Learn how to trade stocks fx indices and Crypto from a Pro

Trading, Strategies, Market Makers, Manipulation and Money Management
Learn how to trade stocks fx indices and Crypto from a Pro
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Christopher Head


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Learn how to trade stocks fx indices and Crypto from a Pro

What you’ll learn

Learn how to read charts like a book. Reading multiple timeframes together in order to see a clear picture
Understand manipulation in the markets and how to protect yourself. Thinking like a market maker
Learn how to trade stocks, indices, futures and forex
Full money management

Learn how to trade stocks fx indices and Crypto from a Pro


Beginners right through to experienced traders
No experience necessary


This course will guide you through everything you need to know about trading.  You will be able to control your emotions and make informed trading decisions in order to become a profitable trader.It consists of 30+ videos taking you through each area of trading in a detailed way.  There is just under 7 hours of content which works out at less than £5 per hour with access to a Professional Traders view and mindset.  Fantastic value for money based on the level of material inside.I guide you through Strategies, Patterns, Timeframes, Market Makers, Manipulation aswell as Money Management techniques in order to help you become profitable.By the end of this course you will have all the tools available to you in order to take away and begin trading in a profitable way.  If these are implemented correctly it will change the way you trade forever going forward and not be sucked in to the way 95% of people trade and lose money.In order to become a professional you have to think like one and act like one.  Become one of the 5% of traders that make money and are successful.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Section 1: Introduction to Trading

Lecture 1 Introduction to Forex and Trading

Lecture 2 When to Trade and when not to Trade

Lecture 3 Candlesticks

Lecture 4 Timeframes

Lecture 5 Moving Averages

Section 2: Understanding the markets

Lecture 6 Correlations

Lecture 7 Support and Resistance

Lecture 8 Chart Patterns

Lecture 9 Pivots

Lecture 10 Chart Analysis Overview

Section 3: Breakouts, Breakdowns, Stop Stop Hunting, Scalping, Day and Swing Trading

Lecture 11 Breakouts and Breakdowns

Lecture 12 Stop Hunting

Lecture 13 How to specifically trade Yen currency pairs

Lecture 14 Scalping

Lecture 15 Day Trading

Lecture 16 Swing Trading and Position Trading

Section 4: Trading Strategies and how to use them effectively

Lecture 17 Buy and Sell setups

Lecture 18 Add and Reduce Strategy

Lecture 19 Setting Stops and Targets

Lecture 20 Think like a Market Maker

Lecture 21 Harmonic Patterns

Lecture 22 Trading Retracements

Section 5: Mindset and Psychology of a Trader

Lecture 23 A Traders Main Sin

Lecture 24 A Traders Mindset

Lecture 25 Fundamentals

Section 6: Option Barriers, Market Interventions, Market Flows and Money Management

Lecture 26 Option Barriers

Lecture 27 Market Intervention

Lecture 28 Strategies

Lecture 29 How the Markets Flow

Lecture 30 Money Management and Risk / Reward

Learn how to trade stocks, indices, futures and forex from a Professional trader of 17 years. This can also be used for Cryptocurrency trading,New traders right through to the more intermediate and experienced traders that are not profitable

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 46m | 3.38 GB
Created by: Christopher Head

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