Kinetic Typography in After Effects Motion Graphics Course

Create title sequences, animations, motion graphics, music videos and more! Learn in After Effects: no experience needed
Kinetic Typography in After Effects Motion Graphics Course
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Kinetic Typography in After Effects Motion Graphics Course

What you’ll learn

Learn the basics of After Effects
Learn advanced Kinetic Typography techniques
Be able to make your own amazing kinetic typography videos
Expand your motion graphics skills

Kinetic Typography in After Effects Motion Graphics Course


Adobe After Effects for Windows or Mac
Beginners welcome!
Those who know After Effects welcome!
Free Trial of After Effects available in course description!


You’re here because you want to create your own kinetic typography (motion text) videos?
You’re in the right place – I LOVE KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY
You might be a brand new beginner, or have a little bit of motion graphics knowledge and looking to become more advanced.
Either way, this is the perfect course for you.
What makes me qualified to teach you?
My name is Phil and I’m a professional motion graphics artist and online teacher. I’m the creator of some of the world’s most popular video and After Effects courses – with over 150,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like this:
Great starting kit, providing you with the essential tools to start exploring the universe of kinetic typography. You’ll feel empowered and excited. The sky is the limit 😉 – Luca Larpi
Phil is an awesome teacher. Everything is very clear and he shows you a lot of useful skills 🙂 – Diane Phan
Good course. Loved the material. Taught me exactly what I wanted to learn. Thanx Phil – Juan Pierre du Plessis
My Promise to YouWhen I’m not doing professional video editing or motion graphics, I’m a full time online teacher. I’ll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.
I want to make this the best course on how to create kinetic typography. So if there is any way I can improve this course, just tell me and I’ll make it happen.
Start Creating Your Own Professional Kinetic Typography
This course teaches you all the basics to get started and the advanced effects to make your videos stand out!
Whether you’re making your own kinetic typography project or you simply want to make a sweet title/intro graphic for your video, this is the course for you.
Each lesson is an easy-to-follow tutorial that walks through my step-by-step process using Adobe After Effects.
You’ll learn in this course:
How to start a kinetic typography projectAdding text and choosing fontsAnimating your text in a variety of waysAdding backgrounds and textureExporting an HD video for sharingmuch much more!
Even if you have never touched After Effects, you will learn all you need to know in this Kinetic Typography after Effects course.
By the end of this course, your confidence as a motion graphics artist will soar. You’ll have a thorough understanding of  using Adobe After Effects to create fun kinetic typography videos.
With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing holding you back from jumping in right now and trying the course out.
Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I’ll see you in lesson 1!



Section 1: Introduction to Course

Lecture 1 Introduction to Kinetic Typgoraphy

Lecture 2 Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience

Section 2: Course Materials

Lecture 3 MLK Speech Audio

Lecture 4 Mario Savio Kinetic Typography Files

Section 3: Basic Kinetic Typography

Lecture 5 Adobe After Effects Overview

Lecture 6 Having a Storyline

Lecture 7 Adding Text

Lecture 8 Choosing a Font

Lecture 9 Keyframes: The Fundamentals

Lecture 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 11 Adding Motion to Text

Lecture 12 Adding a Change in Size to Text

Section 4: Kinetic Typography Practice 1

Lecture 13 Intro to this Section

Lecture 14 Section Project

Lecture 15 Revealing Text with Cut and Scale Animations

Lecture 16 Revealing Text with Position Animations

Lecture 17 Revealing Text with Rotation Animations

Lecture 18 Reveal Animations

Lecture 19 Adding Backgrounds

Lecture 20 Adding Texture to Backgrounds

Lecture 21 Adding Camera-Like Motion to your Scene

Lecture 22 Exporting Your Project

Section 5: Kinetic Typography Practice 2

Lecture 23 Kinetic Practice Round 1

Lecture 24 Kinetic Practice Round 2

Lecture 25 Kinetic Practice Round 3

Lecture 26 Kinetic Practice Round 4

Lecture 27 Kinetic Practice Round 5

Lecture 28 Adding Backgrounds

Lecture 29 Adding Music and Sound Effects

Lecture 30 Exporting from Adobe After Effects

Section 6: Bonus Transitions for Kinetic Typography

Lecture 31 Mask Transitions

Lecture 32 Path Transitions

Lecture 33 3D Transitions

Lecture 34 Preset Effects Transitions

Lecture 35 Using Adobe After Effect’s 3d Camera

Lecture 36 3D Text in After Effects

Lecture 37 Using Adobe After Effect’s 3d Camera Part II

Section 7: Kinetic Typography Wrap Up

Lecture 38 Course Wrap Up

Lecture 39 Bonus Lecture: Learn More from Phil + Video School

Video Editors,Artists,Graphic Designers,Video Makers,Creatives

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 28m | 2.14 GB
Created by: Phil Ebiner

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