Kubernetes Certified Application Developer CKAD with Tests

Learn concepts and practice for the Kubernetes Certification with hands-on labs right in your browser – DevOps – CKAD
Kubernetes Certified Application Developer CKAD with Tests
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Kubernetes Certified Application Developer CKAD with Tests

What you’ll learn

Kubernetes Certification
Design and Deploy applications on Kubernetes Cluster
Develop Cloud First Applications
Secure Kubernetes cluster with Secrets and Network Policies
Create and Schedule Jobs in Kubernetes
Create and Configure Persistent Volumes
Configure Readiness and Liveness Probes in a cluster
Troubleshoot Applications Deployed using Logs
Upgrade and Rollback Applications deployed on Kubernetes

Kubernetes Certified Application Developer CKAD with Tests


Basic System Administration
Basic Application Development – Python
Linux VMs to follow along (This is optional as labs are provided with course)
Kubernetes Basics


*** Updated for latest CKAD (2022) 1.26 version of Exam ***A Kubernetes Certification can take your career to a whole new level. Learn, practice, and get certified on Kubernetes with hands-on labs right in your browser.”I passed the exam and certified CKAD now. I didn’t passed at the first attempt. Second time, I found  this course on official page k8s and did practice all the labs. Honestly, labs are very challenging and great for the CKAD!” – Dave, Student.Learning Kubernetes is essential for any DevOps professional. DevOps engineers are always in demand. Currently, the average Silicon Valley salary for a DevOps engineer is 20% higher than what a software engineer makes. DevOps engineers make an average of $140,000 to $200,000 annually. And one of the most in-demand skills is Kubernetes Deployment.Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.                                                                                                    Simplify Complex TechnologyKubernetes is at the cutting edge of application deployment. To elevate your DevOps career, learn how to deploy applications on Kubernetes effectively.This course helps you gain the knowledge required to design and deploy cloud-native applications on a Kubernetes cluster.  A series of well-designed lectures with animation and illustration help you understand complex concepts easily. “Passed with a 70%, next up CKA​. Your teaching style is great​!” – Colin, Student                                                                                                      Practice! Practice! Practice!Lectures alone won’t help you clear the certification. The Kubernetes Certification is a practical hands-on exam. You need hands-on experience, to get fast, and to practice. That is what our integrated hands-on lab experience gives you. Our coding quizzes can be accessed right in your browser without having to set up any lab environment yourself. We validate your work and give you feedback instantly. Preview a few lab exercises for Free!!”I completed my certification 75% on second attempt. Thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth and others who helped me out.​” – Murali, StudentAfter you have completed the lectures and coding exercises, you will have the opportunity to complete a series of assignments that put your new skills to the test. You will be given the challenge to solve using the Kubernetes skills you have learned.This will give you real-world experience and the chance to work with other students in the community. You will develop a Kubernetes deployment and get feedback for your work.”Finally i passed ckad exam, my hearty thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth, for his courses and guidance…it was helpful for me in the exam​” – Anish Seelan, Student                                                                                                      Join Our Community!Once you enroll in the course, you will get access to our community of teachers and learners on Slack, where we discuss important topics, tips, and tricks to pass the exam. This is a great place for you to clear your doubts and get answers to your questions instantly.This course is the best way to get Certified in Kubernetes for an Absolute Beginner.Don’t waste any more time wondering what course is best for you. You’ve already found it. Get started right away!”Absolutely delighted the course/practice contents on this course!” – ThulasiRaman B V, StudentLegal Notice:Kubernetes and the Kubernetes logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Linux Foundation. in the United States and/or other countries. The Linux Foundation and other parties may also have trademark rights in other terms used herein. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Kubernetes or The Linux Foundation.Course Update HistoryFeb 2, 2023 – Lab environment upgrade to 1.26vOct 10, 2022 – Lab environment upgrade to 1.24vAug 27, 2022 – Lightning Labs and mock exam solutions addedMay 1, 2022 – Lab environment upgrade to 1.23vOct 20, 2021 – Lab environment upgrade to 1.22vSep 1, 2021 – Course Updates / Exam curriculum UpdateNew lectures and labs added based on the new curriculum on topics mentioned below:Build, define, and modify container imagesAuthentication, Authorization, and Admission ControlKubeConfigAPI GroupsRole-based access controlsUnderstanding API deprecationsBlue/Green or Canary deploymentsHelmDiscovering and using resources that extend Kubernetes (CRD)May 10, 2021 – Lab environment upgrade to 1.20vAug 24, 2020 – Lab environment upgrade to 1.19vJun 16, 2020 – Lab environment upgrade to 1.18vFeb 20, 2020 – New lectures on working with kubectl outputs, Rolling updates, Rollbacks, and 2 new Lightening Labs were added.Mock Exams updated.Jan 2, 2020 – New lectures on Storage Classes, StatefulSets, and Volume Claim Templates were added.Jul 5, 2019 – New Mock Exam to the Kubernetes Certification Courses addedJan 2, 2019 – New lecture ConfigMaps addedDec 19, 2018 – New videos and practice tests on Service Accounts in Kubernetes added to the courseDec 13, 2018 – New lectures on Taints/Tolerations and Node Affinity addedDec 1, 2018 – Kubernetes Challenge Series Game of PODS added


