Learn Firebase Core with React

Learn How To Build & Deploy Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase Web App Hosting, Firebase Auth, Firebase DBs, and More
Learn Firebase Core with React
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Learn Firebase Core with React

What you’ll learn

Deploy Fast Secure, & Reliable Web Apps
Create Cloud Functions in Node Javascript
Fully featured user authentication – Account Registration, Account Logins, 3rd Party OAuth (login w/ google, facebook, twitter, etc), and more
Leverage Firebase Cloud Firestore NoSQL document/collection style database with full CRUD operations
Securely upload files & blobs to Firebase Storage buckets
Actual Free Tier (compared to competitors)
Build/Deploy Production Backends for Web & Mobile Apps
Awesome for prototyping personal projects
Learn from an experienced senior software engineer instructor with years of firebase under their belt
Covers the LATEST v9 Firebase Web SDK for the best performance and bundle size

Learn Firebase Core with React


Basic javascript
Basic HTML
ES6 Imports / Features


RequirementsBasic familiarity with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.NO knowledge of Firebase or other cloud services is required.DescriptionFirebase is an easy-to-use cloud platform for hosting web apps, running cloud functions, database storage, storing files, and state-of-the-art user authentication. Additionally, Firebase makes it easy to create a full-stack web app with ease.If you want to stand out as a JavaScript Full-Stack Engineer, you need to learn how to leverage the many tools required in cloud environments with on-demand deployability.By the end of watching this course, you’ll be able to:Deploy Reliable, Fast & Secure Web Apps with Free HTTPSCreate Cloud Functions in Node JavascriptFully Featured User Authentication – Account Registration, Account Logins, 3rd Party OAuth 2 (login w/ google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and more.Leverage Firebase Cloud Firestore NoSQL document/collection style database with Full-CRUD operationsSecurely Upload Files & Blobs to Firebase Storage Buckets.Actual Free Tier (compared to competitors)Build & Deploy Production Backends for Web & Mobile AppsExcellent for prototyping personal projectsLearn from an Experienced Senior Software Engineer & Software Engineer Instructor with years of Firebase under their beltIncludes Section 7 that covers the LATEST Firebase v9 Web JavaScript SDK for the best performance and smallest bundle size!With this course, you’ll get downloadable source code.PREREQUISITESThis is a course for all levelsNo previous Firebase experience is needed just basic familiarity with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.You don’t need previous experience with cloud services/platforms at all. We’ve got you covered!—Who this course is for:Beginner and intermediate front-end developers new to Firebase and Cloud Services.Developers who want to improve theirs skills and take their careers to the next levels.Front-end developers who want to learn how to deploy fully secure web apps with full featured services from databases, file storage, cloud functions, and user authentication.Front-end developers who are familiar with other cloud services but want to learn Firebase


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is Firebase? Why Learn Firebase?

Lecture 2 Course Tools & Prerequisites

Lecture 3 Course Project – Recipes Web App

Lecture 4 Firebase Tools – Global Install

Lecture 5 Deploy Our First Firebase Project

Lecture 6 Course Github Repository – Reference Code for Each Section

Lecture 7 Install Firebase Version 8.9.1

Lecture 8 Install React Version 17.0.2

Lecture 9 Installing The Firebase NPM Package

Lecture 10 Get Firebase Project Config & Create Environment File

Lecture 11 Fetch App.css File from Github

Lecture 12 FirebaseConfig.js Service File

Lecture 13 v9 Upgrade (optional)

Lecture 14 Section 1 Summary

Section 2: Firebase Web App Hosting

Lecture 15 BIG PICTURE – Firebase Hostin

Lecture 16 Github Repository Setup

Lecture 17 Setup Firebase GitHub Actions for Automatic Deployment

Lecture 18 Manual Deployment

Lecture 19 Firebase Console – Hosting

Lecture 20 (Optional) Adding a Custom Domain Name

Lecture 21 Firebase Hosting – Section Summary

Section 3: Firebase Authentication

Lecture 22 BIG PICTURE – Firebase Auth

Lecture 23 Setup Check – Firebase npm, .ENV, and FirebaseConfig

Lecture 24 Firebase Console – Authentication

Lecture 25 FirebaseAuthService JavaScript File

Lecture 26 Create LoginForm React Component & Register User Account – Part 1

Lecture 27 Create LoginForm React Component & Register User Account – Part 2

Lecture 28 Create LoginForm React Component & Register User Account – Part 3

Lecture 29 Firebase Console – New User

Lecture 30 LoginForm – Login User Account & JWT Access Token Location

Lecture 31 LoginForm – Password Reset

Lecture 32 LoginForm – OAuth 2 – Login with Google

Lecture 33 Firebase Console – Authorized Domains for Production

Lecture 34 Firebase Console – Templates for Email, Password Reset, SMS Verification, Etc

Lecture 35 Github Actions – CI/CD – Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Lecture 36 Firebase Authentication – Section Summary

Section 4: Firebase Firestore

Lecture 37 BIG PICTURE – Firebase Firestore (database)

