Learn AJAX with PHP 3 Awesome Projects Basic to Advanced

You will Learn Ajax from scratch and able to Build these 3 projects (Country State, Search Suggestion, CRUD Application)
Learn AJAX with PHP 3 Awesome Projects Basic to Advanced
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Learn AJAX with PHP 3 Awesome Projects Basic to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Will be able to Develop Ajax Based Applications
Will be able to Work on Ajax Applications

Learn AJAX with PHP 3 Awesome Projects Basic to Advanced


PHP Basics


Hello and welcome to the course Learn Ajax with PHP
In this course you are going to learn Ajax from basics. After that you will learn creating these three Ajax projects. In basics sections you are going to send and receive request with Ajax using both POST and GET method, with form input field. Ajax Project 1 : Ajax Country State City Select ListIn this project, you will learn about creating a select dropdown list for country, state & city. Data is fetched from the database based on the selection of country & state.Ajax Project 2 : Ajax Search SuggestionsIn this project, you will learn how to create Ajax Search Suggestions from scratch. In this project, I’m using the cities database table from project 1 which contains 48,000+ records. Ajax Project 3 : Complete Ajax CRUD ApplicationIn this project, you will learn about creating a Complete Ajax CRUD Application to do all the CRUD operations in the background. You can use these techniques in any Ajax project.
You will learn a lot about Ajax in this course. Take Action & Join the Course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: AJAX Basics

Lecture 2 JS Basics

Lecture 3 Sending Data with AJAX

Lecture 4 Sending AJAX Request with POST Method

Lecture 5 Receiving response with AJAX

Lecture 6 Invitation to the Web Developers Mastermind Group + Extra Resources

Lecture 7 Ready States

Lecture 8 AJAX Example

Lecture 9 Using Console Log

Lecture 10 Using HTML/PHP to return Data

Lecture 11 Getting Array Data

Lecture 12 Adding Event Listener

Lecture 13 Using JSON Formatted Data

Lecture 14 Submitting AJAX Request with GET Method

Lecture 15 Using Input Field to Submit Ajax Request

Lecture 16 Using Input Field to Submit Ajax Request with Post Method

Lecture 17 Debugging POST Request

Section 3: AJAX Country State Select List

Lecture 18 Going through DB SQL files & Importing

Lecture 19 Creating AJAX Request to send Country Id

Lecture 20 Fetching Countries to display in Index Form

Lecture 21 Fetching States from Database with states.php file

Lecture 22 Displaying the States List Output

Lecture 23 Working on Cities Select List

Section 4: AJAX Search Suggestions

Lecture 24 Creating HTML form & search list with Styles

Lecture 25 Creating Ajax Request to send Get Response

Lecture 26 Working on PHP file to return search results

Lecture 27 Displaying results while searching

Section 5: AJAX CRUD Application

Lecture 28 Creating HTML code for crud applications

Lecture 29 Planning AJAX functions to build the functionality

Lecture 30 Getting Form data in AJAX function

Lecture 31 Inserting Record into Database with AJAX

Lecture 32 Updating Table Results After Insert Function

Lecture 33 Updating the Form with New Form

Lecture 34 Fixing the Insert Issue

Lecture 35 Working on Getting the Id from Edit button

Lecture 36 Working on Getting Edit Form

Lecture 37 Deleting the Record

Web Developers,Web Designers,Wants to Improve their Ajax Skills

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 13m | 2.06 GB
Created by: Vivek Vengala

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