KPOP Dance Party Special

Get ready to put a K-Performance and bring out the IDOL energy!
KPOP Dance Party Special
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KPOP Dance Party Special

What you’ll learn

Popular K-POP dance routines
Personal style and expression to the dance moves
Fast-paced footwork, sharp arm movements, and energetic body isolations.
Ready to show a K-POP performance

KPOP Dance Party Special


Basic dance moves


K-POP Dance – Party Special is a fun and exciting dance course that teaches students the popular K-pop dance moves. The course is designed to be accessible to all skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced dancers. Through a series of video lessons, students will learn a variety of K-pop dance routines that are perfect for parties, events, or just for fun.Throughout the course, students can expect to learn:K-pop dance basics: Students will learn the foundational movements and techniques used in K-pop dance, including footwork, arm movements, and body isolations.Latest K-pop dance routines: Students will learn a variety of K-pop dance routines that are popular in the K-pop industry. These routines are taught step-by-step by experienced instructors, who provide detailed explanations and demonstrations of each movement.Personalization of dance moves: Students will learn how to add their own personal style to the dance moves, making each routine unique and individualized.Coordination, rhythm, and fitness: K-pop dance moves are fast-paced and energetic, which means that students will improve their coordination, rhythm, and overall fitness while learning the dance routines.The course is taught by experienced dance instructors who currently work in the K-POP entertainment scene and are passionate about K-pop and dedicated to helping their students succeed. The instructors provide personalized feedback and encouragement to help students improve their skills and achieve their goals. The course is also accessible online, which means that students can learn at their own pace and from anywhere with an internet connection.In summary, K-POP Dance – Party Special is a fantastic course for anyone who loves K-pop music and wants to learn the latest dance moves. With fun and energetic routines, personalized instruction, and cultural insights, students will gain a deeper appreciation for K-pop and improve their dance skills at the same time.


Section 1: BigBang – Bang Bang Bang

Lecture 1 BigBang – Bang Bang Bang

Section 2: KARD – BOMB BOMB

Lecture 2 KARD – BOMB BOMB Tutorial

Lecture 3 Teaching (detailed)

Section 3: Jay Park – All I Wanna Do

Lecture 4 Jay Park – All I Wanna Do Tutorial

Lecture 5 All I Wanna Do (detailed)

Section 4: NCT U – BOSS

Lecture 6 NCT U – BOSS

All the K-POP and dance enthusiasts

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Created by: NROUND VT3

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