Learn 2D Character Animation for Games in Spine Essential

From rigging to play – A complete step by step 2D game character animation course in Spine Essential
Learn 2D Character Animation for Games in Spine Essential
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Learn 2D Character Animation for Games in Spine Essential

What you’ll learn

Build character rigs for animation
Animate in Spine 2D Essential
Get comfortable with Spine Essential UI, and work like a Pro with useful hotkeys
Create essential 2D game animations: idle, walk cycle, jump and more
Enhance your animations to a professional level with Graphs and Offsets
Useful work practices to save time & increase animation process efficiency
Overcome common issues

Learn 2D Character Animation for Games in Spine Essential


Spine Essential Licence (purchased from Esoteric Software)
Keyboard and mouse
No prior knowledge required


Making awesome, professional-level 2D animations for games is a passion that we would like to share with you in this easy and very detailed Spine Essential animation course!You will get familiar with all of the steps: from character rigging (using Photoshop or any other graphic redactor you use), to setting up your game’s character for animation in Spine, finishing with a polished top-shelf 2D animations set ready for use.Why choose Spine for your game character animations?Spine 2D Animation Software has gained an immense following both from game developers and 2D digital animators. In fact, it is one of the leading tools for 2D skeletal animation to date. The reasons are quite straightforward:- Spine is easy to learn, and intuitive in use.- The software is fit both for beginners and advanced animators.- Spine game animations are easily integrated with most game engines.- Excellent integration with illustration tools for artwork import.Plus, in this course we will show you how to get the max out of your Spine Essential licence. So, if you want to learn how to create exceptional animations, hop on!What will you get from this course?This is a Spine Essential 2D animation course, and we will explore all of the aspects of that software with a gentle nod to integration of your animations into your game.- Explore the planning, rigging and preparation of your character to animation. – Detailed explanation on Spine game rigging process.- Proper use of Spine 2D Essential functions for animation.- Create smooth 2D animations, and enhance them to perfection.- A lot of useful work practices, some fixing of common issues, and more practical principles to make your animation process easier.But that’s not all too. We plan to expand on the information here in the future. And it’s great for you, because once you buy this course you will enjoy all of the updated content free of charge!Why choose this course to learn 2D animation?If you were ever wondering how to learn 2D animation in the most efficient way, the answer is simple: with a lot of trial and error. This can sometimes be discouraging; especially for beginners. This course is designed in a “from basic to advanced” manner, easing your way into Spine 2D animation software, as well as the animation process in general.And on top of that we offer you:- Personal guidance and answer to any questions (within reasonable response time of up to 1-2 work days, depending on the day of the week).- Additional materials on the use of Spine Essential.- Quizzes at the end of each course section to fortify your knowledge.- Lifetime access to course materials (including any future updates in the course).And of course, we love games and our main drive is to share knowledge with those interested in 2D animation for games. So, feel free to take advantage of that as well.Sing up to this course, and let’s start animating us some 2D game characters!


Section 1: Introduction and Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Spine Essential vs Pro

Section 2: Preparing Your 2D Character for Animation

Lecture 3 How Spine-ready character should look like

Lecture 4 How to export a character from Photoshop

Lecture 5 How to import a character into Spine

Lecture 6 How to fix missing images issue

Section 3: Rigging and Setting Up

Lecture 7 Creating your first rig in Spine – part 1

Lecture 8 Creating your first rig in Spine – part 2

Lecture 9 Adding the second leg

Lecture 10 How to color the bones

Lecture 11 How to change the draw order of the images

Section 4: Spine User Interface

Lecture 12 How to save your project

Lecture 13 Spine User Interface

Lecture 14 Useful Spine Hotkeys

Section 5: Creating The Idle Animation

Lecture 15 Idle animation part 1 – Core Movement

Lecture 16 Idle animation part 2 – Animating the Upper Part of the Body

Lecture 17 Idle animation part 3 – Animating the Legs

Lecture 18 How to use Graphs

Lecture 19 How to use Offsets

Section 6: Creating The Walk Cycle

Lecture 20 Walk cycle animation part 1 – Core Movement

Lecture 21 Walk cycle animation part 2 – Finalizing the Core Movement

Lecture 22 Walk cycle animation part 3 – Animating the Left Arm

Lecture 23 Walk cycle animation part 4 – Animating the Arms, Shoulders and Head

Lecture 24 Walk cycle animation part 5 – Animating the Hair, Face and Jacket

Lecture 25 Small Fixes to the Basic Walk Cycle

Lecture 26 Enhancing walk animation with Graphs

Lecture 27 Enhancing walk animation with Offsets

Lecture 28 Final polish to the walk cycle

Lecture 29 How to change animation length

Section 7: Creating The Jump Animation

Lecture 30 How to design a flexible jump animation

Lecture 31 Jump take off part 1 – Core Movement

Lecture 32 Jump take off part 2 – Finalizing the Basic Version

Lecture 33 Enhancing the take off animation

Lecture 34 Fall cycle animation

Lecture 35 Enhancing the fall cycle animation

Lecture 36 Landing animation part 1 – Animating the Feet

Lecture 37 Landing animation part 2 – Completing the First Half of the Animation

Lecture 38 Landing animation part 3 – Adding the Final Pose

Lecture 39 Enhancing the landing animation

Section 8: Creating Blinking Eyes Animation

Lecture 40 How to add a new image to your Spine project

Lecture 41 How to add a new slot

Lecture 42 Blinking eyes animation

Lecture 43 How to use Preview mode

Section 9: Advanced Features

Lecture 44 How to Add a New Skin

Lecture 45 How to export your animations from Spine

Section 10: Course Conclusion

Lecture 46 Course Conclusion

Beginner to intermediate level 2D digital animators,Game developers looking to create professional 2D character animations,Anyone passionate about 2D animation for games

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Udemy | English | 3h 7m | 1.39 GB
Created by: Think Citric

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