Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course with Certification

Virtual whiteboard training to teach you everything you need to get started with Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course with Certification
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Dean Westbrook


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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course with Certification

What you’ll learn

Lean Six Sigma
Process Improvement
Data Analysis

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course with Certification




Receive your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification through this dynamic, virtual whiteboard training session.  I will walk you through the basic concepts for Lean Six Sigma.  I will give you the key tools you need to confidently start practicing Lean Six Sigma in the real world.  You will be able to solve problems, improve processes, and provide greater customer value using this method.This is not the usual slides and audio presentation!  I draw the key concepts I’m explaining on a virtual whiteboard and add color and examples to make the topic come to life.  The training is excellent for complete beginners, and I will explain Lean Six Sigma in a radically simplified way that you will immediately understand.  I will give you the basic tools you need, without all the technical extras, to get started actually improving how your company runs.  Long standing and complex problems can be broken down with the methods I teach.  Everything I teach is grounded in real business world experience, having led or sponsored countless improvement projects over 2 decades in business working for a large corporation.  I know what to do, and what to avoid, to make Lean Six Sigma successful.  We will focus on the principles and approaches that will boost your career earning potential, and give you the confidence to tackle real world problems. You also get a full reference manual of everything I teach and all the whiteboard images from each lecture.


Section 1: What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lecture 1 What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lecture 2 Belt Levels and Expectations

Lecture 3 Why Lean Six Sigma Matters

Section 2: Principles and Concepts

Lecture 4 Lean Principles

Lecture 5 Six Sigma Approach

Section 3: Process Capability

Lecture 6 Process Capability

Lecture 7 Measuring Process Capability

Section 4: Cause and Effect

Lecture 8 Cause and Effect

Lecture 9 Fishbone Diagram

Section 5: Voice of the Customer

Lecture 10 Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Lecture 11 Tools to Understand the VOC

Section 6: Quality

Lecture 12 Quality Management

Lecture 13 Measuring Defects

Section 7: House of Lean

Lecture 14 House of Lean

Section 8: Waste

Lecture 15 Overview of Waste

Lecture 16 TIMWOODS – Types of Waste

Section 9: Variation

Lecture 17 Variation

Lecture 18 Process Control Charts

Section 10: Kaizen

Lecture 19 Kaizen

Section 11: DMAIC Cycle

Lecture 20 DMAIC

Lecture 21 DMAIC Example

Section 12: Summary

Lecture 22 Summary of Lean Six Sigma

Lecture 23 Your Next Steps

Business Leaders,Operational Staff,Customer Service Representatives,Project Managers,Process Improvement Professionals

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 18m | 806.72 MB
Created by: Dean Westbrook

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