Jungle Fever Nail Art Course

Fun animal print nail designs
Jungle Fever Nail Art Course
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Jeany Hattingh


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Jungle Fever Nail Art Course

What you’ll learn

You will learn a variety of fun animal print nail art techniques
You will learn how to combine colours to compliment your design
You will also learn how to create an ombre background using neon pigment powders
Creating texture in your animal print design

Jungle Fever Nail Art Course


No previous experience needed to complete this course – if you know how to use a liner nail art brush, jump in and join is for this fun course!


Welcome to your Jungle Fever Nail Art Course!This course was designed for all nail artist that would like to learn some fun and easy animal print – you basically only need to know how a liner art brush work and the rest will follow easy…For this course you will not need to buy any products, the aim is to use what you have in your salon, basically ANYTHING neon will do! Everything taught during this course is just guidelines, but you can break the rules at any time and put your own designs together. All of these designs can be toned down and you can even you neutral colours and the will still be AMAZING!!! The nail art techniques in this course will fall under the “Express Art” category, which means that you will be able to create amazing nail art in a short amount of time.What will we cover during this course?- Zebra print- Leopard print- Giraffe print-Cow/Dalmatian print- Reptile/snake skin print- Combining neon and “pastel” neon colours together- Colour blocking with complimentary colours- Creating an ombre using neon pigment powders- Creating abstract nail art that compliment each other- Focus on perfecting line work- Embossed look on top of a matt surfacePlease feel free to send me a direct message in the Udemy chat should you have any challenges during your practise time – I am always happy to assist and guide you to ensure you get the most out of this nail art course.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is needed for this course?

Section 2: Design 1

Lecture 3 Colour blocking with zebra print

Section 3: Design 2

Lecture 4 Funky leopard print

Section 4: Design 3

Lecture 5 Multi colour lines with a cow/Dalmatian print

Section 5: Design 4

Lecture 6 Pink wave with mixed animal print

Section 6: Design 5

Lecture 7 Combination animal print(reptile skin, giraffe and zebra)

Section 7: Design 6

Lecture 8 Bonus design – watch and learn

Section 8: Certificate

Lecture 9 Bonus section

This course is designed for anyone that would add a fun nail art skill to their services.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 24m | 1.81 GB
Created by: Jeany Hattingh

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