Learn How to Make Electronic Music with Cubase

Learn How to Create an Electronic Track from A to Z – a Comprehensive Guide to Using Cubase for Your Productions!
Learn How to Make Electronic Music with Cubase
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Learn How to Make Electronic Music with Cubase

What you’ll learn

How to Jumpstart Your Music Production Career with Cubase
Configure Cubase With Your Audio Card and Audio Driver
Create a Complete Song from A to Z
Mix Your Sounds and Instruments Using the Digital Mixer
Record Correct and Edit Your Recordings with the Audio Editor
How to Use Equalizers and Effects
Organize Your Samples Library with the MediaBay
How to use MIDI and Virtual Instruments
Export and Finalize Your Song

Learn How to Make Electronic Music with Cubase


A Cubase 12, 11, 10 (and even older) or 7 PRO Version. Using the Free Trial Version (30 days) is a Great Way to Start.
A Computer with an Internet Connection
An Audio Card with at least 1 Stereo In/Out
A Microphone
A Couple of Monitor or Headphones
Desire to Learn


*** UDEMY BESTSELLER COURSE***Learn How to Make Electronic Music with Cubase PRO from A to Z.Finally a comprehensive guide to using Steinberg Cubase DAW for your Electronic Music productions.If you are looking for a complete electronic music production course, you are now in the right place!Welcome to this course dedicated to Steinberg Cubase PRO, one of the most famous Digital Audio workstations used in the music production field.During the course, we will create together a Classic House Song from scratch, which is the best way to learn all the main functions and operations in Cubase.Now with English Subtitles!So, why this Course?Online, you can find many Cubase tutorials explaining a particular function or a trick but none of them is a complete course from A to Z.This is the reason why I’ve decided to create this course where you will be able to understand the Software from the beginning, explained with easy words, tutorials, tips and tricks, and practical examples. This course is full of practice activities: you will be guided to create a song step by step to the final mix.But There’s More!Enrolling in this course you will be also entitled to download a Free One-Shot Samples Library with more than 300 Samples, specifically created for this video course students.A checklist at the end of each section will certify your preparations regarding the last topic treated in that section. So you will be sure you can move prepared for the new section of the course.Thanks to the big text annotations and big zooms, you can also follow the course even from a mobile device with a small display, like your phone or tablet, wherever you are.Also, remember lifetime free access to the course and a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!100% Answer Rate! Every single question posted to this class is answered within 24 hours by the instructor.So let’s see together how this powerful audio software works.Enroll today and Jumpstart Your Music Production Career with Cubase!


Section 1: How To Install Cubase

Lecture 1 Install Cubase 12 – Goodbye Dongle

Lecture 2 About Your Course Feedback

Section 2: Basic Setup and General Description

Lecture 3 Section Summary

Lecture 4 Create a New Project

Lecture 5 The Project Folder

Lecture 6 The Context Menu

Lecture 7 Project Setup

Lecture 8 Audio Driver Setup

Lecture 9 Busses Setup

Lecture 10 Section Recap

Lecture 11 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 3: Basic Functions and Operations

Lecture 12 Section Summary

Lecture 13 Import a Sample

Lecture 14 Import from Mediabay

Lecture 15 Zoom

Lecture 16 Snap and Quantization

Lecture 17 Locators and Cycle

Lecture 18 Transport Panel

Lecture 19 Undo and Edit History

Lecture 20 Section Recap

Lecture 21 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 4: Build a Groove

Lecture 22 Section Summary

Lecture 23 Building a Groove Part I

Lecture 24 Building a Groove Part II

Lecture 25 Building a Groove Part III – Import a Loop

Lecture 26 Swing Quantize

Lecture 27 Events and Parts

Lecture 28 Process Individual Event

Lecture 29 Customize Key Commands

Lecture 30 Section Recap

Lecture 31 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 5: The Mixer

Lecture 32 Section Summary

Lecture 33 Mixer Introduction

Lecture 34 Edit Channel Settings Windows

Lecture 35 Insert and Send Effects | Pre and Post Fader Concept

Lecture 36 Applying Inserts Effect | Group Channel

Lecture 37 Send Effects

Lecture 38 Introduction to Cubase Equalizers

Lecture 39 Eq Tip And Tricks

Lecture 40 Eq Suggestions PDF

Lecture 41 Finalizing Groove EQ

Lecture 42 Section Recap

Lecture 43 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 6: MIDI and Virtual Instruments

