Learn CANVA for easy and stunning Content Creation

Master the EASIEST design software that 70 million people use on a daily basis for their content creation needs.
Learn CANVA for easy and stunning Content Creation
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Caterina Ciacatani


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Learn CANVA for easy and stunning Content Creation

What you’ll learn

How to use Canva for their daily Content Creation Needs
How to create Reels & TikToks in a fast, easy & creative way
How to use Canva templates and personalize them in their own branding needs to elevate their Social Media presence
How to elevate their Social Media presence without breaking their bank, using Canva.

Learn CANVA for easy and stunning Content Creation


No graphic design skills needed. Canva is literally for EVERYONE. No wonder why 70 Million people around the world use Canva on a daily basis, right? ­čÖé


Creating beautiful content for your Social┬áMedia Channels has never been easier. Canva changed the game for all of us who are nowhere close to identifying as Graphic Designers or simply have any designing talent whatsoever. With over 600.000 fully customizable templates for -quite literally- ANY style you like with just a few clicks of your mouse, not having the perfect online image for you or your brand is such a pity.REQUIREMENTS A computer Access to WiFiAn active email address to sign up for Canva. (Even with a free version, you’re good to go!)Have the will to stand out in the saturated online world with professional-looking social media channels.Note: There’s absolutely no need to have any graphic design knowledge. All you need is a good eye to spot a good template and customize it to your needs. You can now create gorgeous designs with a few simple drags and drops of your mouse.In just 3 hours, I’m teaching you step-by-step how to navigate Canva, how to create designs from scratch, how to create designs using templates, how to turn an online article into a Reel using Canva, how to mass produce content for your Social Media channel, how to personalize Canva’s 600.000+ templates to your own branding needs and so much more. After this 3 hours workshop, there won’t be anything you can’t do with Canva.However, I’m focusing on Content Creation for your Social┬áMedia Channels with Canva, because I know that’s the No 1 need we all have these days, and as an established Digital Marketing professional, it made so much sense. :)More analytically:Who is this course for?- SME┬ábusiness owners who want to save time and money for their business/personal brand.- Social Media Marketers who want to create beautiful graphic designs/social media posts/presentations and even websites for their clients.- Entrepreneurs who want to elevate their business profile with professional-looking artwork, social media channels, websites, presentations, proposals, invoices, and more.- Agencies that don’t want to outsource the basic graphic design needs of their company or clients.- Business owners who want to improve and develop their social media channels with brand consistency.- Students, or even office employees who are keen on learning a new very useful tool to make their everyday life easier.- Teachers who want to create extremely fast and easily in Bulk personalized designs for their students (certificates of completion, student of the week badges etc).- Event Planners who want to create extremely fast and easily in Bulk personalized invitations, table sitting cards, menus, and more.To make things more specific: students, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, professionals, designers, boutique owners, event planners, teachers, and professionals of all kinds need to create fast and very easily stunning images and video content.What will you learn in this course?- How to navigate Canva and its basic features- How to create Image & Video designs from Scratch- How to create Image & Video designs using the thousands of Templates Canva provides us with- How to create an outro for your video- How to add music to your videos- How to upload your Brand Kit and personalize your posts- How to remove the background from images- How to organize your designs- How to save your designs and distribute them- How to turn an online article into Reel (EPIC idea, you’ll never run out of content to post on your social media after watching this!)- How to video/audio record yourself and add it to your design- How to Bulk Create content (LIFE┬áCHANGING!!!)- How to use 10 different font designs to elevate your content and more.Having created over 2000 Digital Strategies with Canva, Caterina & her team have seen hands-on what kind of content stands out, out there. We’re making sure you get to see for yourself and hop on the creativity wagon and let your brand shine in the online world without breaking the bank to constantly pay for content creation and graphic designs. Let’s learn Canva!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Welcome to Canva – Your Quick Start Guide

Lecture 2 A warm welcome from Caterina

Lecture 3 Why Canva?

Lecture 4 What will you need for this course?

Lecture 5 Canva Free VS Canva Pro

Section 3: Let’s Get To Know Canva

Lecture 6 Navigating the Canva Homepage

Section 4: Let’s start creating on Canva – The Images Edition

Lecture 7 Create an Image Design with Text from scratch

Lecture 8 Remove the background of a Logo or an Image

Lecture 9 Create an Image Design using Templates

Lecture 10 A brief recap. What have we learned so far?

Lecture 11 Resize your image both automatically & manually

Lecture 12 3 ways of turning an image design into a video design

Section 5: Let’s start creating on Canva – The Videos Edition

Lecture 13 Start creating your video design

Lecture 14 Add an outro slide, audio & sound effects to your videos

Lecture 15 Resize your video & creatively adjust your decorative elements

Section 6: Let’s step up our Design Game

Lecture 16 10 Text Effects to elevate your design

Lecture 17 Add borders to our design or elements

Lecture 18 Make multiple designs in a few clicks using “Bulk Create”

Lecture 19 Video Record myself and add it to my design

Lecture 20 Audio Record myself and add it to my design

Section 7: Let’s organize ourselves

Lecture 21 Creating folders

Lecture 22 Uploading our own Brand Kit

Lecture 23 Navigate Teams & invite and remove team members

Lecture 24 Add notes and comments & share Designs

Section 8: What’s Next?

Lecture 25 Invitation to Stay Connected

A step by step guide to learn CANVA – the easiest and most affordable design tool out there.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 59m | 1.65 GB
Created by: Caterina Ciacatani

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