Job Search Tips Career Development PLUS ChatGPT Tips

Get the job you want, build your career and learn essential ChatGPT tips for job search success and career growth
Job Search Tips Career Development PLUS ChatGPT Tips
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Job Search Tips Career Development PLUS ChatGPT Tips

What you’ll learn

Learn tips and tricks from ChatGPT trailblazers and influencers on Linkedin
Interview techniques that earn trust, build credibility and get you the job you want
Learn ChatGPT smart tips for beginner and intermediate level prompts
Gain insights into how ChatGPT is changing the world as a large language mode AI use case
LinkedIn for professional networking and Novoresume for CV creation
Time management, goal setting and getting more done in your 24 hours
How to get ahead and build long term success in the workplace
Write a CV that stands out and positions you better than the rest
Personal branding for work and the use of LinkedIn for professional networking
Communication skills at work, managing conflict and navigating the workplace
Career progression and how to get the next promotion

Job Search Tips Career Development PLUS ChatGPT Tips


Resilience, hard work and willingness to take action to improve your life


“Excellent course. I found the section on building a network of particular interest. The demos are also very useful. A must do course for any newcomers to the workplace.” – Elmor”There’s elements I was familiar of already but getting information from someone that is experienced and understands the South African job market especially with the prominence of the internet and technology is a major benefit. I enjoyed this course and found it very informative.” – David-Pierre B.”The content is amazing . Best course when looking to be the best in the work industry. It educates you about the importance of being a professional everywhere not only in the workplace. Social media is an important tool. Use it wisely.” – Malesela M.”I’m glad I took this course. Now I have more clarification as to what it required of me by my future employers and what I need to master in order to make it in the corporate world.” – Thamsanga X.”It was straight to the point and the sections are cut into nice short segments which made it easier to go through. The additional resources are also simple and straight to the point. I feel like now I know how I want to structure my CV, how to improve my LinkedIn profile, job searching etc.” – Amantle M.”This is exactly what I needed as I prepare to enter the job market. Thank you Peter.” – Barack A.”The course overall covers all aspect of the employment journey from interview and how to grow in the workplace. However, I really enjoyed the part Peter highlighted the importance of authentic communication in workplaces and how manage conflicts. I believe the lessons on conflicts resolution Peter shared are very important to achieve healthy and untoxic workplaces and life in general. Great course Peter. It is becoming hard to resist any one of your courses !!” – Peter R.In this course, you will learn how to position yourself for formal employment and how to grow your career. The course includes handy worksheets for each lesson as well as demonstrations of the Novoresume CV tool and LinkedIn. Whether you are newly qualified, unemployed, moving jobs or returning to work after a break, this course will teach you the techniques you will need. I’ll also explain to you how I had to deal with the equivalent of $55,000 of student debt in today’s money and how I got a big break through sheer resilience. You can have the same breakthrough in your working life, get into the company you want and have the career start that gives you the greatest advantage. I’ve seen thousands of CVs in my career and I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. There are definitely some things you can do that will help you to stand out. The global coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has affected many economies around the world and it has become even tougher to get formal employment; you will need to ensure you have every skill you need to give you the greatest advantage.The topics that you will learn about in this course include;Time management, writing a CV, interview techniquesThe importance of taking action to establish credibility as a hard workerHow value is created in the workplace and your role in delivering valueManaging your internet footprint and what boundaries to put in placeThe Novoresume CV tool and how Peter has used it to create a short, high impact CVGetting organised to maximise the power of 10 minutesCover letters and how they establish context for your job applicationDo’s and Don’ts of online interviews and how to prepare for an interviewThe importance of self-confidence and what you can do to improve yoursThe use of LinkedIn including a walkthrough of Peter’s LinkedIn profileThe modern workplace and how you can adapt to any environmentFinding a mentor and getting the support you needCareer progression and building a professional brandHow to work as a team player first, then to stand out as an individualGoal setting and getting things done with a powerful action list techniqueHow to manage conflict and improve your workplace interactionThe importance of transparent and credible communicationHow to build a professional network that supports your career growthHow networks function and how to assess the value of a possible connectionThis course will help you improve your skills in the workplace as well as the job market. Take responsibility for your career today and improve your prospects by working through these lessons, downloading the handy worksheets and applying what you have learnt to build your profile and maximise your future success.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Let’s Celebrate Your Progress In This Course: 25% > 50% > 75% > 100%!!

