Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript

Code out your very own Blockchain and decentralized network in the JavaScript programming language.
Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript
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Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript

What you’ll learn

Have your own, fully functional, blockchain prototype.
Learn how the code behind blockchain technology functions.
Learn why blockchain technology is a very secure means of storing data.
Learn how a decentralized blockchain network works.

Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript


Basic knowledge of JavaScript.
NodeJS installed.
The entire course is done on a Mac – if you have a Windows PC, you will be responsible for adapting the information to that operating system.


In this course you will be building your very own blockchain and decentralized blockchain network by using the JavaScript programming language.  By building your own blockchain, you will learn how blockchain technology works under-the-hood, how decentralized blockchain networks function, how the code behind these technologies work, and why blockchain is such a secure and valuable technology.
The blockchain that you build in this course will have all of the following features:
A proof of work algorithm to secure the network.Hashing algorithms to secure the data within the blockchain.The ability to mine (create) new blocks that contain data.The ability to create transactions and store them in blocks.An API/server that will be used to interact with the blockchain from the internet.It will be hosted on a decentralized blockchain network.A consensus algorithms to verify that the network nodes have valid data and are synchronized.A broadcasting system to keep the data in the blockchain network synchronized.Many other awesome features!…
When you have completed this course you will have built out your own blockchain prototype in code.  You will have a thorough understanding of how blockchain technology actually works and why this technology is so secure and valuable.  You will also have a deep understanding of how decentralized blockchain networks function and why decentralization is such an important feature for securing the blockchain. The whole process of storing, securing, and validating data/transactions on the blockchain will become very clear.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 What You Will Learn In This Course

Lecture 3 What Is A Blockchain?

Lecture 4 Environment Setup

Lecture 5 Project Source Code

Lecture 6 Project Source Code Link Article

Section 2: Building A Blockchain

Lecture 7 Blockchain Introduction

Lecture 8 Constructor Function Explanation

Lecture 9 Prototype Object Explanation

Lecture 10 Blockchain Constructor Function

Lecture 11 Create New Block Method

Lecture 12 Testing Create New Block Method

Lecture 13 Get Last Block Method

Lecture 14 Create New Transaction Method

Lecture 15 Testing Create New Transaction Method

Lecture 16 SHA256 Hashing

Lecture 17 Hash Block Method

Lecture 18 Testing Hash Block Method

Lecture 19 What Is A Proof Of Work?

Lecture 20 Proof Of Work Method

Lecture 21 Testing Proof Of Work Method

Lecture 22 Creating A Genesis Block

Lecture 23 Section 1 Wrap-Up

Lecture 24 Blockchain Source Code

Section 3: Accessing The Blockchain Through An API

Lecture 25 Building An API – Introduction

Lecture 26 Setting Up ExpressJS

Lecture 27 Building The API Foundation

Lecture 28 Installing Postman & Body-Parser

Lecture 29 Building The “GET /blockchain” Endpoint

Lecture 30 Building The “POST /transaction” Endpoint

Lecture 31 Building The “GET /mine” Endpoint

Lecture 32 Testing The New Endpoints

Section 4: Creating A Decentralized Blockchain Network

Lecture 33 Decentralized Blockchain Network – Introduction

Lecture 34 Creating Multiple Nodes

Lecture 35 Testing The Nodes

Lecture 36 Adding The Current Node’s Url

Lecture 37 New Endpoints Outline

Lecture 38 Building “POST /register-and-broadcast-node” Endpoint – Part 1

Lecture 39 Building “POST /register-and-broadcast-node” Endpoint – Part 2

Lecture 40 Building “POST /register-node” Endpoint

Lecture 41 UPDATE: Installing the “request” library

Lecture 42 Testing “POST /register-node” Endpoint

Lecture 43 Building “POST /register-nodes-bulk” Endpoint

Lecture 44 Testing “POST /register-nodes-bulk” Endpoint

Lecture 45 Testing All Network Endpoints

Section 5: Synchronizing The Network

Lecture 46 Synchronizing The Network – Introduction

Lecture 47 Transactions Introduction

Lecture 48 Refactoring Create Transaction Method

Lecture 49 Building “POST /transaction/broadcast” Endpoint

Lecture 50 Refactoring “POST /transaction” Endpoint

Lecture 51 Testing Transaction Endpoints

Lecture 52 Updating Mining Information

Lecture 53 Updating Mining Endpoint

Lecture 54 Building “POST /receive-new-block” Endpoint

Lecture 55 Testing New Endpoints

Section 6: Consensus

Lecture 56 Consensus Introduction

Lecture 57 Chain Is Valid Method

Lecture 58 Testing Chain Is Valid Method

Lecture 59 Building “GET /consensus” Endpoint

Lecture 60 Testing “GET /consensus” Endpoint

Section 7: Block Explorer

Lecture 61 Block Explorer Introduction

Lecture 62 Block Explorer Endpoints Outline

Lecture 63 Get Block Method

Lecture 64 Building “GET /block/:blockHash” Endpoint

Lecture 65 Get Transaction Method

Lecture 66 Building “GET /transaction/:transactionId” Endpoint

Lecture 67 Get Address Data Method

Lecture 68 Building “GET /address/:address” Endpoint

Lecture 69 Adding The Block Explorer File

Lecture 70 Block Explorer File Source Code

Lecture 71 Block Explorer File Explanation

Lecture 72 Testing The Block Explorer!

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 73 Course Recap

Lecture 74 Next Steps

Lecture 75 Congrats !!!

Anyone who wants to build their own Blockchain Prototype in code.,Anyone who wants to learn how Blockchain Technology works under-the-hood.,Anyone who wants to understand how the “decentralization” of blockchain actually works.,Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of why Blockchain Technology is valuable.,Anyone who wants to learn how the code behind Blockchain Technology works.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 55m | 2.92 GB
Created by: Eric Traub

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