Learn Korean Speak Read and Write Korean Today

Write and Pronounce accurately like a native speaker! (Free E-Books, Audio files, Quiz)
Learn Korean Speak Read and Write Korean Today
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Learn Korean Speak Read and Write Korean Today

What you’ll learn

How to speak and write Korean and have fun while doing so
Proper pronunciation in Korean
Sentence structure and Basic conversation

Learn Korean Speak Read and Write Korean Today


Passion to learn Korean
Pen and Note


Hello! 안녕하세요!!My name is Poh (다슬) and I will be your guide through the secrets of the Korean language. Welcome to the full starter kit of the Korean language for total beginners!This course is for you if:- You are a complete beginner and don’t know any Korean at all- You want speak like a native Korean- You want short and straight to the point lessons- You need a lot of exercises, repetition and motivation to stay on track- You want it to be fun!How does it work?This course is constructed like my one-on-one beginner Korean lessons I usually have with my students in real life. There are 4 units, most of them being 5~10 minutes. Everything is split up into bite-size pieces.You get a lot of useful vocabulary, example sentences, real-life dialogue and grammar delivered in an easy to understand and not too overwhelming way.What will you learn?- Korean Alphabets (Hangul)- Korean sentence structure – How to introduce yourself and meet and greet people- Basic SentencesIf you have any other questions, feel free to contact me before buying! See you in the course! 🙂


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 3 Helpful Tips!

Lecture 3 The secret of Korean Alphabets

Section 2: Consonants / Vowels / Final Consonants

Lecture 4 [1] Basic consonants

Lecture 5 [1] Double Consonants

Lecture 6 [2] Basic vowels

Lecture 7 [2] Vowel+Vowel

Lecture 8 [3] Syllable Final Consonants

Section 3: [한글] Practice with E-book

Lecture 9 Practice with E-book (P,12) *Please download E-book!

Lecture 10 Practice with E-book (P,14)

Lecture 11 Practice with E-book (P,16)

Lecture 12 Practice with E-book (P,17)

Lecture 13 Practice with E-book (P,18)

Section 4: Sentence Structure/ Basic sentences!

Lecture 14 Sentence Structure

Lecture 15 Basic Sentences 1 (E-book P,22)

Lecture 16 Basic Sentences 2 (E-book P,23)

Section 5: Basic Sentences [Introduction]

Lecture 17 Introduction 1 *Please download 2nd E-book

Lecture 18 Introduction 2

Lecture 19 Introduction 3

Lecture 20 Introduction 4

Section 6: Congratuation!!

Lecture 21 Congratuation!!

Complete beginner who wants to learn Korean,Beginner who wants to have good pronunciation

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Created by: Poh Teacher

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