Lecture 3 Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Everyone What Are Your Goals

Lecture 4 The Great Resignation Requires A Great Reskilling

Section 2: Make A Professional Entrance To The World Of Work

Lecture 5 Enhance Your Positioning And Presence: CVs and Job Application Etiquette

Lecture 6 Walk Through The Novoresume Tool With Peter’s CV

Lecture 7 Give Your Best Interview Ever: Be The Stand Out Candidate In Person Or Online

Lecture 8 You’ve Achieved 25% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 50% >>

Lecture 9 Start Your Career: Choose Your Employer, Find A Mentor And Make A Contribution

Lecture 10 Which IT role is right for you?

Section 3: Boost Your Career With Practical Tips And Techniques

Lecture 11 Branding And Big Breaks For Career Progression

Lecture 12 Become A Master Of Time Management And Get Things Done

Lecture 13 Communicate Authentically And Manage Conflict Confidently

Lecture 14 Understand Professional Networks And How To Build Yours

Lecture 15 You’ve Achieved 50% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 75% >>

Lecture 16 Walk Through Peter Alkema’s LinkedIn Profile

Section 4: Ace Your Interview! Peter’s Smart Tips For Interview Success

Lecture 17 Let Us Help You Improve Your Interview Skills – Peter

Lecture 18 Congratulations! You Have An Upcoming Interview, Let Us Learn How To Prepare

Lecture 19 How To Prepare For A Virtual Interview

Lecture 20 You Must Do As Much Research As Possible Before Your Interview

Lecture 21 Arriving At An Interview And First Impressions

Lecture 22 How To Handle Questions In An Interview

Lecture 23 The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Virtual Interview

Lecture 24 How To Create An Impact Towards The End Of An Interview & Leave An Impression

Lecture 25 After Any Interview, Follow Up & Learn From The Experience

Lecture 26 How To Manage That Long Awaited Phone Call!

Section 5: Introduction To ChatGPT Beginners: Learn ChatGPT Prompts

Lecture 27 Introduction To The Course: You Can Benefit From AI with ChatGPT Today

Lecture 28 Meet Brett StClair: International Digital Transformation Leader & Speaker

Lecture 29 Preview & Download The ChatGPT CheatSheet: 20 Smart Tips In This Course

Lecture 30 Hello My Name Is ChatGPT, Welcome To This Course!!

Lecture 31 Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Us What You Want To Learn

Section 6: Get Ready To Learn ChatGPT & Dive Into The World Of ChatGPT

Lecture 32 Introduction of ChatGPT get ready to learn things

Lecture 33 Dive into the world of ChatGPT – CheatSheet Part1.mp4

Section 7: ChatGPT Basics, Tips & Tricks PLUS Having Fun & Interesting Queries For Business

Lecture 34 the basics and steps on how to get to ChatGPT

Lecture 35 Tips and tricks for ChatGPT interface

Lecture 36 Having fun on ChatGPT by asking crazy questions

Lecture 37 Some interesting Queries for business

Section 8: ChatGPT Prompts: Act Like, Include & Column

Lecture 38 Using ACT LIKE prompt

Lecture 39 Using INCLUDE prompt

Lecture 40 Using COLUMN prompt

Section 9: ChatGPT Prompts: Find & Translate

Lecture 41 Using FIND prompt

Lecture 42 Using TRANSLATE prompt

Section 10: ChatGPT Prompts: Define, Convert, Calculate & Generate Ideas

Lecture 43 Using DEFINE prompt

Lecture 44 Using CONVERT prompt

Lecture 45 Using CALCULATE prompt

Lecture 46 Using GENERATING IDEAS prompt

Section 11: ChatGPT Prompts: List, Cause & Impact

Lecture 47 Using a CREATE A LIST prompt

Lecture 48 Using DETERMINE CAUSE prompt

Lecture 49 Using ASSESS IMPACT prompt

Section 12: ChatGPT Prompts: Recommend Explain & Outline

Lecture 50 Using RECOMMEND SOLUTIONS prompt

Lecture 51 Using EXPLAIN CONCEPT prompt


Section 13: ChatGPT Prompts; Benefits, Drawbacks & Shorten

Lecture 53 Using DESCRIBE BENEFITS prompts

Lecture 54 Using Explain DrawBacks prompt

Lecture 55 Using SHORTEN propmt

Section 14: When ChatGPT Gets It Wrong & Wrap Up

Lecture 56 What ChatGPT gets Wrong

Lecture 57 And finally to wrap up

Section 15: Introduction To ChatGPT Intermediate: Smart Tips For ChatGPT Prompts

Lecture 58 Introduction To ChatGPT: Intermediate Prompts Smart Tips

Lecture 59 Meet Brett StClair: International Digital Transformation Leader & Speaker

