Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Ages 217

Confidently teach fun, safe and engaging yoga classes to kids aged 2 to 17 years – Kids Yoga Business Training included!
Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Ages 217
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Jessica Fleming


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Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Ages 217

What you’ll learn

By taking this course, you will learn, step by step, how to teach fun, engaging and safe yoga classes to children of all ages, from 2-17 years!
Learn what the best yoga poses for each age group are – this course includes beautifully illustrated kids yoga pose guides for you to print out and keep!
Learn the 5 steps to creating your own super fun kids yoga stories for kids aged 2-8 years
Find out how to keep kids engaged and having fun in your yoga classes
Understand the physical, mental and emotional development of each age group and how it relates to the kids doing yoga
Learn to teach guided mindfulness meditations, relaxation practices and breathing exercises to kids
Yoga games and activities – learn what yoga games and activities each age group enjoys
Yoga sequencing – once children are aged over 8 they will love getting started with yoga sequences! This course provides you with sequences to teach to kids
Learn how yoga can help children to deal with stress, worry and anxiety
Learn the business of yoga! We have dedicated one full module on how to get your kids yoga classes into kindergartens, pre-schools, schools and yoga studios!

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Ages 217


No. There are no requirements to take this course. Anybody can teach kids yoga!


If you want to learn how to teach fun yoga classes to kids of all ages, then you are in the right place! This course will give you all of the skills, knowledge, resources and confidence you will need to start teaching yoga to kids, today!This course delivers all of the need-to-know information about children’s development and how it relates to learning yoga, you will learn how to teach excellent yoga classes that keep kids fully engaged and having fun.You will be provided with exclusive Peaceful Babes, printable resources, including:A beautifully illustrated, Kids Yoga Pose Guide – one for each separate age group from ages 2 to 17A fully illustrated, 90 page, pose by pose guide, that includes pose pictures, instructions and benefitsBeautifully designed, printable guided meditations, breathing practices and relaxation practices for each age groupExclusive, Peaceful Babes, kids coloring in sheets to hand out to your yoga studentsPrintable class plansAnd much more!The resources you will receive when you enroll in this course are exclusive to Peaceful Babes and are not offered by any other course worldwide!You will also learn the, Peaceful Babes, 5 steps to creating fun yoga stories, plus tips on how to perform an incredible kids yoga story that keeps kids fully engaged and having a great time!In addition to learning how to teach fun yoga classes to kids, you will also learn the business of kids yoga! The final module of this course is fully dedicated to showing you exactly how to earn a full time income from teaching yoga classes to kids, anywhere in the world!By the end of this course you will have the knowledge, skills and resources to confidently start to teach super fun, engaging and safe kids yoga classes to children of all ages.You need no prior knowledge to take this course, complete beginners are welcome!Enroll today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Benefits of kids Yoga

Lecture 3 Video reviews from our students!

Lecture 4 Meet Your Teacher – Miss Jessica Fleming

Lecture 5 A Welcome Video From Jess

Section 2: Module One – Yoga for Kids Aged 2-5 Years

Lecture 6 Overview – Yoga for Kids Aged 2-5 Years

Lecture 7 Why Ages 2-5 Love Yoga

Lecture 8 Development 2-3 years

Lecture 9 Development 3-4 Years

Lecture 10 Development 4-5 Years

Lecture 11 Tantrums

Lecture 12 Shyness

Lecture 13 Yoga Poses for Ages 2-5

Lecture 14 Warming Up

Lecture 15 Turning Yoga Poses Into Yoga Stories

Lecture 16 A Peaceful Babes Yoga Story

Lecture 17 How to Perform a Great Yoga Story!

Lecture 18 Meditation and Relaxation for Kids

Lecture 19 Yoga Activities

Lecture 20 Class Plans

Lecture 21 Module Complete – Congratulations!

Section 3: Module Two- Yoga for Ages 5-8 Years

Lecture 22 Overview – Yoga for Kids Aged 5-8 Years

Lecture 23 Why Ages 5-8 Come to Yoga

Lecture 24 Development for Ages 5-8

Lecture 25 Teaching tips for ages 5-8

Lecture 26 Yoga poses for ages 5-8

Lecture 27 Yoga stories for ages 5-8

Lecture 28 Yoga games for ages 5-8

Lecture 29 Breathing exercises for ages 5-8

Lecture 30 Relaxation and meditation practices for ages 5-8

Lecture 31 Yoga activities for ages 5-8

Lecture 32 Class plans

Lecture 33 Module two complete – congratulations

Section 4: Module Three – Yoga for Ages 9-12

Lecture 34 Module Three Overview – Teaching yoga to ages 9-12

Lecture 35 Why ages 9-12 enjoy yoga

Lecture 36 Development for ages 9-12

Lecture 37 Teaching tips for ages 9-12

Lecture 38 Yoga poses for ages 9-12

Lecture 39 Getting started with yoga sequencing

Lecture 40 Yoga games and activities

Lecture 41 Breathing practices for ages 9-12

Lecture 42 Relaxation practices for ages 9-12

Lecture 43 Class plans for ages 9-12

Lecture 44 Yoga at home for ages 9-12

Lecture 45 Module three complete – congratulations!

Section 5: Module Four – Yoga for Kids Ages 12-17

Lecture 46 Module Four Overview – Teaching yoga to ages 12-17

Lecture 47 Why ages 12-17 enjoy yoga

Lecture 48 Development for ages 12-17

Lecture 49 Teaching tips for ages 12-17

Lecture 50 Yoga and teen mental health

Lecture 51 Yoga poses for ages 12-17

Lecture 52 Yoga sequences for ages 12-17

Lecture 53 Yoga activities for ages 12-17

Lecture 54 Breathing practices for ages 12-17

Lecture 55 Relaxation for ages 12-17

Lecture 56 Yoga at home for ages 12-17

Lecture 57 Module four complete – congratulations!

Section 6: *NEW MODULE* Yoga for kids with anxiety

Lecture 58 Anxiety in children

Lecture 59 Teaching tips

Lecture 60 Yoga practices for kids with anxiety

Lecture 61 Yoga for anxiety – practice #1

Lecture 62 Yoga for anxiety – practice #2

Lecture 63 Yoga for anxiety – bolster practice

Lecture 64 Yoga for anxiety – bedtime practice #1

Lecture 65 Yoga for anxiety – bedtime practice #2

Lecture 66 Same breath – breathing practice for anxiety #1

Lecture 67 Square breathing – breathing practice for anxiety #2

Section 7: Module Five – The business of kids yoga

Lecture 68 Overview

Lecture 69 Common places to teach kids yoga

Lecture 70 Income

Lecture 71 How to market yourself as a kids yoga teacher

Lecture 72 Yoga gear

Lecture 73 Insurance

Lecture 74 Course complete – congratulations!

Section 8: BONUS – Kids Meditation Story

Lecture 75 The Magic Carpet Adventure – a kids meditation story

This course is designed for complete beginners through to qualified teachers and yoga instructors.,You may be a yoga instructor who wishes to increase their skills and knowledge so that you can offer kids yoga classes at yoga studios, in kindergartens, schools or within your community.,You may be a teacher who would like to introduce yoga and mindfulness activities into your classroom.,You may be a parent or carer who wishes to learn how to teach yoga and mindfulness to your children or to the children in your care.,Or you may be somebody with no prior yoga or teaching experience but you would still love to teach yoga and mindfulness yo kids in kindergartens in in your community, this course is for you too!

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Created by: Jessica Fleming

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