Learn how to create your NFT marketing strategy from zero

This course will give you tools, and methods to successfully market, and sell your NFTs. No previous experience needed.
Learn how to create your NFT marketing strategy from zero
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Learn how to create your NFT marketing strategy from zero

What you’ll learn

Learn how professional marketers plan their marketing activities.
Understand How and Why the NFT space is different and why you need to adapt your marketing strategy..
Get introduced to a new NFT marketing framework and strategy.
Learn how to use social media effectively for your NFT marketing.
Learn about PR networks and influencer marketing.
Understand why content marketing is important.
Learn other factors that influence your marketing success.
Build your own marketing plan using templates and methods provided by the course.
Track your progress and sales using simple reporting templates.

Learn how to create your NFT marketing strategy from zero


No previous marketing experience is required.
Have a basic understanding of social media platforms such as twitter, instagram, etc.


This course will take you through the full journey of marketing audit, marketing planning, execution, and campaign result analysis. We will fully equip you with easy-to-follow methods, step-by-step guides, and templates so you can progress really fast with your own NFT marketing. We also included suggested duration for each task so you don’t spend more time on them than required.The course also covers best practices when it comes to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, TikTok, YouTube), PR, influencer, and content marketing. You will also learn how to save time, and how to use marketing channels the most effective way. In addition, if you have some budget, then we will show you how to spend it smartly.We will show you how to automate some of the tasks you do so you can focus on other important tasks.The course also covers some topics that are not readily available elsewhere. Such as how NFT marketplaces rank NFTs, and what factors you need to consider to increase the visibility of your NFT on e.g. OpenSea.The course is designed for beginners and intermediate marketers. However, there will be interesting new methods even for seasoned marketing professionals.This course is a one-stop-shop for all your NFT marketing requirements.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Let me introduce myself.

Lecture 2 Course content.

Lecture 3 Disclaimer.

Section 2: Why traditional marketing strategy doesn’t work for NFTs?

Lecture 4 Section introduction.

Lecture 5 Overall look at our audience.

Lecture 6 Who buys NFTs?

Lecture 7 Why people buy NFTs?

Lecture 8 Why traditional marketing doesn’t work for NFTs?

Lecture 9 Section Summary.

Section 3: Traditional marketing planning.

Lecture 10 Section introduction.

Lecture 11 Traditional marketing planning model.

Lecture 12 Traditional marketing funnel.

Lecture 13 Section summary.

Section 4: NFT marketing strategy planning.

Lecture 14 Section introduction.

Lecture 15 NFT marketing funnel.

Lecture 16 NFT marketing channel mix.

Lecture 17 NFT marketing KPIs.

Lecture 18 NFT marketing communication approach.

Lecture 19 Section Summary.

Section 5: Social Media channels and corresponding best practices.

Lecture 20 Section introduction.

Lecture 21 Social media priority list.

Lecture 22 Twitter and best practices.

Lecture 23 Reddit and best practices.

Lecture 24 Discord and best practices.

Lecture 25 Facebook and best practices.

Lecture 26 Instagram and best practices.

Lecture 27 Website best practices.

Lecture 28 TikTok and best practices.

Lecture 29 YouTube and best practices.

Lecture 30 Section summary.

Section 6: Online PR and Influencer marketing.

Lecture 31 Section introduction.

Lecture 32 Online PR.

Lecture 33 Influencer marketing.

Lecture 34 Section summary.

Section 7: Content marketing.

Lecture 35 Section introduction.

Lecture 36 Content marketing tips.

Lecture 37 Resources and examples.

Lecture 38 Section summary.

Section 8: Planning, creating and executing your NFT marketing strategy.

Lecture 39 Section introduction.

Lecture 40 A 4-steps approach to your NFT marketing.

Lecture 41 Step 1: Social media audit.

Lecture 42 Step 2: Creating your marketing plans.

Lecture 43 Step 3: Execute your NFT marketing plans.

Lecture 44 Step 4: Measure and optimize.

Lecture 45 Section summary.

Section 9: Other important aspects.

Lecture 46 Section introduction.

Lecture 47 Creative collaboration.

Lecture 48 NFT marketplace ranking factors.

Section 10: Templates.

Lecture 49 Social media and sales report templates.

Lecture 50 Planning templates.

Section 11: Thank you and closing notes.

Lecture 51 Thank you and closing notes.

This course is for NFT artists and small NFT project teams who want to start selling their NFTs.,For NFT artists and small teams who started their marketing but not getting their sales.,Also this course is great for marketing professionals who want to understand how and why NFT marketing is different from traditional online marketing.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 36m | 3.28 GB
Created by: Daniel Vaczi

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