Lean Management Certification Lean Expert Accredited

Lean Management Certification, Lean And Six Sigma For All Sectors, Including Manufacturing, 150k Certified, Earn Credits
Lean Management Certification Lean Expert Accredited
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Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam


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Lean Management Certification Lean Expert Accredited

What you’ll learn

Apply Lean in all sectors. This course is suitable for all backgrounds and sectors.
Apply techniques to eliminate inefficiencies from your organization.
Learn from university lecturers who supervised projects inside and outside Holland.
Boost your career and salary because you master a valued skill.

Lean Management Certification Lean Expert Accredited


No prior experience is required and all backgrounds all welcome.


Lean Management Certification | Lean Expert | Accredited (For all sectors)NOTE: At the end of this course, students will obtain a certificate of completion from Udemy. Students also have the option to apply for free, optional, extra Lean (Six Sigma) examination and certification. This external, free and optional examination/certification occurs outside the Udemy platform, requires registration (name, email and a link to your relevant Udemy certificate) and is offered by SSAA (Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam) which is an independent, academic-run training and certification institute. Please note that unlike some other subjects, Lean Six Sigma does not have a universally agreed upon body of knowledge, or a universally agreed upon training and certification procedure. We are very open about this issue, because it should be known by every prospective Lean Six Sigma student. Make an informed decision by reviewing your (employer’s) Lean Six Sigma needs/expectations and compare that with what various Lean Six Sigma training institutes are offering in terms of training and certification and subsequently choose the training and certification that best meets those needs.LEAN (SIX SIGMA)Lean Six Sigma has a rich history that spans many decades. Lean Six Sigma’s aim is to improve quality whilst cutting costs. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that is suitable in every single sector, precisely because cutting costs and improving quality is something that is relevant in every sector.Certified Lean Six Sigma black belt professionals are in high demand because they posses a very useful set of skills. The skill level of Lean Six Sigma professionals is usually shown by a belt color. The toolbox of a certified Lean Six Sigma professional starts modestly as this person becomes a certified Lean Six Sigma white belt. This toolbox gradually increases as this practitioner becomes a certified Lean Six Sigma yellow belt, then a certified Lean Six Sigma green belt and a Lean Six Sigma black belt. The aforementioned sequence is the classic hierarchy in Lean Six Sigma.OUR LEAN MANAGEMENT AND LEAN MANUFACTURING TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION COURSETechnically speaking, Lean and Six Sigma are two separate methodologies. Lean is a Japanese methodology that is much older than its American younger sibling, Six Sigma. Unlike Six Sigma, Lean does not have belts. So when you hear that someone is a Lean Six Sigma black belt, this means that this person is a Lean expert and also has a Six Sigma black belt. This being said, Lean and Six Sigma work very well together, a bit like biscuits and tea! And for this reason, almost every Lean specialist is also a Six Sigma specialist and the other way around.In this course we will teach you the foundations of this old Japanese teaching which is also knows as the Toyota Production System. The parts of Lean that mostly apply to manufacturing, are referred to as Lean Manufacturing and the parts of Lean that are more general in nature are simply referred to as Lean or Lean Management. Here in this course, we discuss them both and this Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing training and certification course is suitable for all sectors.In our Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing course, you will learn how to identify non value adding activities in a process. You will also learn how to eliminate these with very concrete Lean tools and Lean techniques. When you do that, your organization becomes more ‘Lean’ and you can serve your customers faster and cheaper, whilst still providing the same quality.SIX SIGMA ACADEMY AMSTERDAMSix Sigma academy Amsterdam (SSAA) is an initiative of an international group of university lecturers from Holland who have supervised projects at some of the largest organizations in and outside Holland. The aim was to teach what we already taught offline to university students and make that training more affordable, more accessible, more convenient, whilst making sure that it was practical, fun and easy to grasp. You do not need a particular set of mathematics or statistics skills to keep up. This Lean Six Sigma training is going to be very accessible for people from various educational backgrounds. As part of the BKO accreditation, our curriculum is periodically reviewed and modified if necessary.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION30 day money back guaranteeUdemy certificate of completion for those who do not want the SSAA certification procedurePossibility to earn professionalization credits with this courseWe hope to welcome you to our course. Thanks for considering us.Team SSAA


