Kali Linux Purple Learn to Use Kali for Defense

Getting Started with Kali for Defense
Kali Linux Purple Learn to Use Kali for Defense
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Kali Linux Purple Learn to Use Kali for Defense

What you’ll learn

Learn how Kali Linux has evolved to include defensive tools
Details on how to download, install and configure Kali Linux Purple
See how Kali Purple supports the lifecycle of defensive operations
See how Kali Purple supports efforts to Identify and Protect critical assets
Find out how Kali Purple can Detect events and threats
Respond to and Recover from incidents using Kali Purple

Kali Linux Purple Learn to Use Kali for Defense


Basic IT knowledge is helpful


Over the years, penetration testers and red team members have come to count on the Kali Linux platform.  Now, it’s time to build up defensive security with Kali Purple.Kali Purple promises to be an innovative platform – one that is designed to support the defensive side of cyber security.Join us as we take a first look at Kali Purple and explore the this impressive defensive platform.Kali Purple is intended to boost your security posture by providing comprehensive coverage across the five domains of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.  Through the platform’s  powerful and specialized toolset, Kali Purple is poised to enhance how you approach defending your network, systems, and critical assets.This course will introduce you to the unique features and capabilities of Kali Purple. Explore the differences between it and the traditional Kali Linux and see how Kali Purple specifically meets the needs of today’s defensive cybersecurity professional.The course is structured to:Provide an Overview of Kali Linux PurpleWalk You Through the Installation ProcessShow You How to Add Tools to Kali PurpleDescribe the Support for ScriptingGive You a Tour of Key Blue Team ToolsGive You a Tour of Supplemental Red Team ToolsOne of the main things you’ll learn is how to obtain and install the distribution.  We’ll provide guidance on how to setup a virtual machine to host the platform, then install and configure Kali Linux Purple.  All done with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.We’ll also take a look at some of the new tools incorporated into Kali Purple, and discuss how to install additional blue team and red team tools.Enroll Today and Start Using Kali to Defend Your Network!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What You’ll Learn

Lecture 3 Ethics

Section 2: The Kali Linux Purple Platform

Lecture 4 What is Kali Purple?

Lecture 5 Where Does Kali Purple Come From?

Lecture 6 How is Kali Purple Different?

Section 3: Installing

Lecture 7 Installation Overview

Lecture 8 Downloading the ISO

Lecture 9 Installing the Virtual Machine

Lecture 10 Installing Kali

Section 4: Adding More Tools

Lecture 11 Finding and Installing Additional Tools

Section 5: Scripting Platforms in Kali Purple

Lecture 12 Python and PowerShell Support

Section 6: Blue Team Tour of Kali Purple

Lecture 13 Tools – Identify

Lecture 14 Tools – Protect

Lecture 15 Tools – Detect

Lecture 16 Tools – Respond

Lecture 17 Tools – Recover

Section 7: Red Team Tour of Kali Purple

Lecture 18 Tools – Information Gathering

Lecture 19 Tools – Web Application Analysis

Lecture 20 Tools – Database Assessment

Lecture 21 Tools – Password Attacks

Lecture 22 Tools – Exploitation Tools

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 23 Summary and Thank You

Blue Teams that want to use Kali for defense,Purple Teams that need to play both offense and defense,Red Teams that want to learn about the tools defenders use,Anyone that wants to learn how to install Kali Linux Purple

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Created by: Pack Of Coders – POC

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