Juniper JNCISENT JN0351 Complete Course

Juniper Networks JNCIS-ENT Certification: Master the Essentials
Juniper JNCISENT JN0351 Complete Course
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Juniper JNCISENT JN0351 Complete Course

What you’ll learn

BGP Fundamentals for the Enterprise
OSPF functions, configurations and troubleshooting in depth
IS-IS functions, configurations and troubleshooting in depth
Layer 2 Security and Loop prevention
Layer 2 Fundamentals for the Enterprise
JNCIS-ENT exam topics

Juniper JNCISENT JN0351 Complete Course


JNCIA-Junos level knowledge
JNCIA-Junos certification required to earn JNCIS-ENT


Are you an IT professional looking to take your networking career to the next level? Welcome to the comprehensive Juniper Networks JNCIS-ENT Certification course by Ben Jacobson, your key to unlocking exciting career opportunities in the world of networking!Why Choose This Course?Expert Instruction: With over a decade of experience in the field, Ben Jacobson is your trusted guide. He’s walked the path you aspire to and is here to share his knowledge.Intermediate Level: This course is tailored for network engineers, network administrators, and IT professionals ready to advance their skills. It bridges the gap between basic networking knowledge and advanced expertise.Career Advancement: The JNCIS-ENT certification is highly regarded in the industry. It can open doors to higher-paying roles, increased responsibilities, and greater professional recognition.What You’ll Learn:Master Juniper Networks Fundamentals: Dive deep into the world of Juniper with a strong foundation in networking essentials.Routing and Switching Mastery: Understand and configure Juniper routers and switches, becoming proficient in the protocols and technologies crucial for enterprise networks.Hands-On Labs: Practical experience is key. You’ll have access to lab configurations and instruction that reinforce your learning and give you the confidence to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.Exam-Targeted Content: Our course is meticulously designed to cover all the exam topics for the Juniper Networks JNCIS-ENT certification. You’ll be fully prepared to ace the exam.Who Should Enroll:Network EngineersNetwork AdministratorsIT ProfessionalsAnyone aspiring to earn the JNCIS-ENT certificationWhy Juniper Networks JNCIS-ENT Certification?Juniper Networks is at the forefront of networking technology, and their certifications are highly respected in the industry. The JNCIS-ENT certification validates your skills in Juniper devices, routing, and switching, making you a valuable asset to any organization.Invest in Your Future:Join Ben Jacobson on this transformative journey toward earning your Juniper Networks JNCIS-ENT Certification. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your career prospects and gain a competitive edge in the IT job market.Enroll today, and let’s pave the path to your networking success together!


Section 1: Layer 2 Switching and VLANs

Lecture 1 Switching and Bridging Components

Lecture 2 Bridging Mechanisms 1

Lecture 3 Bridging Mechanisms 2

Lecture 4 Switched Network Design

Lecture 5 EX Series Switches

Lecture 6 Frame Processing

Lecture 7 Layer 2 Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Lecture 8 Layer 2 Switching Lab

Lecture 9 VLAN Fundamentals

Lecture 10 Configuring and Verifying VLANs

Lecture 11 Trunking and Voice VLANs

Lecture 12 Inter-VLAN Routing

Lecture 13 VLAN Lab

Section 2: Layer 2 Security and Loop Prevention

Lecture 14 Loop Prevention

Lecture 15 Spanning Tree Protocol

Lecture 16 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

Lecture 17 Configuring STP and RSTP

Lecture 18 BPDU, Loop and Root Protection

Lecture 19 Spanning Tree Lab

Lecture 20 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching

Lecture 21 MAC Limiting and Persistent MAC Learning

Lecture 22 DHCP Snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection and IP Source Guard

Lecture 23 Storm Control and Firewall Filters

Lecture 24 Layer 2 Security Lab

Section 3: Protocol Independent Routing

Lecture 25 Static, Aggregate and Generated Routes

Lecture 26 Martian Addresses

Lecture 27 Routing Instances and RIB Groups

Lecture 28 Load Balancing

Lecture 29 Filter Based Forwarding

Lecture 30 Protocol Independent Routing Lab

Section 4: OSPF

Lecture 31 LSDB

Lecture 32 OSPF Packet Types and Router ID

Lecture 33 Adjacencies and Neighbors

Lecture 34 DR and BDR

Lecture 35 Area and Router Types

Lecture 36 LSA Types and Realms

Lecture 37 OSPF Lab

Section 5: IS-IS

Lecture 38 IS-IS Overview

Lecture 39 IS-IS PDUs

Lecture 40 IS-IS Neighbors and Adjacencies

Lecture 41 IS-IS Scalability

Lecture 42 Configuring IS-IS

Lecture 43 Monitoring IS-IS

Lecture 44 IS-IS Lab

Section 6: BGP

Lecture 45 BGP Overview

Lecture 46 BGP Message Types

Lecture 47 BGP Neighbor States

Lecture 48 BGP Path Selection

Lecture 49 IBGP Vs. EBGP

Lecture 50 BGP Groups, Policy and Troubleshooting

Lecture 51 BGP Lab

Section 7: Tunnels

Lecture 52 Tunnel Applications and Considerations

Lecture 53 GRE Tunnels

Lecture 54 IP-in-IP Tunnels

Section 8: High Availability

Lecture 55 What is High Availability

Lecture 56 GRES, NSR and NSB

Lecture 57 LAGs and Redundant Trunk Groups

Lecture 58 Virtual Chassis

Network Administrators,Network Engineers,IT Administrators

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Udemy | English | 12h 20m | 4.43 GB
Created by: Ben Jacobson

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