Section 1: Getting started with Lean

Lecture 1 Toyota Production System And Lean


Lecture 3 Lean Management course structure

Lecture 4 How two brothers made their business more Lean

Lecture 5 Process lead time in Lean

Lecture 6 (Non) value adding activities in Lean

Lecture 7 Questions

Lecture 8 Relationship between Lean and Six Sigma

Lecture 9 Kaizen in Lean 1

Lecture 10 Kaizen in Lean 2

Section 2: Overall Equipment Efficiency In Lean

Lecture 11 OEE in Lean Intro

Lecture 12 OEE in Lean 1

Lecture 13 OEE in Lean 2

Lecture 14 OEE in Lean 3

Lecture 15 Visualizing OEE in Lean

Lecture 16 OEE in Lean 4

Section 3: Lean wastes: 7 + 1

Lecture 17 Lean wastes: 7 + 1

Section 4: Lean waste: Overprocessing

Lecture 18 Intro Lean waste: Overprocessing

Lecture 19 Lean waste: Overprocessing 1

Lecture 20 Lean waste: Overprocessing 2

Lecture 21 Lean waste: QFD Quality Function Deployment

Section 5: Lean waste: Waiting

Lecture 22 Intro Lean waste: Waiting

Lecture 23 Lean waste: Waiting 1

Lecture 24 Lean waste: Waiting 2

Lecture 25 Lean waste: Waiting 3

Lecture 26 Takt time, cycle time, bottlenecks in Lean intro

Lecture 27 Takt time in Lean

Lecture 28 Cycle time and bottlenecks in Lean management

Lecture 29 Bottleneck optimization in Lean

Lecture 30 Lean in practice: Bottleneck at Amsterdam Airport

Lecture 31 Little’s Law in Lean context

Section 6: Lean Waste: Transport

Lecture 32 Intro Lean waste: Transport

Lecture 33 Lean waste: Transport

Section 7: Lean waste: Motion

Lecture 34 Intro Lean waste: Motion

Lecture 35 Lean waste: Motion 2

Lecture 36 Reflection Lean wastes: Transport & Motion

Lecture 37 Lean waste: Motion 3

Section 8: Lean waste: Defects/Inspections

Lecture 38 Intro Lean waste: Defects/inspections

Lecture 39 Lean waste: Defects/Inspections 1

Lecture 40 Lean waste: Defects/Inspections 2

Section 9: Lean waste: Overproduction

Lecture 41 Intro Lean waste: overproduction

Lecture 42 Mass production Vs. Lean

Lecture 43 Pull production/JIT in Lean

Lecture 44 Extra explanation JIT in Lean manufacturing

Lecture 45 Heijunka in Lean Manufacturing 1

Lecture 46 Heijunka in Lean Manufacturing 2

Section 10: Lean waste: Inventory

Lecture 47 Intro Lean waste: Inventory

Lecture 48 Lean waste: Inventory 1

Lecture 49 Lean waste: Inventory 2

Section 11: Lean waste: 8th form of waste

Lecture 50 Intro Lean waste: 8th form

Lecture 51 8th Lean waste

Lecture 52 Kanban in Lean 1

Lecture 53 Kanban in Lean 2

Lecture 54 Lean visuals 1

Lecture 55 Lean visuals 2

Section 12: Muda Mura Muri in Lean

Lecture 56 Muda Mura Muri in Lean

Section 13: Value stream mapping in Lean

Lecture 57 Value stream mapping (VSM) in Lean 1

Lecture 58 Value stream mapping (VSM) in Lean 2

Section 14: Bonus lecture

Lecture 59 Bonus lecture

Lean is a methodology that is effective in every single sector. Regardless of whether you are working in IT, manufacturing, the military or health care. If you have a management position, an auditor position or a quality assurance position, this course is for you. It will boost your employability, skills set and salary.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 6m | 4.21 GB
Created by: Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam

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