Kernel and Device Driver Development Learn DMA in Details

Understand Linux DMA in detail
Kernel and Device Driver Development Learn DMA in Details
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Kernel and Device Driver Development Learn DMA in Details

What you’ll learn

Understanding of DMA controller in Details
Linux Kernel DMA engine Framework
Writing DMA client Driver
Understanding of DMA engine framework with DMA controller

Kernel and Device Driver Development Learn DMA in Details


Basic C Programming
Basic knowledge of Device Drivers


This Course will give you good insight about how DMA helps in Data transfer . As you might know DMA plays very imprortant role in transferring the data . Almost Every Embedded System Devices device use DMA for transfer the Data . So being Embedded System Professional or Embedded System Students its must for you to understand DMA Controller in Details . This course is going to cover below topics :Introduction to DMADifferent modes of DMA data transferDMA benefits and demeritUnderstand DMA controller in details Linux Kernel DMA Engine and its role DMA Engine most used APIsDMA client Driver Registration and process to transfer the data using DMA EngineDMA controller code walkthrough to  understand how DMA controller register  itself and its capability with DMA Engine framework .Pre Requisite To learn from This Course C Programming knowledge Basic Device Drivers KnowledgeWho Should Enroll for This Course AnyBody who us working for Embedded Systems or anybody who is studying embedded system in their academics .After this course you will have good understanding of DMA controller and DMA engine Framework .  You will understand how you can use DMA for data transfer in your Linux Device Drivers using DMA Engine Framework . During this course if you come across any query please feel free to reach us .


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 DMA Transfer Modes

Lecture 3 DMA Advantage and Disadvantage

Lecture 4 Different DMA controller

Lecture 5 Linux Kernel DMA Directory

Lecture 6 DMA Registers

Lecture 7 DMA Engine Overview

Lecture 8 DMA Engine APIs

Lecture 9 DMA controller Driver

Lecture 10 DMA Client Driver

Lecture 11 Understand DMA Controller

Every Embedded System Professional or Students

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