound defence explained

Section 3: Basic Defending the Punch

Lecture 8 Basic attacking and defending overview

Lecture 9 Basic blocking overview

Lecture 10 Defending a Jab cross

Lecture 11 Defending jab cross hook

Lecture 12 Defending jab, cross, hook, uppercut

Section 4: Basic Kick Training

Lecture 13 Basic Kick overview

Lecture 14 Basic Chop Kick

Lecture 15 Basic Round Kick

Lecture 16 Basic Side kick

Lecture 17 Combining basic kicks

Section 5: Weapon of Choice

Lecture 18 Weapon of choice info

Lecture 19 Chop to the Neck

Lecture 20 Destroy Throat with Hammer Fist

Lecture 21 Destroy using Headbutt

Lecture 22 Destroy using the Knee

Section 6: Stop kick

Lecture 23 Stop kick info

Lecture 24 Chop kick and round kick

Lecture 25 Chop kick and side kick to thigh

Lecture 26 Stop kick and block jab, cross with elbow

Lecture 27 Stop kick on uneven ground

Lecture 28 Stop kick, elbow cover, attack and push

Lecture 29 Explanation about why we wear gloves for street training

Section 7: Destroying the Fist

Lecture 30 Destroying the Fist info

Lecture 31 Destroy Fist & Arm then Attack Face

Lecture 32 Destroy Fist then Change to other Side

Lecture 33 Destroy Hand & Attack Head

Lecture 34 Destroy the Shin & Twist

Section 8: Defend & Attack use Hammer Fist

Lecture 35 Defend & Attack use Hammer Fist info

Lecture 36 Attack Face

Lecture 37 Attack to the Fist

Lecture 38 Hammer-Fist to Body and Head

Lecture 39 Hammer-Fist to Face

Lecture 40 Hammer-Fist to Head and Back

Section 9: Controlling Opponent

Lecture 41 Controlling Opponent info

Lecture 42 Controlling Opponent from the Push

Lecture 43 Controlling Opponent from the Punch

Lecture 44 Controlling Opponent from the Hook

Lecture 45 Control Using a Rear Naked Choke

Lecture 46 Elbow to chest, defend against leg grab and elbow to back

Section 10: Rapid Responses

Lecture 47 Rapid Responses info

Lecture 48 Attack Shin then Knee to Face

Lecture 49 Block to centre punch, chop, clear and elbow

Lecture 50 Chop kick and round kick

Lecture 51 Defend then Destroy the Throat

Lecture 52 Destroy Fist then Change to other Side

Section 11: Dynamic Entry

Lecture 53 Dynamic Entry info

Lecture 54 Destroy Fist & Headbutt

Lecture 55 Destroy Fist & Knee to Body

Lecture 56 Destroy the Hands then Elbow to Face

Lecture 57 Intercept the Wrist & Attack Head

Lecture 58 Intercept the Wrist & Destroy Arm

Section 12: Finish a Fight in Seconds

Lecture 59 Finish a Fight in Seconds info

Lecture 60 Attack side of Knee then Neck Take Down

Lecture 61 Elbow to the Face

Lecture 62 Headbutt & Knee

Lecture 63 Kick Groin then Hammer Fist

Lecture 64 Knee to Chest then Elbow to Spine

Section 13: Tai Chi Combat

Lecture 65 Tai Chi Combat info

Lecture 66 Absorb bigger opponent’s energy & shoulder bump

Lecture 67 Absorb bigger opponent’s energy & slam

Lecture 68 Using Tai Chi in confined spaces

Lecture 69 Tai Chi info

Lecture 70 Tai Chi Yang 8 Step

Lecture 71 Yang Style Tai Chi Yang

Lecture 72 Chen Style Tai Chi Cannon Fist 1

Lecture 73 Chen Style Tai Chi Cannon Fist 2

Section 14: Ground Fight Training Lesson

Lecture 74 How to fight on your back

Lecture 75 How to deal with ground and pound-guard position

Lecture 76 How to deal with ground and pound-full mount

Section 15: Why is JKD different – Questions & Answers

Lecture 77 why is JKD different

Section 16: Forced entry – Questions & Answers

Lecture 78 Attack the ball bag

Lecture 79 Attack with elbow

Lecture 80 Attacking the leg

Lecture 81 Attacking the nut

Lecture 82 Destroy the body with side kick

Lecture 83 Elbow to the chest

Lecture 84 Slap to the nut

Lecture 85 Straight blast

Section 17: intercepting the kick – Questions & Answers

Lecture 86 Attack low round kick

Lecture 87 Elbow to the leg

Lecture 88 intercept inside leg

Lecture 89 intercept the backk of the leg

Lecture 90 Intercept the leg knee to body

Lecture 91 intercept the leg

Lecture 92 intercept the shin

Lecture 93 Kick to the forearm

Section 18: Intercept the hand – Questions & Answers

Lecture 94 Intercept the Hook

Lecture 95 Elobw to the fist

Lecture 96 intercept elbow to the head

Lecture 97 intercept the forearm

Lecture 98 intercept the punch

Section 19: Leg Locking – Questions & Answers

Lecture 99 Double leg take down to leg lock

Lecture 100 Side cntrol to ankle lock take down

Lecture 101 Take down to leg lock

Section 20: Simple Entry – Questions & Answers

Lecture 102 Elbow to the chest

Lecture 103 Knee to the body

Lecture 104 Round kick to the body

Section 21: Take Downs – Questions & Answers

Lecture 105 Enter to elbow and take down

Lecture 106 leg strike to shoulder ribcage

Lecture 107 Trip

Section 22: Using interception and stop hits – Questions & Answers

Lecture 108 Enter and stop hit together

Lecture 109 Intercept depending on the opponent

Lecture 110 Stop hit depending on the opponent

Section 23: JKD Body Weapon Trailer Video

Lecture 111 Ground Fight 1

Lecture 112 Ground Fight 2

Lecture 113 Ground Fight 3

Lecture 114 Gun Training 1

Lecture 115 Handcuff Training

Lecture 116 Stick Training 1

Lecture 117 knife Training 1

Lecture 118 Hand stick trainin 1

Lecture 119 Mag – Lite Training

Lecture 120 Rope Training

Lecture 121 Spike Training

Anyone interested in jkd

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Created by: SiFu Wong

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