Lecture 44 Section Summary

Lecture 45 MIDI Protocol Introduction

Lecture 46 VST Instrument and Quantization (Old Method)

Lecture 47 Track Instrument (New Method)

Lecture 48 Basic MIDI Messages – Quick Recap

Lecture 49 Treating The Bass

Lecture 50 Creating a Piano Track with Chorder Plugin

Lecture 51 Section Recap

Lecture 52 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 7: Other Interesting Things

Lecture 53 Section Summary

Lecture 54 Automation

Lecture 55 Side Chain Compression

Lecture 56 Changing Color And Track Name

Lecture 57 Section Recap

Lecture 58 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 8: The Audio Editor

Lecture 59 Section Summary

Lecture 60 The Musical Mode

Lecture 61 The Time Stretch Tool

Lecture 62 Free Warp Mode

Lecture 63 Realtime Playback Algorithm

Lecture 64 Hitpoints and Slices

Lecture 65 The Vari Audio

Lecture 66 Section Recap

Lecture 67 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 9: Record in Cubase

Lecture 68 Section Summary

Lecture 69 Basic Recording Rules

Lecture 70 Common Record Modes

Lecture 71 Input and Output Bus Routing

Lecture 72 Tuning a Guitar

Lecture 73 Record a Guitar

Lecture 74 Edit and Process the Recorded Guitar

Lecture 75 Section Recap

Lecture 76 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 10: Develop The Song Structure

Lecture 77 Section Summary

Lecture 78 Develop The Song

Lecture 79 Automation Part 2

Lecture 80 Do You Remember It?

Lecture 81 Develop The Song Part 2

Lecture 82 Develop The Song Part 3

Lecture 83 The Finished Project

Lecture 84 Correct the Mix

Lecture 85 Section Recap

Lecture 86 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 11: Export and Archive The Song

Lecture 87 Section Summary

Lecture 88 Export the Song with Dithering

Lecture 89 Archive the Song

Lecture 90 Section Recap

Lecture 91 Self Assessment Checklist

Section 12: Download The Project folder and the Complete Song as Wav file

Lecture 92 Download All Samples Used in this Course

Lecture 93 Download Unmastered Piano House

Lecture 94 Cubase Project Folder

Section 13: How To Count Music

Lecture 95 Learn How to count Music

Section 14: New Functionalities in Cubase Pro 10.5

Lecture 96 Spectral Curve Comparison Mode

Lecture 97 How to Colorize the Mixer Channels

Lecture 98 Improved Video Export in Cubase

Lecture 99 New MultiTap Delay Plug in

Lecture 100 New Combining Selection Tool

Lecture 101 Enhanced Import Tracks Function

Lecture 102 New Padshop 2 VSTi

Lecture 103 Enhanced Retrospective MIDI Record

Section 15: New Functionalities in Cubase Pro 11

Lecture 104 The New Sample Editor – Slicing in The Sample Editor

Lecture 105 Create a Trap Bass with LFO’s

Lecture 106 Compose With No Composition Knowledge

Lecture 107 EDM Producer? You’re Gonna Love This!

Lecture 108 Save Your Time With the New Audio Export Window

Lecture 109 Control Change Made Easy

Lecture 110 Clean Up Your Mix With a Dynamic EQ

Lecture 111 Film or Synchronization Music composer? Save your Time.

Lecture 112 Unbelievable! Extract a Vocal and Music Stems From a Complete Song

Lecture 113 Psycho Acoustic Made Easy With the New Cubase 11 Multiband Imager Plugin

Lecture 114 The New Score Editor Features And Fonts

Lecture 115 The New MultiMeter SuperVision

Section 16: New Functionalities in Cubase Pro 12

Lecture 116 MIDI Remote Integration

Lecture 117 VariAudio with Scale Assistant

Lecture 118 Audio to MIDI Chords

Lecture 119 The New FX Modulator

Lecture 120 AudioWarp Improvements

Lecture 121 Editing Workflow Improvements

Lecture 122 New Logical Editor Improvements

Lecture 123 Pro Workflow Improvements

Section 17: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 124 Course Rating and Feedback

Lecture 125 Bonus Lecture

Aspiring Producers,Music Enthusiasts,DJs or Musicians,Podcasters and Video Producers,Electronic Music Lovers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 18m | 4.63 GB
Created by: Max Porcelli

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