Laravel 9 Food Ordering Inventory Management 2 Projects

In this course, you will learn complete Laravel 9 from scratch with inventory & Food Ordering project: basic to advance
Laravel 9 Food Ordering Inventory Management 2 Projects
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Laravel 9 Food Ordering Inventory Management 2 Projects

What you’ll learn

Composer installation and usage
Using package in Laravel 9
MVC (Model, View, Controller) Pattern in Laravel
Laravel File and Folder Structure
About the .env file
Basic Laravel Routing
Route Parameters, middleware, prefix, named route
Normal and Resource Controller
View and blade files
Seeder and Faker in Laravel 9
Basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) System from Scratch
Image CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) System from Scratch
Image Intervention System
Laravel Basic Authentication using Laravel UI – Registration, Email Verification, Forget and Reset Password
Managing Role and Permission Using Spatie Laravel Permission
Creating Menu Of Food Item
Creating Reservations System
Sending Email To Reserver and Restaurant
Creating Cart System
Creating Blog System
Implementing Popular Payment Gateways
Creating Checkout System
Complete Inventory Management Project with Laravel 9
Purchase Management
Manage Invoice Approval
Supplier Management
Unit Management
Invoice Setup
Report Management

Laravel 9 Food Ordering Inventory Management 2 Projects


Basic PHP Knowledge
Basic HTML, CSS Knowledge
Experience to work with a code editor
Basic Bootstrap Knowledge
Knowledge about local server. For example, xampp, wampp or any
Basic of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)


We have created complete Inventory and Food Ordering management system with Laravel 9. If you are new to Laravel or beginner to Laravel, you will be able to learn it in advanced level from this course. Here we have taught the students:Composer – Installing composer in local machine, installing package using composerMVC (Model, View, Controller) – How it works and details about thisLaravel 9 Installation – Installation process, directory structure and about the .env fileRoute – Basic route, route parameter, route group, prefix etc.Middleware – How it works, types of middleware, registering etc.Controller – Basic controller, partial and resource controllerView – view features (extends, include, yield, section), conditions, loopWorking with Database – Connection, model, migration, seeder, fakers etc.Basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system in Laravel 9 – Environment setup, validation, store data, show, edit, delete data from databaseImage CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system in Laravel 9 – Environment setup, validation, store data, show, edit, delete image from databaseUsing Image Intervention in Laravel 9 – Image crud with intervention image, environment setup, store, delete, edit and show the dataComplete Authentication System with Laravel 9 UI – Create project, user registration, email verification, login and logout in authentication, forget password system, reset password systemHow to create an inventory management system from scratch.How to create and print report.Manage Invoice SetupSupplier ManagementProducts ManagementUnit ManagementCreating Cart SystemCreating Reservations System


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Fundamental – Introduction

Lecture 2 Food Ordering – Introduction

Lecture 3 Inventory – Introduction

Section 2: Fundamental: Composer

Lecture 4 Composer Overview

Lecture 5 Install composer in local machine

Lecture 6 Install package via composer

Section 3: Fundamental: MVC (Model, View, Controller)

Lecture 7 MVC overview

Lecture 8 How MVC works

Section 4: Fundamental: Laravel

Lecture 9 Laravel Overview

Lecture 10 Install a laravel project

Lecture 11 Laravel folder structure

Lecture 12 About the .env file

Section 5: Fundamental: Route

Lecture 13 Basic routing

Lecture 14 Route parameter

Lecture 15 Route group, prefix, name prefix

Section 6: Fundamental: Middleware

Lecture 16 How middleware works

Lecture 17 Register and define new middleware

Lecture 18 Middleware types (Global, Route, Group middleware)

Section 7: Fundamental: Controller

Lecture 19 Basic Controller

Lecture 20 Resource and partial resource controller

Section 8: Fundamental: View

Lecture 21 Laravel view (Basic overview)

Lecture 22 Laravel view features (extends, include, yield, section)

