Kali Linux Tutorial For Beginners

#1 Ranking Kali Linux Tutorial! Learn from the pros how to use Kali Linux easily and quickly.
Kali Linux Tutorial For Beginners
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Kali Linux Tutorial For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Perform basic to advanced tasks in Kali Linux
Hack your way through multiple customized targets
Learn how the good guys hack and how the bad guys hack (and get your hands on the credit cards!)
Understand how native Linux commands can be used by hackers
Build up a Linux target from scratch to hack with Kali Linux
A lot more!

Kali Linux Tutorial For Beginners


Basic understanding of concepts such as IP addresses, NAT, client, server etc.
Basic understanding of ethical hacking concepts such as ports scanning, vulnerability scanning etc.
Desire to become and ethical hacker and willingness to learn and persevere


Note: Course updated for Kali 2020You want to learn hacking with Kali Linux but you do not know where to start? Do you find the command line confusing and intimidating? If yes, this is the perfect course for you. In this Kali Linux tutorial, we start you off with the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about Linux! Starting from scratch you will build up your knowledge on how to use Kali Linux and before you know it you will become fluent with the basic tools and commands not just in Kali, but in most Linux systems.=================================================================================================================Completing this short, impactful course was the smartest 11 dollars I have spent this year! The material was relevant and provided a great refresher for concepts I knew about but hadn’t exercised in awhile, and it introduced to me entirely new methods for scanning and imposing hacks. I will continually come back to the course to reinforce my understanding of the material. Money well spent. – Carl Bradford ★★★★★=================================================================================================================”This course was incredibly helpful and I learned a lot as a complete linux noob and am definitely more knowledgable and confident in not only the OS itself, but also the specialized Kali distro.” – Olivia R. McLaughlin ★★★★★=================================================================================================================The course is divided into three parts.Part 1 – BasicsCommands to help you navigate any Linux systemAdd/remove software and update/upgrade your systemArchive and compress files and foldersUse wildcards to make daily tasks easierPart 2 – AdministrationEditing filesConfiguring and managing servicesManaging users, groups and permissionsChaining multiple commands for greater effectPart 3 – HackingDownload a minimal Linux and build it from scratchHack it with Kali Linux!Part 4 – ShellsUnderstanding bind shellsUnderstanding reverse shellUnderstanding web shells​Part 5 – Hacking Like The Bad GuysExploiting replicas of real life vulnerabilitiesGetting access and creating backdoorsStealing credit card information By the end of the course you will have the skills to:Use common Linux commands like hackers doBuild a Linux target from scratchHack the target using what your learnt in the Kali Linux tutorialCreate shell and backdoors Understand and replicate what the bad guys doPlease  note that this course builds up on some ethical hacking concepts taught  in the Hacking For Beginners ethical hacking course. This is another course provided by Hackers Academy=================================================================================================================”This  is what was required to start using kali linux for ethical hacking  purpose i’m really thankful to the author and the udemy team to provide  me and other n00bs like me a free platform where we can learn basics. To  all other folks don’t wait to enroll if you’re new to linux. This guy  is a genius” – Syed Mohammad Raza ★★★★★=================================================================================================================


Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 On Udemy’s Ratings


Lecture 4 Let’s Connect!

Lecture 5 Help!

Section 2: Before You Install Kali

Lecture 6 root User In Kali 2020

Lecture 7 Linux Desktop Environments

Section 3: Installing Kali

Lecture 8 Join The Community

Lecture 9 Latest Kali Updates

Lecture 10 Kali Using Pre-built Virtual Machine

Lecture 11 Install Kali From Scratch

Section 4: Part 1 – Building The Foundations

Lecture 12 Kali GUI Differences

Lecture 13 Kali Linux Terminal

Lecture 14 Your First Shell

Lecture 15 Getting the first shell!