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Kubernetes Series

Lecture 3 Kubernetes for Beginners Course

Lecture 4 Certification Details

Lecture 5 CNCF Certification

Lecture 6 Download Course Deck

Lecture 7 A note on Course Curriculum

Lecture 8 Course release notes

Lecture 9 Join our Slack Group

Section 2: Core Concepts

Lecture 10 Recap – Kubernetes Architecture

Lecture 11 Recap – PODs

Lecture 12 YAML Basics

Lecture 13 Recap – PODs with YAML

Lecture 14 Recap – Demo – Creating PODs with YAML

Lecture 15 Note!

Lecture 16 Practice Test – Introduction

Lecture 17 Demo: Accessing Labs

Lecture 18 Accessing the Labs

Lecture 19 Practice Test – Pods

Lecture 20 Solution – Pods (optional)

Lecture 21 Edit Pods

Lecture 22 Recap – ReplicaSets

Lecture 23 Practice Test – ReplicaSets

Lecture 24 Solution – ReplicaSets (optional)

Lecture 25 Recap – Deployments

Lecture 26 Practice Test – Deployments

Lecture 27 Solution – Deployments (optional)

Lecture 28 Certification Tip: Formatting Output with kubectl

Lecture 29 Recap – Namespaces

Lecture 30 Practice Test – Namespaces

Lecture 31 Solution – Namespaces (optional)

Lecture 32 Certification Tip: Imperative Commands

Lecture 33 Practice Test – Imperative Commands

Lecture 34 Solution – Imperative Commands (optional)

Lecture 35 Here’s some inspiration to keep going

Section 3: Configuration

Lecture 36 Pre-Requisite – Commands and Arguments in Docker

Lecture 37 Commands and Arguments in Kubernetes

Lecture 38 A quick note on editing PODs and Deployments

Lecture 39 Practice Test – Commands and Arguments

Lecture 40 Solution – Commands and Arguments (Optional)

Lecture 41 Environment Variables

Lecture 42 ConfigMaps

Lecture 43 Practice Test – ConfigMaps

Lecture 44 Solution: ConfigMaps (Optional)

Lecture 45 Secrets

Lecture 46 A quick note about Secrets!

Lecture 47 Practice Test – Secrets

Lecture 48 Solution – Secrets (Optional)

Lecture 49 Demo: Encrypting Secret Data at Rest

Lecture 50 Docker Security

Lecture 51 Security Contexts

Lecture 52 Practice Test – Security Contexts

Lecture 53 Solution: Security Contexts

Lecture 54 Service Account

Lecture 55 Practice Test – Service Acccount

Lecture 56 Solution: Service Account

Lecture 57 Resource Requirements

Lecture 58 Note on default resource requirements and limits

Lecture 59 Practice Test – Resource Requirements

Lecture 60 Solution: Resource Requirements

Lecture 61 Taints and Tolerations

Lecture 62 Practice Test – Taints and Toleration

Lecture 63 Solution – Taints and Tolerations (Optional)

Lecture 64 Node Selectors

Lecture 65 Node Affinity

Lecture 66 Practice Test – Node Affinity

Lecture 67 Solution – Node Affinity (Optional)

Lecture 68 Taints & Tolerations vs Node Affinity

Lecture 69 Practice Test

Lecture 70 Certification Tips – Student Tips

Lecture 71 If you like it, Share it!

Section 4: Multi-Container PODs

Lecture 72 Multi-Container PODs

Lecture 73 Practice Test – Multi-Container PODs

Lecture 74 Solution – Multi-Container Pods (Optional)

Lecture 75 Init Containers

Lecture 76 Practice Test – Init Containers

Lecture 77 Solution – Init Containers (Optional)

Section 5: Observability

Lecture 78 Readiness and Liveness Probes

Lecture 79 Liveness Probes

Lecture 80 Practice Test – Readiness and Liveness Probes

Lecture 81 Solution: Readiness and Liveness Probes

Lecture 82 Container Logging

Lecture 83 Practice Test – Container Logging

Lecture 84 Solution – Logging (optional)

Lecture 85 Monitor and Debug Applications

Lecture 86 Practice Test – Monitoring

Lecture 87 Solution – Monitoring (optional)

