Learn Chinese Language Chinese For Beginners

Learn to make conversation in Chinese Language, Chinese Speaking, Chinese language, Mandarin Chinese
Learn Chinese Language Chinese For Beginners
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Learn Chinese Language Chinese For Beginners

What you’ll learn

You will learn most useful words phrases in Chinese.
Real Life Conversation in Chinese.
Useful Daily Life Conversation in Chinese.
Learn how to make Sentences in Chinese Lan

Learn Chinese Language Chinese For Beginners


No prior knowledge required. You can start learn Chinese from scratch!
This course is designed for Absolute Beginners.


As you all know that Chinese Language has been growing steadily across the globe. Chinese may become a global language—much as English has—owing to China’s blossoming economy. So knowing Chinese will allow you to compete effectively in the business environment of the future. The demand for the business people who knows Chinese is Skyrocketing. So if you want to learn the language of the future you should learn Chinese This Course is designed is for those who wants to start or wants to improve learn Chinese language.After Completing this course you will be able to have a basic conversation in Chinese. You will get to know the Chinese phrases which you can use in your daily life conversation, business environment, Restaurant Vocabularies & Phrases and much more to start to have a basic conversation in Chinese.In this Course You are going to:Learn basic grammar pointsLearn most common words & phrase for daily life conversation.Learn Chinese from the very beginning.Learn to make conversation in Chinese.Learn most common Business words & phrases in Chinese.Learn Chinese Tones and Pinyin.Learn to introduce yourself in Chinese.Learn how to make small talk in Chinese.Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, which over 90% of the content is animated. It aims to provokes your interests, while allowing you to learn enjoyably and effectively.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Why You all should learn Chinese?

Section 2: Learn Basic Chinese Greetings, Chinese Pinyin and Tones

Lecture 2 How to greet each other in Chinese Language

Lecture 3 Chinese Alphabet | Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation

Lecture 4 Chinese Tones

Lecture 5 How to introduce yourself in Chinese?

Section 3: Basic Chinese Grammar

Lecture 6 The Possessive Particle 的

Lecture 7 Personal Pronouns in Chinese Language

Section 4: Counting Numbers in Chinese

Lecture 8 Counting Numbers 0-10 in Chinese Language

Lecture 9 11 to 100 Chinese Counting

Lecture 10 Chinese Counting With Hand Gestures

Section 5: Months, Dates and Week Days and Country Names in Chinese Language

Lecture 11 How to Say Months and Dates in Chinese Language.?

Lecture 12 Days of The Week in Chinese Language.

Lecture 13 Country Names in Chinese Language

Section 6: HSK 1 Vocabulary and Sentences | Learn 150 HSK 1 Words in Chinese

Lecture 14 HSK 1 Vocabulary and Sentences| Learn 150 HSK 1 Words in Chinese

Section 7: Most Common & Essential Words Phrases in Chinese

Lecture 15 Daily use English to Chinese Sentences for Chinese Speaking in daily life.

Lecture 16 Daily Use English to Chinese Sentences for speaking Chinese in Daily Life Part 2

Lecture 17 Mini Chinese Dialogue For Daily Life Conversation

Section 8: Business Chinese

Lecture 18 Business Chinese | Common Words & Phrases related to Business

Section 9: Colors Name in Chinese Language

Lecture 19 Learn Colors Name in Chinese Language

Section 10: Asking Questions in Chinese Language | WH questions

Lecture 20 How to ask Questions in Chinese Language | What, Who, Where and Why in Chinese

Section 11: Restaurant Vocabularies & Phrases in Chinese

Lecture 21 Restaurant Vocabularies & Phrases in Chinese

Section 12: Chatting With New Friends In Chinese Language.

Lecture 22 Chatting With New Friends In Chinese Language

Section 13: School Life Chinese Vocabulary and Phrases

Lecture 23 Common School & Classroom Expressions in Chinese

Section 14: Real Life Chinese

Lecture 24 Learn Body Parts in Chinese

Lecture 25 Learn Body Parts in Chinese | Part 2

Lecture 26 Learn Family Members Name In Chinese Language

Lecture 27 Learn How to Say Happy Teacher’s Day in Chinese Language

Lecture 28 How to say Happy New Year in Chinese Language?

Lecture 29 How to say Eid Mubarak in Chinese

Lecture 30 Beach in Chinese Language

Lecture 31 Rain in Chinese Language

Lecture 32 Learn Four Seasons in Chinese Language

Lecture 33 Happy Birthday in Chinese Language

Lecture 34 Ramadan Kareem in Chinese Language

Beginner Chinese Learner who are desire to speak and make conversation in Chinese.

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Udemy | English | 2h 38m | 1.44 GB
Created by: Khadija Kubra

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