Learn Ansible Quickly A Handson approach to Automation

Learn how to Automate tasks with Ansible and become an Ansible Guru
Learn Ansible Quickly A Handson approach to Automation
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Bandar Alghaleb


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Learn Ansible Quickly A Handson approach to Automation

What you’ll learn

Install Ansible on Linux
Run Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands
Create Ansible Playbooks
Understand Ansible Variables, Facts, Registers
Understand and Run Ansible Loops

Learn Ansible Quickly A Handson approach to Automation


You don’t need any Ansible experience to learn how to automate tasks with ansible 🙂


Hello Friend,The demand for automation skills is at an all time high right now. Almost every single IT job requires automation, below is only a short non comprehensive list for the jobs that requires automation:DevOps EngineerFullStack EnginnerCloud ArchitectNetwork AdministratorSystems AdministartorData AnalystData ScientistEthical HackerCyber Security AnalystPenetration TesterSoftware EngineerSoftware TesterSo you want to learn Ansible automation but you are unsure where to start?  —> This beginner friendly course will be a fantastic starting point on your journey to master Ansible automation.In this Ansible course, you will go on a journey to master Ansible automation. By the end of this course, you will have all the Ansible skills you need to automate boring system administration tasks.You will also get a free access to my book: Learn Ansible Quickly, which is a comprehesive guide for mastering Ansible and it also prepares you to pass the very popular RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) certification exam! RHCE is by far one of the most prestigious and respected certifications in the IT industry and holders of the RHCE certificate are expected to earn a higher salary in their respective fields.Whether you want to learn Ansible automation for personal use, or you maybe needing it for your job, or you want to pass an interview, this course is definitely yours!See you on the inside, Bandar


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Module 1: Hello Ansible

Lecture 2 Hello Ansible

Lecture 3 What is Ansible?

Lecture 4 Creating Your Playground

Lecture 5 Installing Ansible

Lecture 6 Demo – Creating Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure

Lecture 7 Demo – Installing Ansible

Section 3: Module 2: Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands

Lecture 8 Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands

Lecture 9 Creating an Ansible User

Lecture 10 Demo – Creating an Ansible User

Lecture 11 Building your Ansible Inventory

Lecture 12 Demo – Creating a Project Directory

Lecture 13 Building Ansible Inventory Managing Hosts

Lecture 14 Demo Creating an Inventory File

Lecture 15 Demo Creating Host Groups and Subgroups

Lecture 16 Ansible Configuration Settings

Lecture 17 Demo Configuring Ansible

Lecture 18 Running Ad-Hoc Commands

Lecture 19 Demo – Running Ad-Hoc Commands in Ansible

Section 4: Module 3: Ansible Playbooks

Lecture 20 Ansible Playbooks

Lecture 21 Creating your First Playbook

Lecture 22 Running your First Playbook

Lecture 23 Demo – Running your First Playbook

Lecture 24 Running Multiple Plays in a Playbook

Lecture 25 Verifying your Playbooks

Section 5: Module 4: Ansible Variables, Facts, Registers

Lecture 26 Ansible Variables Facts Registers

Lecture 27 Working with Variables

Lecture 28 Gathering and Showing Facts

Lecture 29 Capturing Output with Registers

Section 6: Module 5: Ansible Loops

Lecture 30 Introduction

Lecture 31 Ansible Loops

Lecture 32 Adding Multiple Users using Loops

Lecture 33 Looping Over a Range of Numbers

Lecture 34 Looping Over Inventories

Lecture 35 Advanced Ansible Course

Section 7: Bonus

Lecture 36 Bonus Lecture

Anyone who needs to learn how to Automate tasks with Ansible

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 57m | 791.60 MB
Created by: Bandar Alghaleb

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