Lecture 23 Laravel view condition and loop

Section 9: Fundamental: Database

Lecture 24 How to connect the database, model and migration

Lecture 25 Seeder and factories

Section 10: Fundamental: Basic CRUD

Lecture 26 Basic crud environment setup

Lecture 27 Validation and store the data

Lecture 28 Show, edit and update data

Lecture 29 Delete data from the database

Section 11: Fundamental: Image CRUD

Lecture 30 Environment setup for image crud

Lecture 31 Create view file for image crud

Lecture 32 Image store functionality

Lecture 33 Image show from the database

Lecture 34 Edit and update image in Laravel

Lecture 35 Delete images in Laravel

Section 12: Fundamental: Intervention Image

Lecture 36 Image crud with intervention image environment setup

Lecture 37 Intervention Image insert data into database and show

Lecture 38 Edit, Update and Delete Intervention Image crud

Lecture 39 Features of Intervention Image

Section 13: Fundamental: Laravel Authentication – Using UI

Lecture 40 Create project and install package

Lecture 41 Registration

Lecture 42 Email verification

Lecture 43 Login and logout

Lecture 44 Forgot password

Section 14: Food Ordering: Project Setup and Necessary Package Installation

Lecture 45 Project and necessary package Install

Section 15: Food Ordering: Admin and User Login

Lecture 46 Handle the admin and user login with spatie permission

Section 16: Food Ordering: Mastering Admin Template

Lecture 47 Mastering Admin template

Section 17: Food Ordering: Category

Lecture 48 Category create and store

Lecture 49 Category Image upload with toast and show category data

Lecture 50 Category edit, update and delete

Section 18: Food Ordering: Menu

Lecture 51 Create menu model, migration and design create page

Lecture 52 Store data in menu table

Lecture 53 Menu edit, update and delete

Section 19: Food Ordering: Blog

Lecture 54 Blog CRUD operation

Section 20: Food Ordering: Gallery

Lecture 55 Create model, migration and create page for gallery table

Lecture 56 Store data in gallery table

Lecture 57 Edit, Update and Delete gallery data

Section 21: Food Ordering: Slider

Lecture 58 Slider Model, migration and create

Lecture 59 Slider Store, Update and Delete

Section 22: Food Ordering: Mastering Home Page

Lecture 60 Mastering template for the home page

Section 23: Food Ordering: Login Page Design

Lecture 61 Implement Login and Register Page Design

Section 24: Food Ordering: Show Slider and Menu

Lecture 62 Show slider and menu from backend

Section 25: Food Ordering: Mastering Menu Page

Lecture 63 Mastering Menu page and show data from the backend

Section 26: Food Ordering: Reservation

Lecture 64 Reservation form submit and store data

Lecture 65 Reservation data show in the backend

Lecture 66 Dynamically send email to reserver email

Section 27: Food Ordering: Show Photos and Videos

Lecture 67 Show photo and video in the frontend

Section 28: Food Ordering: Blog

Lecture 68 Show blogs in the frontend

Lecture 69 Blog details page mastering

Section 29: Food Ordering: Service

Lecture 70 Service Section CRUD operation

Section 30: Food Ordering: Staff

Lecture 71 Staff section CRUD operation

Section 31: Food Ordering: Gneral Settings

Lecture 72 Handle general information of the website – part 1

Lecture 73 Handle general information of the website – part 2

Lecture 74 Show general information using view composer

Section 32: Food Ordering: About and Contact Page

Lecture 75 Implement about and contact page

Lecture 76 Send mail to the restaurant email

Section 33: Food Ordering: Cart

Lecture 77 Add to cart and show cart quantity

Lecture 78 Show cart details

Lecture 79 Update and delete cart item

Section 34: Food Ordering: Checkout

Lecture 80 Implement checkout page

Section 35: Food Ordering: Payment Gateway

Lecture 81 Cash on delivery order

Lecture 82 Implements stripe payment gateway

Lecture 83 Implements PayPal payment gateway

Section 36: Food Ordering: Show Orders In Backend

Lecture 84 Order show in the backend

Section 37: Food Ordering: Dashboard Setup and Organization

Lecture 85 Implements dashboard design

Section 38: Inventory: Project Setup

Lecture 86 Project setup and installation

Lecture 87 Template mastering for the project

Section 39: Inventory: Login and registration

Lecture 88 Login and Register page mastering

Section 40: Inventory: Supplier

Lecture 89 Supplier model and migration and blade file design

Lecture 90 Store data in supplier table

Lecture 91 Supplier edit, update and show data

Lecture 92 Delete data with confirmation modal

Section 41: Inventory: Customer

Lecture 93 Customer crud operation

Section 42: Inventory: Category

Lecture 94 Category CRUD operation

Section 43: Inventory: Product

Lecture 95 Product store, edit and update

Lecture 96 Product delete

Section 44: Inventory: Unit

Lecture 97 Unit table CRUD operation

Section 45: Inventory: Purchase

Lecture 98 Purchase table create view – part 1

Lecture 99 Purchase table create view – part 2

Lecture 100 Purchase table create view – part 3

Lecture 101 Store data in Purchase and Purchase Meta table

Lecture 102 Purchase show and edit page design

Lecture 103 Purchase update and destroy

Section 46: Inventory: Invoice

Lecture 104 Invoice CRUD operation

Section 47: Inventory: Report

Lecture 105 Report showing and printing

Section 48: Inventory: Dashboard

Lecture 106 Dashboard Setup

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Created by: 360 Soft

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