Learn how to Build High Quality Affiliate Websites

Learn affiliate marketing. Watch over my shoulder as I build a high quality affiliate site from scratch.
Learn how to Build High Quality Affiliate Websites
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Learn how to Build High Quality Affiliate Websites

What you’ll learn

Build high quality affiliate sites with confidence
Understand how affiliate marketing works
Use a variety of methods to show web site visitors affiliate products
Earn a passive income by referring visitors to merchant websites.

Learn how to Build High Quality Affiliate Websites


Students do not need any prior knowledge, but familiarity with WordPress would be an advantage (though not essential)


Do you have a website already?  Maybe you want to build one?  Did you know that you can monetize a website with affiliate programs?  Affiliate marketing is something anyone can do.I’ve been building affiliate websites for more than a decade, and earning a decent income from those sites.  The great thing about affiliate websites is that if you build them correctly, they’ll mature over time and reward you month after month, year after year in passive income.  However, if you build them incorrectly, you will simply be wasting your time.  In the last few years, Google have tightened the noose around webmasters out to make a quick buck by gaming the system.  This course was created to show you how I build successful affiliate websites now, in 2022 and beyond.  I’ll take you from the very beginning and show you, over-my-shoulder, how I:Decide on a niche for my website.Find affiliate products in that niche to promote on my websites.Choose a catchy, brandable domain name.Buy the domain through a registrar, and set it up to work with a web host.Install WordPress.Setup a gmail address and create a “Gravatar”.Setup WordPress.Install a WordPress theme.Install a few essential plugins.Create an author bio for your web pages.Setup Google Analytics and Search Console so you have the data you need to make your site successful.Add a simple homepage to get you started.Create Mindmaps to plan and outline all of the main topics you want to cover on your website.Add important pages like Contact, Terms and Privacy.Create a sitemap and submit it to Google so they always know when you have new content on your site that needs indexing.Set up Yoast SEO plugin so your site is search engine ready.Setup Facebook and Twitter accounts, and get all new posts automatically syndicated to these platforms.Decide on categories for posts.Write content that the search engines will reward you for.Automate internal site linking, and why it is important.Create an affiliate product page and why this works better than affiliate products on all pages of your website.Create an affiliate product promotion that is always visible to a website visitor.Add social sharing buttons to the site.Add related posts to the end of each post, automatically.How to use Feedly and RSS feeds to get content ideas.How to setup a blog for shorter posts, and how to create these blog posts using Feedly and Youtube.This course covers everything you need to know to help you create a high quality affiliate website that you’ll be proud of.  With Google cracking down on poor quality affiliate sites, a lot of webmasters have given up creating this type of site.  However, affiliate sites remain one of the best forms of setup and forget “passive income”.With this course, you will have the exact system I personally use to keep Google happy as I continue to build this type of site.


Section 1: Introductions

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course and Instructor

Lecture 2 About the site built in this course

Section 2: Monetization Methods

Lecture 3 Options for Monetizing a Website

Lecture 4 Important News About Niche Choice

Lecture 5 Finding an Affiliate Program for my Niche

Lecture 6 Deciding on my Main Product

Lecture 7 Choosing a Domain Name

Lecture 8 Domain Extensions?

Lecture 9 Buying the domain. linking to Web Host & installing WordPress

Section 3: Initial Site Setup

Lecture 10 Gmail & Gravatar

Lecture 11 A Run Through of the WordPress Settings

Lecture 12 Installing the theme

Lecture 13 Installing a few plugins

Lecture 14 Setting up Author Bio

Lecture 15 Google Analytics & Search Console

Lecture 16 Clicky Analytics

Section 4: Gutenberg Primer

Lecture 17 Gutenberg?

Lecture 18 Gutenberg Overview

Lecture 19 The Interface

Lecture 20 Anatomy of a Block

Lecture 21 Adding Blocks to Build a Post

Lecture 22 Images

Lecture 23 Cover Block

Lecture 24 Columns

Lecture 25 ReUsable Blocks

Lecture 26 Finding More Blocks

Lecture 27 Gutenberg FAQ

Section 5: Initial Website Content

Lecture 28 A Quick Homepage Holding Page

Lecture 29 Web Content Mindmap

Lecture 30 Researching & Mindmapping Content Ideas

Lecture 31 Adding a Contact Page

Lecture 32 Adding “Legal Pages”

Lecture 33 Setting pages to noindex

Lecture 34 The Sitemap

Lecture 35 Submitting Sitemap to Google

Lecture 36 Yoast SEO – A run-though of the settings

Section 6: Social Channels before Content

Lecture 37 Setting up a Facebook page

Lecture 38 Setting up a Twitter account

Lecture 39 Setting up an IFTTT Account

Lecture 40 Setting up automated posting to Facebook

Lecture 41 Setting up automated posting to Twitter

Lecture 42 A Return to Facebook and Twitter

Section 7: Creating the Main Website Content

Lecture 43 Website Post Categories

Lecture 44 Writing Content from Scratch

Lecture 45 Posting the Content to the Site

Lecture 46 The Top Menu

Lecture 47 Automated Internal Linking

Lecture 48 Creating an Affiliate Product Page

Lecture 49 Affiliate Disclosure

Lecture 50 Adding a Sticky Sidebar Widget

Lecture 51 Add Social Share Buttons

Lecture 52 Related Posts / Further Reading

Lecture 53 The Homepage

Lecture 54 Homepage Navigation

Section 8: The Blog

Lecture 55 The Value of RSS Feeds

Lecture 56 Setting up a Feed Reader

Lecture 57 Monitoring the Feeds and writing blog posts

Lecture 58 Using Youtube for Blog Posts

Lecture 59 Scheduling Posts for Automatic Publishing

Lecture 60 Using Tags Effectively

Lecture 61 What’s Next?

Section 9: Resources

Lecture 62 Legacy Videos?

Lecture 63 Bonus Lecture

This course is for anyone that wants to learn how to build a successful website,This course is for anyone that wants to learn how to use affiliate programs to earn a passive income,This course is not for anyone that is simply looking for a get-rich quick scheme.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 25m | 5.40 GB
Created by: Andrew Williams

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