Learn Cold Calling Like the Wolf of Wall Street in 3 Days

Cold Calling Like Jordan Belfort: the Exact Blueprint (Including Script & Templates) to Close the Sale Within 3 Days
Learn Cold Calling Like the Wolf of Wall Street in 3 Days
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Stefan Devito


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Learn Cold Calling Like the Wolf of Wall Street in 3 Days

What you’ll learn

Confidently making any cold call
Professionally handling objections
Remembering the biggest mistakes and how not to fall into those traps

Learn Cold Calling Like the Wolf of Wall Street in 3 Days


A notebook to take notes
4 hours of time


“This is an amazing course by Stefan De Vito it’s very easy to learn and to take in. Stefan is also a great coach very helpful and always there to answer your questions and give feedback. This is a course you don’t wanna miss out on so if I can give advice take this course right now.”  – Ruben FreemantleCold calling is dead? What a lame marketing slogan. Every high ticket sale in the world is made either in person or over the phone. No matter how effective your digital marketing is to bring you in great leads, in the end, you and your team need to pick up the phone and close them. By taking this cold calling course, you will become a master in cold calling byBeing confident on the phone and knowingknowing what to sayknowing how to say itknowing when to say itYou will learn a complete sales process and which tonalities to use. Sales is in the end a game of certainty and the transference of that emotion to others. The system in this cold calling course is partly based on the teaching my mentor, the Wolf of Wall Street has taught me over the years. It contains the secrets that made his broker firm (in)famous in the 90s. The cold calling course is different from others as it focuses not just on what to say, but how to say it. The focus is on hard skills and techniques rather than the inner game of sales. “Its a Great Course and the way Stefan explain its Just on point.” – Oscar Antonio Linarte FernandezHave you ever bought an online course and not went through with it?If so, this is most likely not your fault but the fault of the person putting it together. This cold calling course is different as it is based on the latest NLP research of how to keep attention high and make learning easy. The material is different from other courses in 7 distinct waysAudiovisual summaries at the end of each segment supported by brain waves to create ideal stickiness of contentDifferent teaching styles and locations to keep the content light and easily digestibleLoads of quizzes and supporting documents so that it adapts to your learning styleStories to make the information stickyMotivational messages in-between to keep you jacked up and full of energyTechniques are based on world class sales gurus and have been tested and applied by simple people24/7 access to the instructor – any questions or individual training included This cold calling course will teach you how to effectively cold call. It combines the teachings of the world’s greatest sales gurus: from Grant Cardone, to Brian Tracy, from Jordan Belfort, the wolf of Wall Street to Dirk Kräuter, the German pendant. Cold calling and sales go hand in hand – even in times of digital marketing, you can only run successful funnels if you add an offline element to it – which is, of course, to pick up the phone and start dialing. By taking this cold calling course, you are going to learnHow to prospect like a proHow to cold-call like a wolfHow to overcome objections like a winnerHow to make the sale like the Wolf of Wall StreetJoin this course now and believe me, you are not going to regret it. Sounds fair enough?”This course was very helpful for those sales person and u can use it immediately. The course will provide [tonnes of] scripts and you can just suit them into your business.” – Ng Hui Qi


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Thank you message from Stefan

Lecture 2 Secrets of Sales PDF (Download)

Lecture 3 The first 5 seconds of the call

Lecture 4 Handling the gatekeeper

Lecture 5 Why your advice matters

Lecture 6 Leaving voice mail?

Lecture 7 Booking an appointment

Section 2: Cold call tools

Lecture 8 Day 2

Lecture 9 Making cold into warm calls

Lecture 10 Training your voice guide (Download)

Lecture 11 Tonalities interlude

Lecture 12 Absolute Certainty

Lecture 13 I Care About You

Lecture 14 Declarative as a Question

Lecture 15 True Sincerity

Lecture 16 Reasonable Person Tonality

Lecture 17 Tonalities – Taking Stock

Lecture 18 The Hypothethical Question

Lecture 19 I Would Love to Know

Lecture 20 Scarcity

Lecture 21 Mystery

Lecture 22 The Presupposing Tonality

Lecture 23 Tonalities Summary

Lecture 24 One question

Lecture 25 Basics of selling

Lecture 26 Process and goals of the call

Lecture 27 Motivational message: how to finish what you start

Lecture 28 Rapport building

Lecture 29 Advanced rapport techniques

Lecture 30 The call: what to say and how to say it

Lecture 31 Cold call qualifying

Lecture 32 Handling objections: not interested, send something over, competitor

Lecture 33 Having fun while studying

Lecture 34 Cold calling success script

Lecture 35 Closing for an appointment

Section 3: Mindset

Lecture 36 Day 3

Lecture 37 Key Coldcaller Mindset articles to read

Lecture 38 How to gain more confidence

Lecture 39 Attitude basics

Lecture 40 Attitude – daily habits

Lecture 41 Attitude – boosting yourself before the call

Lecture 42 Your comfort zone

Lecture 43 Lion attitude checklist

Lecture 44 Prospecting like a pro

Lecture 45 Let’s have a break

Section 4: Objections deep dive

Lecture 46 Day 4

Lecture 47 Deflection – the single most powerful way to overcome objections

Lecture 48 Handling objections in a nutshell

Lecture 49 6 ways to reply to “not interested”

Lecture 50 Best replies for: “send something over”

Lecture 51 Best ways for handling the “call back later” objection

Lecture 52 Bad time of the year – objection

Lecture 53 Best ways to handle other objections

Lecture 54 Original Stratton Oakmont 7 Objection techniques (Download)

Lecture 55 Handling upset customers

Lecture 56 Introduction mental triggers

Lecture 57 Reward

Lecture 58 Scarcity

Lecture 59 Consistency

Lecture 60 Social Proof

Lecture 61 Reciprocity

Lecture 62 Liking

Lecture 63 Authority

Lecture 64 7 Mental triggers E-book

Section 5: Congratulations & next steps

Lecture 65 Additional download material and special case scripts

Lecture 66 Outro and thank you

Lecture 67 Thank You


Entrepreneurs,Start-ups,Salespeople,Anyone who needs to know how to do calls – professionally

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Udemy | English | 5h 31m | 9.89 GB
Created by: Stefan Devito

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