Learn how to cook Kofta Egyptian kofta like a pro

Egyptian Kofta Masterclass, in this course you’ll learn how to professionally cook the most famous and delicious Kofta
Learn how to cook Kofta Egyptian kofta like a pro
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Learn how to cook Kofta Egyptian kofta like a pro

What you’ll learn

Learn how to professionally cook “Traditional Egyptian Kofta”
Learn how to professionally cook “Kofta Kebab”
Learn how to professionally cook “Pane Kofta- Egyptian Fried Kofta”
Learn how to professionally cook “Dawood Pasha Kofta- Egyptian meatballs”

Learn how to cook Kofta Egyptian kofta like a pro


All you need to this course is to be a food lover and have the desire to spend some time having fun learning new delicious recipes.
No prior knowledge or experience in Cooking is needed, you’ll be able to cook the recipes independently after watching the course.
If you’re new to the Egyptian food, Don’t worry you’ll find the steps in the videos clear and easy to follow.


“If you a food lover or a person who likes to try different recipes from all over the world, You’re in the right place. In this course, we unlock the secrets of the most famous and delicious meal in the Middle East, specially Egypt, which is Kofta. In a simple but comprehensive way, a talented and skilled Egyptian chef created this video course to show you all the steps of cooking such popular dishes.From beginner to advanced, our step-by-step lessons will teach you how to create the top four mouth-watering Egyptian Kofta recipes, using fresh, whole ingredients. We’ll take you through the process of preparing the ingredients and give you the confidence to experiment with different flavors. The four tasty recipes that you will learn in this course are: – Traditional Egyptian Kofta- Egyptian juicy meatballs (Dawood Pasha Kofta)- Kofta Kebab- Pane Kofta (Egyptian fried Kofta) Whether you’re a busy professional or a stay-at-home parent, our course is designed to fit your busy lifestyle, just follow the videos precisely and we promise you’ll get amazed by the results! Don’t hesitate and JOIN NOW this unique experience of cooking easy, tasty and home-made Egyptian food. Start cooking like a pro today!”


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Egyptian Kofta Masterclass

Section 2: Kofta recipes

Lecture 2 Learn how to cook Kofta Kebab like a pro

Lecture 3 Learn how to cook Dawood Pasha Kofta (Egyptian Juicy Meatballs) like a pro

Lecture 4 Learn how to cook Traditional Egyptian Kofta like a pro

Lecture 5 Learn how to cook Pane Kofta (Egyptian Fried Kofta) like a pro

This course is for anyone interested in cooking.,If you love trying food of different cultures, Welcome to our course and we hope you enjoy it.,Have you ever tried Egyptian food? If yes or no, hurry up to this course and enjoy the most delicious food you’ll ever eat!

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