Learn How to Sell Homes with Seller Financing

Maximize your ROI when selling your home! A step-by-step guide to owner financing
Learn How to Sell Homes with Seller Financing
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Learn How to Sell Homes with Seller Financing

What you’ll learn

An introduction to seller financing
How to find interested buyers
How to analyze the financials of properties and seller financing projects
How to present offers to buyers
Negotiating and overcoming objections
How to close a sale
How to manage a seller financing loan
How to maximize your tax benefits

Learn How to Sell Homes with Seller Financing


No experience needed – just an interest in Seller Financing


This course is a complete DIY guide for selling homes with seller financing. This course is designed both for individuals who want to sell a personal home and want to maximize their sales price or create passive income.   as well as real estate investors who are looking for an alternative to rentals to generate income.  We will walk you through each phase of the seller financing purchase process as well as how to manage a seller financed property after the sale. Key lessons include:Finding buyers:  How to identify potential buyers for seller financed homes.Understanding numbers: We go through how you calculate all the financials related to seller financing.Presenting the offer: We will give you tips on how to present seller financing offers to potential buyers.Negotiating: We will cover how to negotiate with buyers after you make an offer.Overcoming objections: We give you tips on how to overcome typical buyer objections to seller financing.Closing the deal: We cover various strategies and tools to close deals and document the agreement.Managing your loan: We walk you through how to manage an owner financed loan once it is in place.Advanced topics: We cover a number of more advanced topics including wrap mortgages, foreclosures and additional principal repayments.Complete Toolkit: In the appendix we include a number of documents, worksheets and other tools to help you with the seller financing process.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Finding a Buyer

Lecture 2 Finding a Buyer

Section 3: Understanding the numbers and financials

Lecture 3 Understanding the numbers and financials

Section 4: Evaluating Buyers – Can They Afford Your House

Lecture 4 Evaluating Buyers – Can They Afford Your House

Section 5: Creating and Making Offers

Lecture 5 Creating and Making Offers

Section 6: Negotiating Terms

Lecture 6 Negotiating Terms

Section 7: Contracts, Due-Diligence and Closing

Lecture 7 Contracts, Due-Diligence and Closing

Section 8: Managing Your Loan Over Time

Lecture 8 Managing Your Loan Over Time

Section 9: Advanced Topics

Lecture 9 Advanced Topics

Section 10: Appendix

Lecture 10 Seller Wealth Generation Tool

Home owners who want to sell their home for more OR homeowners having trouble selling their home,Home owners who want to turn their property into an income generating asset.

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Udemy | English | 2h 21m | 1.40 GB
Created by: Jeffrey Groudan

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