Learn How To Budget Personal budgeting made easy

Everything you need to KNOW and everything you need to DO to set and stick to a monthly budget.
Learn How To Budget Personal budgeting made easy
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Learn How To Budget Personal budgeting made easy

What you’ll learn

Set and stick to a monthly budget
Appreciate the benefits of financial control
Cope with fluctuating income and irregular bills

Learn How To Budget Personal budgeting made easy


There are course materials avaiable to download in MS Excel format, but there are also paper versions if you prefer working that way.


The Learn How To Budget course gives you everything you need to KNOW and everything you need to DO to master the most fundamental of all financial skills – setting up and sticking to a monthly budget.After just four weeks of preparation (which you can take at your own pace) you will know exactly how to budget, how to overcome some hurdles, and will be off and running on your way to financial success.The fact is you will never be rich unless you consistently spend less than you earn (unless you win the lottery or inherit from a long lost aunt). Are you ready to commit to your own future? This course will arm you with all the tools and techniques to do so.


Section 1: Week 1: Getting In The Zone

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why bother with a budget?

Lecture 3 Setting up a starter emergency fund

Lecture 4 Tools you will need

Lecture 5 Week 1 Tasks

Section 2: Week 2 – Setting Up For Success

Lecture 6 Pay yourself first

Lecture 7 The simple power of having two current accounts

Lecture 8 In a couple? How to budget together

Lecture 9 The Monthly Plan

Lecture 10 Week 2 Tasks

Section 3: Week 3 – The Weekly Review

Lecture 11 Reconciling with the bank

Lecture 12 How to do a weekly review

Lecture 13 Getting back on track when something unexpected happens

Lecture 14 Week 3 tasks

Section 4: Week 4 – Overcoming Hurdles

Lecture 15 Getting out of debt

Lecture 16 Coping with irregular income

Lecture 17 Coping with irregular or unexpected bills, and using your emergency fund

Lecture 18 Week 4 Tasks

Section 5: Moving Forward – In It For The Long Haul

Lecture 19 The Importance of Goals

Lecture 20 The Power of Rewards

Lecture 21 Accountability works

Lecture 22 Remember the Why?

This course is for those who want to take control of their money, rather than have it control them. The course will suit absolute beginners, and anyone with a willingness to get stuck in to their finances.

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Created by: Pete Matthew

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