Jobs and Career Opportunities in Clinical Research

Clinical Research, Clinical Trials, CDM, eTMF, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical SAS, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, CRA, CRC
Jobs and Career Opportunities in Clinical Research
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Jobs and Career Opportunities in Clinical Research

What you’ll learn

Agenda and Purpose of this course
Different Job opportunities in Clinical Research Industry
List of companies offering Clinical Research jobs
Overview of all job roles

Jobs and Career Opportunities in Clinical Research


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Greetings from PV Drug Safety Academy!!!Clinical Research is a huge industry and have excellent scope and future growth.This Course is created for guidance purpose, especially for freshers from Pharma, Lifesciences and Medical professionals to make them aware of the abundance of opportunities available in Clinical research field.This course will also help to other working professionals who are thinking to switch careers.This course will help to quickly choose your clinical research career path based on different job roles available in Clinical research industry, eligibility criteria, salary range, job responsibilities, how to apply for jobs, pros and cons of roles and overall job rating.We have covered following topics in this training:Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance Roles​Medical Writing RolesClinical Trials & Clinical Data Management RolesClinical SAS & Biostatistics RolesOther Clinical Roles​List of Companies in India, Offering Clinical Research JobsAt the end, we have provided list of companies offering these jobs in India.The rating of Job roles is provided based on experience of candidates who are currently working in these roles. Job experience may vary from person to person.If you have any suggestions, please comment and provide your feedback, we will try to incorporate this in our next edition.Good luck to your clinical research journey and future endeavors.


Section 1: Introduction of this course

Lecture 1 Introduction, Agenda​ & Purpose

Section 2: Different Clinical Research Job Roles

Lecture 2 Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Lecture 3 ​Medical Writing

Lecture 4 Clinical Trials and Clinical Data Management

Lecture 5 Clinical SAS and Biostatistics

Lecture 6 Other Clinical Jobs

Section 3: List of Companies in India, Offering Clinical Research Jobs

Lecture 7 List of Companies

Section 4: What to do after this course

Lecture 8 Congratulations

Graduate or postgraduate degree in Pharmacy (e.g. B Pharm, M Pharm, M S Pharm, Pharm D),Graduate or postgraduate degree in Medicine (MBBS, MD, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS),Graduate or postgraduate degree in Life Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)

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