Lecture 60 Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Us What You Want To Learn

Section 16: ChatGPT Prompts: Understand, Competition, Identify Opportunities, Marketing

Lecture 61 Using UNDERSTAND prompt

Lecture 62 Using ANALYZE COMPETITION prompt

Lecture 63 Using IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES prompt

Lecture 64 Using CREATE MARKETING PLAN prompt

Section 17: ChatGPT Prompts: Analyze Customer Behaviour. Content Strategy, Email Campaign


Lecture 66 Using CREATE CONTENT STRATEGY prompt

Lecture 67 Using CREATE EMAIL CAMPAIGN prompt

Section 18: ChatGPT Prompts: Analyze SEO, Develop Sales Strategy, Create Project Plan

Lecture 68 Using ANALYZE SEO prompt

Lecture 69 Using DEVELOP SALES STRATEGY prompt

Lecture 70 Using CREATE PROJECT PLAN prompt

Section 19: ChatGPT Prompts: Analyze Workflow, Design Onboarding, Develop Retention Strategy

Lecture 71 Using ANALYZE WORKFLOW prompt



Section 20: ChatGPT Prompts: Create Loyalty Programme, Design Feedback, Develop Training

Lecture 74 Using CREATE LOYALTY PROGRAM prompt

Lecture 75 Using DESIGN FEEDBACK PROCESS prompt

Lecture 76 Using DEVELOP TRAINING PROGRAM prompt

Section 21: ChatGPT Prompts: Design Script, Create Survey and Develop Policy

Lecture 77 Using DESIGN SCRIPT prompt

Lecture 78 Using CREATE SURVEY prompt

Lecture 79 Using DEVELOP POLICY prompt

Section 22: ChatGPT Prompts: Design Report, Create FAQ & Wrap Up

Lecture 80 Using DESIGN REPORT prompt

Lecture 81 Using CREATE A FAQ prompt

Lecture 82 And finally to wrap up

Section 23: Learn From ChatGPT Influencers & Trailblazers on Linkedin Additional Insights

Lecture 83 Introduction to ChatGPT Influencers On LinkedIn – Boost Your ChatGPT Smarts!!

Lecture 84 Filipa Canelas – Power house at Hooks and using GPT to enhance content

Lecture 85 Bram Van der Hallen – One of the top posters of content for prompts

Lecture 86 Tobias Willmann – First person I saw to use the group by topic prompt

Lecture 87 Aleyda Solís – SEO expert with ChatGPT – her post on how to use it was superb

Lecture 88 Shlomo Genchin – Great post on how to brainstorm with ChatGPT

Lecture 89 Sam Szuchan – Great carousels and loads of Linking and writing tips

Lecture 90 Lucas Perret – Chat GPT for sales

Lecture 91 Eimri Bar – Using ChatGPT in Sales and in Linkedin Content Creation

Lecture 92 Matt Gray – All about the entrepreneur and motivational posts

Lecture 93 Inna Haidamaka – Passionate about SEO and Content with ChatGPT

Lecture 94 Steve Nouri – Huge following, Focus is on AI and Data / beginners newsletter

Lecture 95 Ruben Hassid – He is a ghost writer – showed me tribescaler

Lecture 96 Roxana Irimia – Marketing expert – Great carousels – Lots of Guides and tips

Lecture 97 Ariel Levin – ChatGPT geek – Passionate about Business development

Lecture 98 Alex Velinov – lots of Open AI posts images and GPT3

Section 24: Live Conversation and Q&A With Peter Alkema

Lecture 99 Action taking and Big breaks

Lecture 100 Focus on Actions and use time Wisely

Lecture 101 How to Communicate in workplace

Lecture 102 Transformation of Information

Lecture 103 You’ve Achieved 75% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 100% >>

Lecture 104 Overconsumption of data on Internet

Lecture 105 Hardwork ,Patience and Big achievements

Lecture 106 Relationship with Boss and working in team

Lecture 107 Power of 10 Minutes

Section 25: Live Conversation and Q&A With Peter Alkema

Lecture 108 How to Boost Job Prospects-Overview

Lecture 109 Make a Professional Enterance to the World of Work

Lecture 110 Carefully manage your social media and internet information

Lecture 111 Testimonials and References to Showcase Skills

Lecture 112 Importance of Cover letter and What is Novor Resume

Lecture 113 Do and Don’ts of Interviews

Lecture 114 Difference Between being Annoying and Ambitious

Lecture 115 “Do Online Courses done on sites like Udemy affect Recruiters Decision?