Section 6: POD Design

Lecture 88 Labels, Selectors and Annotations

Lecture 89 Practice Test – Labels, Selectors and Annotations

Lecture 90 Solution – Labels and Selectors (optional)

Lecture 91 Rolling Updates & Rollbacks in Deployments

Lecture 92 Updating a Deployment

Lecture 93 Demo – Deployments

Lecture 94 Practice Test – Rolling Updates & Rollbacks

Lecture 95 Solution – Rolling Updates (Optional)

Lecture 96 Jobs

Lecture 97 CronJobs

Lecture 98 Practice Test – Jobs & CronJobs

Lecture 99 Solution – Jobs and Cronjobs (optional)

Section 7: Services & Networking

Lecture 100 Services

Lecture 101 Services – Cluster IP

Lecture 102 Practice Test – Services

Lecture 103 Solution – Services (optional)

Lecture 104 Ingress Networking

Lecture 105 Article: Ingress

Lecture 106 Practice Test – Ingress Networking – 1

Lecture 107 Solution: Ingress Networking – 1

Lecture 108 FAQ – What is the rewrite-target option?

Lecture 109 Practice Test – Ingress Networking – 2

Lecture 110 Solution: Ingress Networking – 2

Lecture 111 Network Policies

Lecture 112 Developing network policies

Lecture 113 Practice Test – Network Policies

Lecture 114 Solution – Network Policies (optional)

Section 8: State Persistence

Lecture 115 Volumes

Lecture 116 Persistent Volumes

Lecture 117 Persistent Volume Claims

Lecture 118 Using PVCs in PODs

Lecture 119 Practice Test – Persistent Volumes

Lecture 120 Solution – Persistent Volume and Persistent Volume Claims (Optional)

Lecture 121 Note on optional topics

Lecture 122 Storage Classes

Lecture 123 Practice Test – Storage Class

Lecture 124 Why Stateful Sets?

Lecture 125 Stateful Sets Introduction

Lecture 126 Headless Services

Lecture 127 Storage in StatefulSets

Section 9: Updates for Sep 2021 Changes

Lecture 128 Updates for Sep 2021 Changes

Lecture 129 Define, build and modify container images

Lecture 130 Practice test Docker Images

Lecture 131 Authentication, Authorization and Admission Control

Lecture 132 Authentication

Lecture 133 Article on Setting up Basic Authentication

Lecture 134 Important Updates

Lecture 135 KubeConfig

Lecture 136 Practice Test KubeConfig

Lecture 137 Solution KubeConfig

Lecture 138 API Groups

Lecture 139 Authorization

Lecture 140 Role Based Access Controls

Lecture 141 Practice Test Role Based Access Controls

Lecture 142 Solution Role Based Access Controls

Lecture 143 Cluster Roles

Lecture 144 Practice Test Cluster Roles

Lecture 145 Solution Cluster Roles

Lecture 146 Admission Controllers

Lecture 147 Labs – Admission Controllers

Lecture 148 Solution: Admission Controllers

Lecture 149 Validating and Mutating Admission Controllers

Lecture 150 Labs – Validating and Mutating Admission Controllers

Lecture 151 Solution: Validating and Mutating Admission Controllers

Lecture 152 API Versions

Lecture 153 API Deprecations

Lecture 154 Lab – API Versions/Deprecations

Lecture 155 Solution: API Versions

Lecture 156 Custom Resource Definition

Lecture 157 Practice Test – Custom Resource Definition

Lecture 158 Custom Controllers

Lecture 159 Operator Framework

Lecture 160 Deployment Strategy – Blue Green

Lecture 161 Deployment Strategy – Canary

Lecture 162 Practice Test – Deployment strategies

Lecture 163 Solution: Deployment strategies

Lecture 164 Helm Introduction

Lecture 165 Install Helm

Lecture 166 Labs – Install Helm

Lecture 167 Helm Concepts

Lecture 168 Labs – Helm Concepts

Section 10: Additional Practice – Kubernetes Challenges (Optional)

Lecture 169 Kubernetes Challenges

Lecture 170 More Practice!

Section 11: Certification Tips

Lecture 171 Time Management

Lecture 172 Additional Tips

Section 12: Lightning Labs

Lecture 173 Introduction – Lightning Labs

Lecture 174 Lightning Lab – 1

Lecture 175 Solution: Lightning Lab1

Lecture 176 Lightning Lab – 2

Lecture 177 Solution: Lightning Lab – 2

Section 13: Mock Exams

Lecture 178 Mock Exam – 1

Lecture 179 Mock Exam -1 (Solution)

Lecture 180 Mock Exam – 2

Lecture 181 Mock Exam -2 (Solution)

Lecture 182 Register for Certification

Lecture 183 Bonus Lecture: Accessing the Labs

System Administrators,Application Developers,Those looking to get Certified on Kubernetes

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Created by: Mumshad Mannambeth

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