Laravel 9 From Beginner To Freelancer

explain the Last version of Laravel from Zero to advance which enable students develop any project in the market
Laravel 9 From Beginner To Freelancer
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Osama Mohammed Ahmed AL-atraqchi


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Laravel 9 From Beginner To Freelancer

What you’ll learn

understand the MVC and Laravel Architecture
develop any system or software project from both backend and frontend.
design and implement relational database system
be able to work as a freelancer full stack developer.
create an API for Mobile Development
create an API to connect backend with Web or Mobile application

Laravel 9 From Beginner To Freelancer


Basics of any programming language, PHP is preferred


using Laravel is a great way to start your own work as a freelancer since it is an amazing and simplest way to create any software project like an E-commerce application, Learning Management system, Restaurant Management, school management, Dashboard, as well as creating an API to create a powerful mobile application.this course is divided into Four Sections: – The Basics.-Blog Project – Beyond the Basics.-Intermediate.-Advanced.-Create a Real-World Project-APIthis course will start with you from the basics of Laravel such as MVC, Database, Layout, Migrations …etc, after that, you will create a real project based only on your basic knowledge, after that will start with intermediate topics like Cache, file storage, along with continues improve the project and start with a new project. then more advanced topics will be explained like Many to many relationship notifications, observers, events, and services along with creating a Dashboard project.finally, we will create an API in order to communicate with the frontend, like mobile apps or web apps.with this this course, we have explained the last version of Laravel from A to Z, in the simplest way and explained the best ways to do things instead of explaining every way and then selecting the best.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Laravel 9 Basics

Lecture 2 Prepare the work environment and install the required software

Lecture 3 Laravel Structure and MVC

Lecture 4 Routing and Controllers

Lecture 5 Views and Blade Template with Layout

Lecture 6 Integrate Bootstrap Ui with Laravel

Lecture 7 Models and Migrations

Lecture 8 Models and Eloquent

Lecture 9 Eloquent and Query Builder

Lecture 10 Relationships – One to One

Lecture 11 Relationships – One To Many

Lecture 12 Querying Relations

Lecture 13 Querying Relations and Route Parameters

Lecture 14 Form, Request, Response and Validation

Section 3: Blog Project – Beyond The Basics

Lecture 15 Get Started and Authentication

Lecture 16 Clean the Project and prepare it for CRUD

Lecture 17 CRUD – Create and Store Posts

Lecture 18 CRUD – Display a Posts with Pagination

Lecture 19 CRUD – Show Post by id

Lecture 20 CRUD – Create a Simple Dashboard

Lecture 21 CRUD – Edit and Update posts

Lecture 22 CRUD – Delete the Post by the Owner

Lecture 23 Fix pagination problem and clean up the project

Lecture 24 Create a Comments System

Lecture 25 Insert and Display Comments

Lecture 26 the project source code

Section 4: Laravel 9 – Intermediate

Lecture 27 Factory, Faker and Seeder

Lecture 28 Add, Edit and Rollback for Migration

Lecture 29 Cache in Laravel 9

Lecture 30 File Storage – Upload and Store File

Lecture 31 File Storage – Display Images

Lecture 32 File Storage – Update Images and Delete the Old One

Lecture 33 File Storage – Delete Images

Lecture 34 File Storage – Validate the File

Lecture 35 Post Project Improved

Lecture 36 Authentication System (Manually)

Lecture 37 Signup (User Registration)

Lecture 38 Login and Logout

Lecture 39 Clean the UI and start with the Dashboard

Lecture 40 Custom CSS File, and Dashboard Design

Section 5: Laravel 9 – Advanced

Lecture 41 Many To Many Relationship -part1

Lecture 42 Many To Many Relationship – Part2

Lecture 43 Many To Many Relationship – Part3

Lecture 44 Many To Many Relationship – Part4

Lecture 45 Authorization System – Part1

Lecture 46 Authorization System – The Gates

Lecture 47 Authorization System – The Policies

Lecture 48 Send an Email

Lecture 49 The Queue and Background Jobs (For Send an Email)

Lecture 50 Create a Custom Job to send multiple emails

Lecture 51 Send an Notifications

Lecture 52 Events and Listeners

Lecture 53 Model Observer

Lecture 54 Localization in Laravel -Part 1

Lecture 55 Localization – Parameters and Url

Lecture 56 Localization – Store the language in the Session

Lecture 57 Session – Forget and Flush

Lecture 58 The Middleware

Lecture 59 Routes Group

Lecture 60 Services and Service Providers

Section 6: Bootstrap 5

Lecture 61 Grid System

Lecture 62 The Utilities in Bootstrap 5

Lecture 63 Flex and Float

Lecture 64 Other Utilities

Lecture 65 Position in Bootstrap 5

Lecture 66 Contents, Helpers and Components

Lecture 67 Collapse

Lecture 68 The Forms

Section 7: The Final Project (Dashboard System)

Lecture 69 Project Structure and UI

Lecture 70 Authentication System (Register and Login Manually)

Lecture 71 Reset Password (Manually)

Lecture 72 Email Verification (Manually)

Lecture 73 Products (CRUD)

Lecture 74 Improve the Project with Pagination, Policy and Caching

Lecture 75 Delete Data from the Cache and Cache Timing

Lecture 76 When do we use Caching and when not?

Lecture 77 Users Management with Permission System using Spatie

Lecture 78 Authorization System With Spatie

Lecture 79 Import Data from Excel to MySQL and Export it to Excel with Laravel

Section 8: Application Programming Interface (API) with Sanctum

Lecture 80 API (Authentication API with Products API)

Section 9: Final Project Source Code

Lecture 81 Final Project Source Code

Beginners who want to start working as a freelancer full stack web and mobile developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 18h 14m | 8.07 GB
Created by: Osama Mohammed Ahmed AL-atraqchi

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