KPOP Dance BLACKPINK Special 2

Perfect the popular BLACKPINK Choreographies and bring out your inner idol!
KPOP Dance BLACKPINK Special 2
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KPOP Dance BLACKPINK Special 2

What you’ll learn

Hottest BLACKPINK songs
Basic dance techniques required for this course
Stage presence and performance skills
Dance skills used by one of the world’s most popular K-pop girl groups

KPOP Dance BLACKPINK Special 2


Basic body flexibility


Welcome to our BLACKPINK special dance course!If you’re a fan of K-pop, you’ve probably heard of BLACKPINK – one of the hottest girl groups in the world right now.In this course, we will teach you how to dance like the members of BLACKPINK, covering some of their most iconic choreography and dance routines. This is the 2nd part of the BLACKPINK special course with us. If you did not check out the 1st course, check it out now!Our experienced instructors have a passion for dance and a deep understanding of K-pop culture. They will guide you through each dance, breaking down the moves and providing individual feedback to help you master the choreography.Throughout the course, you will learn a range of dance styles that are popular in BLACKPINK’s music videos and live performances. We will cover a variety of songs, including “PINK VENOM”, “SHUT DOWN”, “ICE CREAM”, “Kill This Love” “”LALISA”.Each week, you can learn a new routine, building on your skills and technique.We believe that dance is not just about learning choreography – it’s about developing strength, flexibility, and stamina. That’s why we’ll also be incorporating dance exercises and drills into each class, designed to help you improve your overall dance skills and technique.Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, our course is designed to accommodate all skill levels. We’ll start with the basics and work our way up, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident throughout the course.At the end of the course, you will be able put together a final performance to showcase your skills and celebrate your progress. This will be a chance for you to perform in front of your friends and show off your newfound dance skills.Join us for an exciting and fun-filled dance course that will help you learn how to dance like BLACKPINK. Get ready to move to the beat and show off your moves like a K-pop star!


Section 1: BLACKPINK – Pink Venom

Lecture 1 BLACKPINK – Pink Venom

Section 2: BLACKPINK – Shutdown

Lecture 2 BLACKPINK – Shutdown

Section 3: BLACKPINK – Ice Cream ft.Selena Gomez

Lecture 3 BLACKPINK – Ice Cream

Section 4: LISA – LALISA

Lecture 4 LISA – LALISA

Section 5: BLACKPINK – Kill This Love

Lecture 5 BLACKPINK – Kill This Love

K-POP and BLINKs out there!

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Created by: NROUND VT3

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