Lecture 16 Lastest Kali Updates

Lecture 17 Kali Linux Terminal Shortcuts

Lecture 18 Kali Linux root, root and root

Lecture 19 Basics Of Commands

Lecture 20 Navigating directories

Lecture 21 Creating directories and files

Lecture 22 Listing directory contents

Lecture 23 Latest Kali Updates

Lecture 24 Listing files content

Lecture 25 Copying files and directories

Lecture 26 Moving files and directories

Lecture 27 Removing files and directories

Lecture 28 Adding/removing software and updating/upgrading your system

Lecture 29 Adding FTP Server To Windows

Lecture 30 Understanding where software on Kali Linux comes from

Lecture 31 Troubleshooting Installations

Lecture 32 APT changes in Kali Linux 2018

Lecture 33 Archiving files and directories

Lecture 34 Using wildcards to speed up tasks

Lecture 35 How to get help when needed

Lecture 36 End Of Part 1

Section 5: Part 2 – Administration

Lecture 37 Last Kali Updates

Lecture 38 Networking basics on Kali Linux

Lecture 39 How to edit files with nano

Lecture 40 Turning your Kali Linux into a Web Server

Lecture 41 Configuration file changes in Kali Linux 2018

Lecture 42 Turning your Kali Linux into an SSH server

Lecture 43 Troubleshooting SSH Access

Lecture 44 Managing users and groups

Lecture 45 Maintaining permissions of users

Lecture 46 Understanding processes

Lecture 47 Managing processes

Lecture 48 Command redirection and controlling output

Lecture 49 Chaining multiple commands together

Lecture 50 End of Part 2

Section 6: Part 3 – Hacking With Kali Linux

Lecture 51 IMPORTANT: Kali and target connectivity

Lecture 52 Set up your target

Lecture 53 Port scanning with Kali Linux

Lecture 54 Hacking with Kali Linux – FTP hacking

Lecture 55 Latest Kali Updates – Nessus

Lecture 56 Install Nessus on Kali Linux

Lecture 57 Vulnerability scanning with Kali Linux

Lecture 58 SSH Hacking – Update

Lecture 59 Hacking with Kali Linux – SSH hacking

Lecture 60 Hacking with Kali Linux – Web service hacking

Lecture 61 Hacking with Kali Linux – Database hacking and password attacks

Lecture 62 Hacking With Kali Linux – Password Cracking

Lecture 63 Hacking with Kali Linux – Sniffing passwords

Lecture 64 Hacking with Kali Linux – Privilege Escalation

Lecture 65 Hacking with Kali Linux – Quick recap of favorite tools

Lecture 66 Can You Hack This?

Lecture 67 Can You Hack This – Hints

Lecture 68 Can you Hack This – Solution

Section 7: Part 4 – Shells Used By Good And Bad Guys

Lecture 69 Understanding basic web shells

Lecture 70 Understanding bind shells

Lecture 71 Understanding reverse shells

Lecture 72 Quick recap

Lecture 73 Creating a Metasploit backdoor

Lecture 74 Bad guy’s interactive shell

Lecture 75 Bad guys web shells

Section 8: Part 5 – Steal The Credit Cards: Hacking Like The Bad Guys

Lecture 76 First Mission

Lecture 77 Port scanning

Lecture 78 Vulnerability Scanning

Lecture 79 Vulnerability Scanning Using Nmap

Lecture 80 Initial Break-in

Lecture 81 Getting an Interactive Shell

Lecture 82 Changing SSH config

Lecture 83 Getting SSH Access

Lecture 84 Cracking Users’ Passwords

Lecture 85 Attacking Database Authentication

Lecture 86 Stealing The Credit Card Info

Lecture 87 Second Mission

Section 9: Final Mission

Lecture 88 What’s Next?

You have no prior experience with Linux and would like to learn how to use Kali Linux,You have basic understanding of ethical hacking and want to learn how to do it using Kali Linux,You want to learn how to create targets and hack them using Kali Linux

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 41m | 4.06 GB
Created by: Hackers Academy – Online Ethical Hacking Tutorials

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