Learn Advanced Java

From Basic Java Skills to Advanced Multi-Tier Architecture and More
Learn Advanced Java
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Learn Advanced Java

What you’ll learn

Advanced Java programming

Learn Advanced Java


Fluency in basic Java programming


Discover and learn advanced aspects of Java programming, and some important Java-related concepts and technologies.This course can help you bridge the gap between the knowledge you have as a self-taught Java developer, junior developer or new IT graduate, and the knowledge that professional developers may have.We’ll introduce you to version control, important design patterns, JDBC, and many other important Java technologies and programming concepts, including Spring, Swing and multi-tier architecture.When you finish the course you’ll be able to create simple web services in Java using Spring MVC, and connect to them using desktop clients.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Using Git Version Control

Lecture 2 Important Note

Lecture 3 Installing Software

Lecture 4 Git and Github

Lecture 5 Creating a Repository

Lecture 6 Visual Studio Code Extensions

Lecture 7 Setting up the Code Command

Lecture 8 Creating a Java Program with Code

Lecture 9 Compiling the Program

Lecture 10 Setting the Git Editor in Bash

Lecture 11 The .gitignore

Lecture 12 Saving Changes

Lecture 13 Git Workflow

Lecture 14 Git Branches

Lecture 15 Merging and Deleting Branches

Lecture 16 Reverting to Previous Commits

Lecture 17 Git Pull

Lecture 18 Merge Conflicts

Lecture 19 Eclipse and Git

Lecture 20 Excluding IDE files from Git

Lecture 21 Using Git Within Eclipse

Lecture 22 Cloning Repositories in Eclipse

Section 3: Building with Maven

Lecture 23 Build Systems

Lecture 24 Installing Maven Command Line

Lecture 25 Generating a Maven Project

Lecture 26 Building in Maven

Lecture 27 Packaging in Maven

Lecture 28 Importing Maven Projects in Eclipse

Lecture 29 Creating a Maven Project in Eclipse

Lecture 30 Adding Changes to Git

Lecture 31 Running a Maven Build in Eclipse

Lecture 32 Downloading Dependencies with Maven

Lecture 33 A Guava Example

Lecture 34 Downloading Dependencies Via Eclipse Search

Lecture 35 Exploring the POM

Lecture 36 Maven Lifecycles

Lecture 37 Parent POMs

Section 4: Building with Gradle

Lecture 38 About Gradle

Lecture 39 Creating a Gradle Project

Lecture 40 The Gradle Project Structure

Lecture 41 Importing Gradle Projects in Eclipse

Lecture 42 Creating a Gradle Project in Eclipse

Lecture 43 Gradle Dependencies

Lecture 44 Committing to Git

Section 5: Databases and MySQL

Lecture 45 About Databases

Lecture 46 Creating a Project

Lecture 47 Creating a Database

Lecture 48 Creating Tables

Lecture 49 Inserting Data

Lecture 50 Prepared Statements

Lecture 51 Autocommit

Lecture 52 MySQL and the MySQL Workbench

Lecture 53 Using MySQL

Lecture 54 Creating a Table in MySQL

Lecture 55 MySQL Connector

Lecture 56 Connecting to MySQL

Section 6: The DAO Design Pattern and JDBC

Lecture 57 Maven Project for MySQL

Lecture 58 Downloading MySQL Connector

Lecture 59 The Singleton Pattern

Lecture 60 Implementing the Database Class

Lecture 61 DAO Interface

Lecture 62 User Class

Lecture 63 CRUD SQL

Lecture 64 Implementing the UserDao

Lecture 65 Saving Users

Lecture 66 Retrieving Users

Lecture 67 Finding By ID

Lecture 68 Deleting Users

Lecture 69 Updating Users

Section 7: Properties and Profiles

Lecture 70 Properties

Lecture 71 Profiles

Lecture 72 A Profile Class

Section 8: Unit Testing with JUnit

Lecture 73 Unit vs Integration Testing

Lecture 74 Creating a Test Database

Lecture 75 Testing the Profile Class

