Kyokushin Karate Syllabus Exam Program Vol1

From 10th Kyu to 7th Kyu by Bertrand Kron 7th Dan
Kyokushin Karate Syllabus Exam Program Vol1
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Kyokushin Karate Syllabus Exam Program Vol1

What you’ll learn

Learn the basic techniques of Kyokushin Karate
All examination techniques up to the blue belt
Kihon – basic techniques
Kumite – fighting techniques
Karate basic positions
Karate Punching Techniques
Karate Tritttechniken

Kyokushin Karate Syllabus Exam Program Vol1


No previous knowledge necessary
Suitable for beginners and advanced
The techniques are easy to learn


Technical Improvement Program for BeginnersBy Bertrand Kron 7.Dan F.K.O.K.Over 50 years of exclusive Kyokushin style practice, Shihan Bretrand Kron, 7th Dan, who is Head Instructor at the Papendal International Summer Camp, will introduce you in this film to the technical improvement program as imagined by Master Oyama, founder of this world-famous style recognized for its efficiency in fighting.In this first program, which goes from the white belt to the blue belt grade, the Kihon (static techniques and positions), the Ido Keiko (movements), the Kokyu Ho (breathing), stamina (physical preparation), and the different approaches to fighting are presented from various view points with complete and extended explanations on the most fundamental details.The different parts of this film make it a reference aid as much for the instructors as for the pupils, and an essential means for further training alongside with Dojo lessons.You will find as extra features the first three Kumite Kyokushin that are now part of the federal grade crossing program starting from the 1st Dan.Get to know the complete Kyokushin Karate examination program from the 10th Kyu orange belt to the 7th Kyu blue belt in this video. Bertrand Kron explains the techniques very clearly.The chapters are provided with the original Japanese names of the techniques, so the techniques shown are listed in a good structure.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Trailer

Lecture 2 Credits

Lecture 3 Rei

Section 2: Exam Program 10th Kyu Orange Belt

Lecture 4 Fudo Dachi

Lecture 5 Yoi

Lecture 6 Sanchin Dachi

Lecture 7 Zenkutsu Dachi

Lecture 8 Seiken Tsuki

Lecture 9 Seiken Morote Tsuki

Lecture 10 Seiken Ago Uchi

Lecture 11 Seiken Jodan Uke

Lecture 12 Shuto Jodan Uke

Lecture 13 Seiken Mae Gedan Barai

Lecture 14 Shuto Mae Gedan Barai

Lecture 15 Explanations on Blocking

Lecture 16 Hiza Mae Geri

Lecture 17 Kin Geri

Lecture 18 Mae Geri

Lecture 19 Ido Keiko Zenkutsu Dachi Oi Tsuki Chudan

Lecture 20 Ido Keiko Zenkutsu Dachi Gyaku Tsuki Chudan

Lecture 21 Explanations on Ido Keiko

Lecture 22 Endurance exercises

Lecture 23 Ippon Kumite

Lecture 24 Explantations Ippon Kumite

Lecture 25 Nogare

Section 3: Exam Program 9th Kyu Orange Belt

Lecture 26 Musubi Dachi, Heiko Dachi, Heisoku Dachi, Kokutsu Dachi

Lecture 27 Seiken Shita Tsuki

Lecture 28 Seiken Tate Tsuki

Lecture 29 Hiji Ate

Lecture 30 Seiken Kagi Tsuki

Lecture 31 Seiken Chudan Soto Uke

Lecture 32 Shuto Chudan Soto Uke

Lecture 33 Seiken Chudan Uchi Uke

Lecture 34 Shuto Chudan Uchi Uke

Lecture 35 Explanations on Blocking

Lecture 36 Mae Keage

Lecture 37 Yoko Keage

Lecture 38 Soto Mawashi Keage

Lecture 39 Uchi Mawashi Keage

Lecture 40 Explanations on the Keage

Lecture 41 Yakusoku Kumite

Lecture 42 Sanbon Kumite

Section 4: Exam Program 8th Kyu Blue Belt

Lecture 43 Kiba Dach, Tsuru Ashi Dachi, Kumite No Kamae

Lecture 44 Uraken Ganmen Uchi

Lecture 45 Uraken Sayu Uchi

Lecture 46 Uraken Hizo Uchi

Lecture 47 Uraken Mawashi Uchi

Lecture 48 Uraken Oroshi Ganmen Uchi

Lecture 49 Explanations on Uraken

Lecture 50 Seiken Uchi Uke Gedan Barai

Lecture 51 Shuto Uchi Uke Gedan Barai

Lecture 52 Explanations on Double Blocking

Lecture 53 Morote Chudan Uchi Uke

Lecture 54 Yoko Geri

Lecture 55 Mawashi Geri

Lecture 56 Stamina Tobi Geri

Lecture 57 Jiyu Kumite

Section 5: Exam Program 7th Kyu Blue Belt

Lecture 58 Uchi Hachiji Dachi, Neko Ashi Dachi, Shiko Dachi

Lecture 59 Tettsui Kome Kami

Lecture 60 Tettsui Oroshi Ganmen Uchi

Lecture 61 Tettsui Hizo Uchi

Lecture 62 Tettsui Yoko Uchi

Lecture 63 Jodan Uchi Heisoku Geri

Lecture 64 Ago Jodan Geri

Lecture 65 Ido Keiko Kokutsu Dachi Shuto Mawashi Uke

Lecture 66 Ibuki Sankai Morote Chudan Uchi Uke

Lecture 67 Mae Mawashi Uke

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 68 Rei

Lecture 69 Kumite Kyokushin

Lecture 70 Kumite Kyokushin Sono Ichi

Lecture 71 Kumite Kyokushin Sono Ni

Lecture 72 Kumite Kyokushin Sono San

Lecture 73 Credits

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Kyokushin Karate from the beginning

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Created by: Mario Masberg

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