Kickstart your Solution Architecture career

Start and thrive in your Solution Architect role
Kickstart your Solution Architecture career
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Kickstart your Solution Architecture career

What you’ll learn

Solution Architecture
The basics of being a great Solution Architect
Foundational concepts of Solution Architecture
What does a Solution Architect do
Techniques and methods of Solution Architecture
Fundamentals of Solution Architecture

Kickstart your Solution Architecture career


An understanding of IT concepts


Solution Architecture as a discipline has moved to the 2.0 domain and has gained much academic and practitioner interest, however, little information is available to onboard and provide practitioners with a solid and complete understanding of the discipline. New comers to the role are often left with a spider-web of information and on-the-job training – creating bad habits and ineffective Solution Architectures. Backed by three years worth of research, 15 years of practical architecture experience coupled with 22 years IT industry experience – this course will give you the foundational capabilities to start and thrive in your Solution Architect role. You will gain insights, tips and tricks from different perspectives and Solution Architecture concepts that will put you in a position to make a success of your existing or new role. We cover the fundamentals: What is Solution Architecture How does Solution Architecture differ from other Architecture disciplines and rolesWhat are you expected to do as a Solutions ArchitectWhat is the approach to follow when coming up with Solution ArchitectureWhat outputs should you be creating as a Solution ArchitectInterview tips and your first 100 days in your new roleand many, many more…Take away concepts such as views, solution non-functionals, architecture styles (microservices,SOA,etc.), RAID options and finally get tips for your next Solution Architecture role.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Solution Architecture Overview

Lecture 2 Solution Architecture Overview

Lecture 3 The Solution Architect Role

Section 3: Solution Architecture Fundamentals and Concepts

Lecture 4 Functional and Non-functional Requirements

Lecture 5 Architecture Guardrails

Lecture 6 Architecture Views

Lecture 7 Architecture Styles

Section 4: Solution Architecture Frameworks

Lecture 8 Introduction to Solution Architecture Frameworks

Section 5: Solution Architecture Example

Lecture 9 Getting Started with Solution Architecture

Lecture 10 Completing the Solution Architecture

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 11 Succeeding in Solution Architecture (interview tips, starting new, succeeding)

Lecture 12 Final Words

Solution Architect,Individuals that want to become a Solution Architect,Developers and engineers interested in Solution Architecture

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Udemy | English | 2h 18m | 846.31 MB
Created by: Clifford Chetty

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