Section 26: [Optional] Full Live Webinars: (1) Improve Job Prospects & (2) Accelerate Career

Lecture 116 Job Prospects

Lecture 117 Accelerate Career Growth

Lecture 118 You’ve Achieved 100% >> Let’s Celebrate! Remember To Share Your Certificate!!

Section 27: Job winning tips from a live Q&A Webinar

Lecture 119 Introduction and advice on job winning tips

Lecture 120 Learn on how can i make my cover letter memorable

Lecture 121 Is the chance of getting job with smaller or bigger companies better

Lecture 122 Learn to know the qualities that need in order to prepare work

Lecture 123 What should do to standout, Should do internship and how to get internships

Lecture 124 Learn from advice on should i wait out for a job and apply more or pursue Master

Lecture 125 Recommendations on how to stick out and secure a good future

Lecture 126 What are the chances of getting a job

Lecture 127 How to get past on declined or no response on applying for a job

Lecture 128 The advantage on best marks on graduate when applying a job

Lecture 129 Advice on making standard CV for every job opening

Section 28: Interview Tips To Get The Job You Want: Learn More With Career Coach Tracey

Lecture 130 Introduction of the speaker and about the topic to be discuss on the webinar

Lecture 131 On applying a job, are the employers strict on academic results or more strict

Lecture 132 How often people get a certain percentage to get a job on a company

Lecture 133 What expected for students to say when asks for a question Tell me more

Lecture 134 What are the things to say on an interview if you have zero experience

Lecture 135 Does the employees current CTC affect terms of landing a well paying job

Lecture 136 When can Law students find mentors for direction, guidance and inspiration

Lecture 137 What kind of questions an interviewee can ask at the end of interview

Lecture 138 What questions can one ask the interviews to get a better understanding

Lecture 139 Is there a generic message you can use when approaching potential mentors and

Lecture 140 Thoughts on the webinar and services offered on students to prepare for interv

Lecture 141 Interview Tips To Get The Job You Want_ Learn More With Career Coach Tracey Ashi

Section 29: More ChatGPT Insights: Background, Development, Capabilities & Features

Lecture 142 What is ChatGPT and its background

Lecture 143 How ChatGPT works and its development

Lecture 144 ChatGPT’s human-like capabilities and computational superpowers

Lecture 145 Key features of ChatGPT and how to get started

Section 30: ChatGPT: Practical Skills and Concepts

Lecture 146 Using ChatGPT for flowgpt, youtube summary, chatgpt writer, and linking with Wha

Lecture 147 Different types of prompts and their practical applications

Lecture 148 How to use ChatGPT to improve productivity in various industries

Section 31: ChatGPT in the Workplace

Lecture 149 Jobs that could be disrupted by ChatGPT and how to use it to avoid disruption

Lecture 150 How ChatGPT can be used to automate tasks and improve efficiency in various indu

Lecture 151 How ChatGPT can be used in customer service and chatbot applications

Section 32: The Ethical Use and Development of AI

Lecture 152 The importance of ethical considerations in AI development

Lecture 153 How ChatGPT’s ethical use can improve the effectiveness of AI in various industr

Lecture 154 How ChatGPT’s ethical use can lead to better human-computer interactions

Section 33: Advanced ChatGPT

Lecture 155 Different versions of ChatGPT and their capabilities

Lecture 156 How ChatGPT will continue to evolve and improve in the future

Lecture 157 How to use advanced features of ChatGPT to improve productivity and efficiency

Section 34: ChatGPT in the Future

Lecture 158 The future of large language models like ChatGPT

Lecture 159 How ChatGPT will continue to disrupt various industries and change the way we wo

Lecture 160 How ChatGPT will change the way we interact with computers and AI

Section 35: Putting ChatGPT into Practice

Lecture 161 How to integrate ChatGPT into your workflow and improve productivity

Lecture 162 How to use ChatGPT to automate tasks and improve efficiency in various industrie

Lecture 163 How to use ChatGPT to improve customer service and chatbot applications

Section 36: ChatGPT Lessons: Conclusion

Lecture 164 Recap of key concepts and skills learned

Lecture 165 How to continue learning and staying up-to-date with ChatGPT’s developments

Lecture 166 Final thoughts on the future of ChatGPT and AI

Early stage professionals looking to get ahead and establish themselves,Qualified students in the job market looking to transition into formal employment,Experienced professionals looking for a refresher on career management,Anyone looking to accelerate their career in their current company or by changing jobs

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Created by: Peter Alkema

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