Lecture 38 Firebase Console – Cloud Firestore

Lecture 39 Firebase Firestore Service – CREATE

Lecture 40 Creating a Recipe – HTML Form – Part 1

Lecture 41 Creating a Recipe – HTML Form – Part 2

Lecture 42 Creating a Recipe – HTML Form – Part 3

Lecture 43 Creating a Recipe – HTML Form – Part 4

Lecture 44 Creating a Recipe – HTML Form – Part 5

Lecture 45 Creating a Recipe – HTML Form – Part 6

Lecture 46 Firebase Console – Viewing Our New Recipe

Lecture 47 Firestore Security Rules – Server-Side Input Validation & Sanitization

Lecture 48 Firebase Firestore Service – READ

Lecture 49 Reading Recipes – JavaScript & HTML – Part 1

Lecture 50 Reading Recipes – JavaScript & HTML – Part 2

Lecture 51 Reading Recipes – JavaScript & HTML – Part 3

Lecture 52 Reading Recipes – JavaScript & HTML – Part 4

Lecture 53 Firebase Firestore Service – UPDATE

Lecture 54 Important ⚠️ React 18 Note

Lecture 55 Updating a Recipe – JavaScript & HTML – Part 1

Lecture 56 Updating a Recipe – JavaScript & HTML – Part 2

Lecture 57 Updating a Recipe – JavaScript & HTML – Part 3

Lecture 58 Firebase Firestore Service – DELETE

Lecture 59 Deleting a Recipe – JavaScript & HTML

Lecture 60 UI/UX Loading “Spinner” & No Recipes Message (optional)

Lecture 61 Firebase Firestore Simple Query – Filter Recipes by Category

Lecture 62 Firebase Firestore Service – Order By

Lecture 63 Firebase Firestore Compound Query – Order By Publish Date

Lecture 64 Firebase Firestore – Building Compund Query Indexes

Lecture 65 Firebase Firestore Service – Limit & Cursor

Lecture 66 Firebase Firestore Pagination – Recipes Per Page & Load More Pages

Lecture 67 Cloud Firestore Full Text Search?

Lecture 68 GitHub Action Deployment Hosting – Ignore Warning

Lecture 69 Firebase Firestore – Section Summary

Section 5: Firebase Storage

Lecture 70 BIG PICTURE – Firebase Storage

Lecture 71 Firebase Console – Cloud Storage

Lecture 72 Firebase Storage Service

Lecture 73 Create Image Uploader – Part 1

Lecture 74 Create Image Uploader – Part 2

Lecture 75 Create Image Uploader – Part 3

Lecture 76 Create Image Uploader – Part 4

Lecture 77 Create Image Uploader – Part 5

Lecture 78 Firebase Storage – Section Summary

Section 6: Firebase Functions

Lecture 79 Firebase Functions – BIG PICTURE

Lecture 80 Create & Deploy Our First Firebase Function

Lecture 81 Firebase Console Functions

Lecture 82 Firebase Config File for Functions

Lecture 83 Function Index.js File Setup

Lecture 84 Firestore Function – onCreate

Lecture 85 Firestore Function – onDelete

Lecture 86 Firestore Function – onUpdate

Lecture 87 Scheduled (cronjob/crontab) Function – Publish Recipe

Lecture 88 NOTE – Install Dependencies

Lecture 89 Install Dependencies

Lecture 90 Express API Foundation

Lecture 91 Utilities.js File

Lecture 92 Create (Post) Recipe Express Endpoint

Lecture 93 Postman – Test Post Endpoint

Lecture 94 Read (Get) Recipe Express Endpoint – Part 1

Lecture 95 Read (Get) Recipe Express Endpoint – Part 2

Lecture 96 Postman – Test Get Endpoint

Lecture 97 Update (Put) Recipe Express Endpoint

Lecture 98 Postman – Test Put Endpoint

Lecture 99 Delete (Delete) Recipe Express Endpoint

Lecture 100 Postman – Test Delete Endpoint

Lecture 101 Firebase Functions Automatic Deploy with Github Actions

Lecture 102 API URL Environment Setup

Lecture 103 FirebaseFirestoreRestService JavaScript File

Lecture 104 Create – FirebaseFirestoreRestService JavaScript File

Lecture 105 Read – FirebaseFirestoreRestService JavaScript File

Lecture 106 Update – FirebaseFirestoreRestService JavaScript File

Lecture 107 Delete – FirebaseFirestoreRestService JavaScript File

Lecture 108 Web App – Hookup Create Endpoint

Lecture 109 Web App – Hookup Read Endpoint

Lecture 110 Web App – Hookup Update Endpoint

Lecture 111 Web App – Hookup Delete Endpoint

Lecture 112 Full Pagination Web App – Part 1

Lecture 113 Full Pagination Web App – Part 2

Lecture 114 Firebase Functions Section Summary

Section 7: Upgrade to V9

Lecture 115 BIG PICTURE – v9 Upgrade

Lecture 116 v9 Upgrade (5 Minute Backwards Compatible)

Lecture 117 Transitional Upgrade – FirebaseConfig

Lecture 118 v9 Auth Upgrade

Lecture 119 v9 Firestore Upgrade

Lecture 120 v9 Storage Upgrade

Lecture 121 Cleanup & Firestore Lite

Lecture 122 Section Summary

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Created by: Jared Potter

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