Juneau Travel Guide

101 Places to Visit, Explore, and Experience Juneau, Alaska to the Fullest From A to Z
Juneau Travel Guide
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Juneau Travel Guide

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Juneau Travel Guide




Juneau, Alaska is an integral part of the United States, yet offers up the feeling that’s it’s a world away from the Lower 48. Juneau holds the unique title of being not only the largest capital city by land mass but one of the most remote as well. Inaccessible by land, Juneau is a city that requires visitors to make the trek by sky or sea when the siren call of Alaska rings out loud and clear. While some are called in the pursuit of a wild adventure in the heart of nature, others make their way unassuming by cruise ship, only to get caught up in the unexpected beauty and grace this island city provides. Whether it’s glaciers, bear, whales or the charm of a downtown dotted with boutique shops that appeal to the adventurer in you, Juneau is worth a visit.Rich in history and culture, this is a city that provides a look at a native past that’s delicately balanced against an ever-growing hub of tourism. Learn to let go of expectations when you arrive in Juneau. It’s a city that asks you to put one foot in the rainforest and one in the ocean for an experience quite unlike any other.About the ExpertCaitlyn Knuth is a lifelong writer who was inspired to put a pen to paper as a child long before spelling skills were acquired. Constantly captivated by the pictures words have the power to paint and the owner of a spirit that is always ready for the next travel adventure, she’s found her muse alive and well through the process of exploring new cities and sharing what she’s found with the world.An initial trip to Juneau several years ago left a bigger impression than she originally expected. Prepared for bears, she fell in love at first sight with the whales that call this area home. Unaccustomed to the raincoat culture that is essential to Juneau, she found herself enamored with the endless mist and fog that frequently roll in and give this rainforest packed city an enchanting take on weather patterns. It’s a place that’s hard to shake long after the trip has ended. When new cities follow you around, they’re worth writing about. A passion for discovering the unexpected inspired her to put together a comprehensive guide to visiting the best of Juneau—with the understanding that this course is nothing more than an encouraging starting point to a greater adventure.


Section 1: Juneau Travel Guide

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Part 1 – Letting Go in Juneau

Lecture 3 Part 2 – Your Way Through Flavor

Lecture 4 Part 3 – Making the Most of Amazing Views

Lecture 5 Part 4 – Guided Tours and Excursions

Lecture 6 Part 5 – Natural Wonders

Lecture 7 Part 6 – Wildlife Encounters

Lecture 8 Part 7 – Hiking Trails and Camping Hot Spots

Lecture 9 Part 8 – Education

Lecture 10 Part 9 – Romantic Destinations

Lecture 11 Part 10 – Downtown Landmarks

Lecture 12 Part 11 – Culture and Heritage

Lecture 13 Part 12 – Conversation Efforts

Lecture 14 Part 13 – Days Trips From Juneau

Lecture 15 Part 14 – Last Minute Tips and Tricks

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