Lecture 76 Creating MySQL Users

Lecture 77 SetUp and TearDown

Lecture 78 Testing Save

Lecture 79 Loading a Text File

Lecture 80 Creating Test Users

Lecture 81 Testing Save Multiple Users

Lecture 82 Retreiving Users In a Range

Lecture 83 Checking Retrieved Users

Lecture 84 Testing Find and Update

Lecture 85 Testing GetAll

Lecture 86 Testing Delete

Lecture 87 About ORMs

Section 9: The Reflection API

Lecture 88 The Class Object

Lecture 89 Listing Fields

Lecture 90 Listing Methods

Lecture 91 Checking if Methods and Fields Exist

Lecture 92 Calling Methods

Lecture 93 Setting Fields

Section 10: Implementing and Using Annotations

Lecture 94 Annotation Use Case Scenario

Lecture 95 Creating an Annotation

Lecture 96 Implementing Annotation Code

Lecture 97 Annotation Attributes

Lecture 98 Getting Attribute Values

Lecture 99 Class Annotations

Lecture 100 Creating a SQL Expression

Section 11: Desktop Programming With Swing

Lecture 101 Desktop Programming in Java

Lecture 102 Basic Gradle Project

Lecture 103 Basic Swing Project

Lecture 104 Adding a Panel

Lecture 105 Adding a Menu

Lecture 106 Layout Managers

Lecture 107 Creating Components

Lecture 108 Adding Components

Lecture 109 Weights and Anchors

Lecture 110 Vertical Weights

Lecture 111 Insets

Lecture 112 Nested Panels

Lecture 113 Padding

Lecture 114 Button Clicks

Lecture 115 Observer Pattern

Lecture 116 Creating a Database

Lecture 117 Database Code

Lecture 118 Adding Fields

Lecture 119 Upgrading the Tests

Lecture 120 Upgrading UserDaoImpl

Lecture 121 Making the App Save Users

Section 12: Java Web Projects, Servlets and JSPs

Lecture 122 Installing Tomcat

Lecture 123 Eclipse WTP

Lecture 124 Hello World Web

Lecture 125 Gradle Web Project

Lecture 126 Tomcat Web Programming Tips

Lecture 127 Template Engines

Lecture 128 About JSP

Lecture 129 JSTL

Lecture 130 Using JSTL

Lecture 131 Servlets

Lecture 132 Serving HTML

Lecture 133 Creating a Form

Lecture 134 Styling the Form

Lecture 135 The Post Method

Lecture 136 The Gson Library

Lecture 137 JSON Serialisation

Lecture 138 Serving JSON

Lecture 139 A JSON Client

Section 13: Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA

Lecture 140 About Spring and Spring Boot

Lecture 141 Spring Boot Hello World

Lecture 142 Entry Point

Lecture 143 Creating Beans

Lecture 144 Components

Lecture 145 Configuration

Lecture 146 JPA

Lecture 147 Creating a Database and User

Lecture 148 Spring Database Configuration

Lecture 149 Repositories

Lecture 150 More Repository Methods

Lecture 151 Adding CrudRepository Methods

Section 14: Creating a Spring Web Service

Lecture 152 Maven Setup for Spring MVC

Lecture 153 Basic Spring Web App

Lecture 154 Hello World Spring MVC

Lecture 155 Rest Controllers

Lecture 156 Posting JSON to Spring

Lecture 157 Path Variables

Lecture 158 Creating the Database

Lecture 159 Layered Architecture

Lecture 160 Implementing the Book Controller

Section 15: A REST Desktop Client

Lecture 161 JSON Client

Lecture 162 Split Panes

Lecture 163 Creating the User Form

Lecture 164 Adding a Table

Lecture 165 Connecting to the Service

Lecture 166 Parsing the JSON

Lecture 167 Creating Books via the Service.

Lecture 168 Implementing Refresh

Lecture 169 Handling Errors

Section 16: Conclusion

Lecture 170 Conclusion

Section 17: Bonus

Lecture 171 Bonus Video: Check Out My Advanced Java Course!

Advanced beginner to intermediate-level Java programmers,Java professionals seeking to learn more about Java and related technologies

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Udemy | English | 19h 15m | 10.39 GB
Created by: John Purcell

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