Leadership Practical Leadership Skills

Master leadership skills and leadership techniques with this highly practical advice and training
Leadership Practical Leadership Skills
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Chris Croft


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Leadership Practical Leadership Skills

What you’ll learn

Become a Master in Leadership
Be a better boss, and run a highly effective team
Delegate effectively to empower their team
Have a healthy work life balance, with a happy environment
Understand academic theories surrounding leadership styles and techniques
Build a vast array of practical tools to be a fantastic leader
Know the difference between delegating styles and which one is appropriate for each situation
Feel confident enough to involve employees in decision making and planning
Spend more time developing plans and ideas for the future

Leadership Practical Leadership Skills


No prior knowledge of the subject is required
Examples of leadership experiences would be helpful to draw on
Some of the materials you may wish to print


Leadership: Practical Leadership SkillsMaster leadership skills and leadership techniques with this highly practical advice and trainingLeadership is often seen as an elusive or complex skill, but with this practical course you’ll soon have it mastered. Whether you’re managing a small team or an entire business this course will build essential skills for your time management, team motivation, and personal happiness. Leadership is an essential skill at home, at work, and in every stage of your career. If you’re in charge of two or more people at work, this course could change your life.Chris Croft is an international speaker, and widely published author, who’s been teaching Leadership Skills to companies for over 20 years. He’s taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style. This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life changing skills for home and work.This Leadership course covers everything you need to know from delegating and motivating, differing leadership styles, keeping your finger on the pulse, and planning the future of your business. It looks at lots of real life examples (some of which will definitely get you laughing) and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results.The course overview includes:What makes a great leaderHow to motivate teams and personalise your approachWhich common mistakes will instantly crush your credibilityCreating the perfect balance of delegating and monitoringBuilding confidence and skills into your employeesKey academic theories made practicalWhy being replaceable is a good thingAnd lots lots more!By becoming great at leadership, not only will you pave the way for future promotion, you’ll also have a better work/life balance, and a much happier team. This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Section 1: What to Expect

Lecture 1 Welcome to Practical Leadership by Chris Croft

Lecture 2 John Adair’s Matrix

Section 2: What is a Leader?

Lecture 3 What is the difference between Leadership and Management?

Lecture 4 What makes a good leader? People, systems and vision

Lecture 5 Is Everything Management’s Fault?

Lecture 6 How to Connect With Your Team

Lecture 7 How Should I Communicate to My Team?

Lecture 8 Are Great Leaders Born or Made?

Section 3: Motivation

Lecture 9 Motivation: The Essence of Leadership

Lecture 10 Understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in a Leadership Role

Lecture 11 Document to Help You Apply Maslow to Your Working Environment

Lecture 12 The Management Potato: How to Separate Praise and Criticism

Lecture 13 How to Manage and Motivate the 4 Types of People

Lecture 14 Document to Explain the 4 Types of People

Lecture 15 Is Money a Motivator?

Lecture 16 20 Things You Should Be Doing to Motivate Your People

Section 4: Leadership Styles Part 1

Lecture 17 Leadership Styles: Key Theories

Lecture 18 How Much Control Should You Keep And How Much To Give Away?

Lecture 19 Document: The Tannenbaum & Schmidt Management Continuum

Lecture 20 Which Is Best? Delegating, Abdicating, Empowerment or The Seagull?

Section 5: Delegating

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Are You Brave Enough?

Lecture 23 Delegating is Great!

Lecture 24 Objections to Delegating

Lecture 25 Would You Be Missed?

Lecture 26 Cushion Story

Lecture 27 How to Delegate – The Specifics

Lecture 28 Don’t Take the Monkey

Section 6: Leadership Styles Part 2

Lecture 29 Introduction

Lecture 30 Are Your People Competent AND Motivated?

Lecture 31 Situational Leadership

Lecture 32 What if Someone Lets You Down?

Lecture 33 How Much Freedom Should You Give?

Lecture 34 The Freedom Ladder

Lecture 35 Deciding Your Grip

Lecture 36 Options for Planning and Doing

Lecture 37 Plan vs Do – Diagram

Lecture 38 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

Lecture 39 List of regular management tasks

Section 7: Wrap Up

Lecture 40 Your Pledge

Lecture 41 Your Management Charter

Lecture 42 Thank You

Lecture 43 How To Get Your Certificate

Section 8: Bonus: Latest Content Updates

Lecture 44 Three Types of Leadership Theory

Lecture 45 The Do-Get-Feel Cycle

Lecture 46 Ownership

Lecture 47 Motivation of Types of People

Lecture 48 The Banana of Boredom

Lecture 49 How to Get From “Tell” to “Delegate”

Anyone who manages at least two people,Company founders or leaders,Those aiming for leadership roles in the future

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Created by: Chris Croft

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