Learn Adobe InDesign Design a Magazine and More in InDesign

Learn Adobe InDesign CC essentials and editorial design. Master Adobe InDesign for beginners by designing a magazine.
Learn Adobe InDesign Design a Magazine and More in InDesign
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Chad Neuman, Ph.D.


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Learn Adobe InDesign Design a Magazine and More in InDesign

What you’ll learn

Design professional publications such as magazines by using InDesign
Apply editorial design principles to publications in InDesign
Use InDesign’s various functions and tools to create publications and other promotional material
Produce a magazine and brochure in InDesign

Learn Adobe InDesign Design a Magazine and More in InDesign


Students must have access to InDesign, including a free trial or through the Creative Cloud subscription. Previous versions are fine for most lectures.


Create magazines, brochures, and more in InDesign! Learn InDesign, the world’s industry-standard publication layout program, to create flyers, posters, advertisements, and online magazines. Create magazines to share online or sell online through Apple. Create books to sell on Amazon. There are so many possibilities!Enroll now and learn how toplace and format text in InDesignplace and format images in InDesignadd character and paragraph styles in InDesignflow text across pages on along a path in InDesignuse libraries and snippets in InDesignapply color themes in InDesigndraw and adjust shapes in InDesignadd custom corners in InDesignwork with layers in InDesign to select objectsapply master pages in InDesignpackage, save, export, and print files in InDesignapply editorial design principles such as proximity, alignment, contrast, and repetition in magazines and brochuresdesign and produce a professional magazine in InDesigndesign and produce a professional brochure in InDesigndo much more in InDesignEnroll to get access to exclusive lessons and follow-along tutorials as well as helpful, printable PDF handouts and discussion board access for peer critiques and feedback. Let’s get started creating and designing in InDesign!Learn InDesign from Chad Neuman, who has the relevant experience in the field:Managing editor at two graphic design magazinesAdvertising layout specialist and webmaster at a regional newspaperInternet development director at an advertising design firmFreelance graphic designer for 20 yearsCurrent full-time university professor and freelance graphic designerand relevant education:BA in CommunicationMA in Journalism and Media StudiesPhD in Communication


Section 1: Introduction to the InDesign Course

Lecture 1 InDesign Course Overview

Lecture 2 Download Support Files for InDesign Tutorials and Lessons

Lecture 3 Common InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 4 Join Our Facebook Group and Community for Design Feedback and Critique!

Lecture 5 How to Get Adobe InDesign

Lecture 6 Versions of Creative Cloud and Mac vs. PC

Section 2: Getting Started in InDesign

Lecture 7 Panels and Workspaces

Lecture 8 Navigating and Zooming

Lecture 9 Using the Pages Panel

Lecture 10 Creating New Documents

Lecture 11 Working with Multiple Documents

Lecture 12 Rulers, Guides, and View Options

Lecture 13 A Quick Note about Adjust Layout Options for Next Activity

Lecture 14 Adjusting Margins, Columns, and Guides

Section 3: Placing and Formatting Text and Images

Lecture 15 Placing and Resizing Images

Lecture 16 Adjusting and Fitting Images

Lecture 17 Placing and Flowing Text

Lecture 18 Formatting Text

Lecture 19 Character and Paragraph Styles

Lecture 20 Wrapping Text around Images and Shapes

Lecture 21 Creating Type on Paths

Lecture 22 Arranging and Selecting Objects

Lecture 23 Aligning and Distributing Objects

Lecture 24 Using the Content Collector and Placer Tools

Lecture 25 Finding and Changing Text

Section 4: Using the Tools in InDesign

Lecture 26 Using the Gap Tool to Adjust Photo Layouts

Lecture 27 Using the Page Tool

Lecture 28 Adding Color with the Color Theme Tool

Lecture 29 Using the Pencil and Pen Tools

Lecture 30 Drawing and Using Shapes and Frames

Lecture 31 Using Custom Corners in Shapes

Section 5: Mastering InDesign Workflows and Functions

Lecture 32 Creating and Applying Master Pages

Lecture 33 Working with Layers

Lecture 34 Creating a Library

Lecture 35 Creating and Using Snippets

Section 6: Printing and Exporting in InDesign

Lecture 36 Saving and Exporting Files in InDesign

Lecture 37 The Case of Missing Links

Lecture 38 Printing and Preflighting in InDesign

Lecture 39 Packaging Files in InDesign

Section 7: Magazine Design Techniques in Adobe InDesign

Lecture 40 Masthead Design Considerations

Lecture 41 Placing Specific Stylized PSD Layers into InDesign for Text Wrap Effect

Section 8: InDesign Projects: Real-World Publication Deign

Lecture 42 InDesign Project 1: Creating a Brochure Instructions and Support Files

Lecture 43 [ACTIVITY] Creating a Brochure Video Explanation

Lecture 44 InDesign Project 2: Creating a Magazine Instructions

Lecture 45 Introduction to Editorial Design Principles in Magazine Design

Lecture 46 Review of Good Example Magazines from Students Part 1

Lecture 47 Review of Good Example Magazines from Students Part 2

Lecture 48 Good Example Magazines from Students

Lecture 49 [ACTIVITY] Creating a Magazine Video Explanation

Lecture 50 Peer and Instructor Critique Reminder

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 51 Continual Updates and Fresh Content!

Lecture 52 Course Conclusion and How to Review a Course

Lecture 53 Bonus: Learn More in My Other Courses!

Anyone interested in learning InDesign, the industry-standard layout and publication software should take this course,Anyone wanting to create professional publications using InDesign should take this course,Someone who is already an expert in InDesign and editorial design does not need the majority of this course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 19m | 3.00 GB
Created by: Chad Neuman, Ph.D.

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