Learn English The Next Gen Guide to English Grammar

Learn English Grammar! Improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with high-quality videos & resources
Learn English The Next Gen Guide to English Grammar
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Kevin Knight


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Learn English The Next Gen Guide to English Grammar

What you’ll learn

Be more confident when speaking and writing in English.
Have better listening and reading skills.
Have a firm understanding of, explain and use the correct grammatical forms, whether speaking or writing.
Say and write grammatically correct sentences like a native English speaker.

Learn English The Next Gen Guide to English Grammar


You should be at least an intermediate level English speaker.


Welcome to The Next Gen Guide to English Grammar!
If you’re ready to really understand grammar enough to use it correctly and effectively, if you want to be able to understand and explain why we say what we say or write what we write, then this course is for you.

It’s for students of all ages who want to learn about grammar for their studies, or anyone who just wants to learn for their own benefit.  It’s for professionals who want to make sure  that they can communicate effectively in the workplace, or to simply be able to write emails without mistakes.  It’s for teachers and educators who want to improve their understanding before planning lessons or developing lesson material on anything to do with English grammar.

This course looks at the most important aspects of grammar.  The essential grammar that we use from day to day, and it clearly explains the rules and principles that we need in order to have a strong, deep and ultimately useful understanding of the framework of the English language.

Each lesson explains and teaches the learning objective clearly, and the course contains helpful quizzes and supporting materials to help you to reinforce and internalise what you learn.

By the end of this course, you should be able to have any conversation, pick up any book or visit any website, say or write any comment and easily have a good understanding of what’s right, what’s wrong and why.

What you get:
High-quality, detailed videos that explain the lesson objective clearly and effectively.

High-quality PDF resources to help you master what you learn.

Video transcripts.

Quizzes and helpful exercises.

User feedback based updates and new material as the course grows.

A great way to learn new skills to help you in your life and your career.


Section 1: Present Simple Tense

Lecture 1 Simple Sentences Explained

Lecture 2 What is the Present Simple?

Lecture 3 Using ‘To Be’ in the Present Simple

Lecture 4 Present Simple Tense Practice

Section 2: Present Simple Tense with the Third Person Singular (he, she, it)

Lecture 5 Using the Third Person Singular (he, she, it)

Lecture 6 Present Simple Tense with the Third Person Singular Practice

Section 3: Past Simple Tense

Lecture 7 Past Simple Tense

Lecture 8 Past Simple Tense Practice

Section 4: Present Continuous Tense

Lecture 9 Present Continuous Tense

Lecture 10 Present Continuous Tense Practice

Section 5: Past Continuous Tense

Lecture 11 Past Continuous Tense

Lecture 12 Past Continuous Tense Practice

Section 6: Future Simple Tense (will or going to)

Lecture 13 Future Simple Tense

Lecture 14 Future Simple Tense Practice

Section 7: Present Perfect Tense

Lecture 15 Present Perfect Tense

Lecture 16 Present Perfect Tense Practice

Section 8: Advice for a Job Interview in English

Lecture 17 Advice for a Job Interview in English

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of English grammar.,This course is for anyone training to teach English as a foreign language.,This course is for professionals who want to improve their spoken and written English.,This course is for anyone studying English as a second language who wants to improve all of their communication skills.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 12m | 870.41 MB
Created by: Kevin Knight

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