Keyword Research From Scratch Unlock New SEO Opportunities

Carry out an in-depth keyword research: from the brainstorming ideas to clustering and placing the semantics
Keyword Research From Scratch Unlock New SEO Opportunities
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Keyword Research From Scratch Unlock New SEO Opportunities

What you’ll learn

The notion of keyword research and reasons to conduct it
Latest keyword tendencies in SEO
Definition of user intent and its role in the process of a keyword selection
Semantic core and the algorithm of its building
Structure o keywords and their types
Long-tail keywords as a basis of keyword strategy
Tips and tricks on brainstorming
5 metrics to consider while choosing keywords for targeting
Analysis of competitors’ websites
Google instruments to collect statistics
Ahrefs as a keyword research tool
Keyword clustering process
Placing semantics

Keyword Research From Scratch Unlock New SEO Opportunities


There are no special requirements or skills needed – your wish to find keywords that will let you rank high and have good conversions is enough


Do you want to find keywords that will take you to the first pages on Google? Are you trying to build a keyword strategy, but have no idea where to start? Would you like to take a more systematic approach to the process of keyword research? If so, this course will offer you a turnkey solution!My name is Anton Voroniuk and I would like to teach you how to conduct in-depth keyword research step by step. I am the CEO of the internet marketing academy SkillsBooster, a co-owner of Webpromo Agency, and a digital marketer with over 15 years of experience. During this time I have learned the area inside out and have gained hands-on experience working on various SEO projects. Now I’m ready to share with you all ins and outs!What will you learn in this course?After completing this course, you will know how to conduct keyword research: from brainstorming ideas to clustering and placing the semanticsFind out what metrics to take into account while selecting keywordsGet to know how to carry out the analysis of competitors’ websitesLearn how to use automatic tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to generate more relevant keywordsUnderstand how to group keywords and work with them furtherGet the hang of the keyword research right away!What do we offer in our course?Structured lessons with practical tasks and examplesKeyword Research ChecklistWhy should you choose this course?Why should you choose us over other keyword research courses?You will have the opportunity to learn about keyword research from the top internet marketing professionals.We are industry experts! WebPromoExperts has over 14 years of experience in internet marketing. Our agency is a Google Premier Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner.I have personally obtained a vast number of digital marketing qualifications and certifications such as Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Individual Qualification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Search Ads 360 Certified, and others.During our career, we have launched over 1,500 successful marketing strategies and marketing campaigns.More than 500,000 internet marketers have enrolled in our online courses.Our internet marketing courses are easy to understand. We train specialists in strategy, digital agency management, SMM, SEO, content marketing, PPC advertising, SERM, email marketing, web analytics, and other areas of digital marketing.What else do you get?Lifetime access to the course and its updatesA certificate from Udemy upon completion of the courseShould you be worried?Sign up now! Don’t miss your chance to find keywords that bring you rankings and conversions!This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!Click the “take this course” button to start learning something new today!


Section 1: Keywords as a Part of Semantic Core

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Keyword Research

Lecture 2 Keywords Tendencies in SEO. User Intent

Lecture 3 What is Semantic Core? Why Do We Need It. Algorithm of Collecting Keywords

Lecture 4 How to Study on Udemy Effectively?

Section 2: Structure and Types of Keywords

Lecture 5 Structure of keywords. Long tail keyword strategy

Lecture 6 Types of Keywords

Section 3: Steps to Collect Keywords

Lecture 7 Brainstorming

Lecture 8 How to Choose the Right Keywords

Lecture 9 Analysis of Сompetitors’ Websites

Lecture 10 Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner as Instruments to Collect Statistics

Lecture 11 Ahrefs as a Keyword Research Tool

Section 4: Sorting out and Clustering

Lecture 12 Keyword Clustering Process

Lecture 13 Placing the Semantics

Lecture 14 Summary

Lecture 15 How to Leave a Review for the Course

Lecture 16 How to Get a Certificate

Section 5: BONUS


Beginning SEO specialists who want to take a structured approach to the process of keyword research,Digital marketing specialists who are willing to use keywords as a tool for driving organic traffic,Business owners who deal with website optimization on their own and want to rank high on Google

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Created by: Anton Voroniuk

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