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Learn Master Sign Language
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Learn Master Sign Language

What you’ll learn

Learn and Master Sign Language is structured around a different topic you’d find in everyday life and is filled with vocabulary, sentences, narratives, and dialogues. You’ll have tons of practice to learn the language! Learn & Master Sign Language will prepare you to sign with confidence! You’ve just found the world’s most comprehensive video instruction course for learning American Sign Language. Dr. Byron Bridges and Stacey Webb simplify the process of learning American Sign Language by teaching you step-by-step receptive and expressive components of the language.
Start with the basics: introductions, gesturing, the alphabet members of the family, and more.
Progress to advanced techniques: expansion features, classifiers, storytelling, and more.
Literally thousands of signs you can use in your everyday life are covered in this course, including how to communicate during emergencies, everyday activities, facts about the dynamic deaf culture, interacting at sporting events, and more.

Learn Master Sign Language


Make sure to download the Learn & Master Sign Language lesson book before starting (can be found in Section 1 of the course)


Learn & Master Sign Language will teach you all you need to know in order to master the beautiful language of American Sign Language. Professional instructors, Dr. Byron Bridges, and Stacey Webb, have designed each interactive lesson to give you a solid foundation in the basics and advanced signing. Each chapter provides basic lessons, quizzes with and without answers, vocabulary video index with each word taught in the lesson, fingerspelling practice at three different speeds, a section in each lesson on varying numbers, book activities, narrative practice, dialogue practice, and highlight and tips about deaf culture. Learn & Master Sign Language contains 25 sessions on 25 professionally produced instructional DVDs, a detailed Lesson Book that follows the sessions, and access to the free online student support site. It is the only instructional package you’ll ever need to master the receptive and the expressive components of sign language. After completing this course, you’ll be able to communicate within deaf culture with confidence. Our Mission: Bringing Personal Dreams Within Reach Since most of us have that something we’ve always wanted to learn– speak a language, to paint, or dance, or play an instrument. These are personal dreams we hold dear, but as time passes and life gets in the way, these dreams can sometimes slip farther and farther out of reach. Formal schooling is often out of the question for busy adults. Private lessons are pricey and inconvenient. So how do we re-kindle these dreams and make them come true? That is the mission of Legacy Learning Systems: To make difficult skills accessible through multimedia self-education courses and bring personal dreams within reach. What Should You Expect from the Learn & Master Sign Language course? Everything is in One Place — With L&M Sign Language, your lessons are laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression with everything you need in one place. Each lesson builds on the lesson before it, so you won’t miss anything. No need to buy countless training videos from a patchwork of sources. A Comprehensive Course — Even though this course is designed for beginners, it takes you far beyond the basics of the typical instructional DVD. We get you started quickly, but your lessons will take you as far along the path to mastery as you care to go. You won’t find a more comprehensive multimedia training course for sign language anywhere! Support Along the Way — Perhaps the most important thing is that you won’t have to learn alone. Our online support community is an integral part of the learning process and is free for all of our students. The instructors will be on the Discussion Boards and will be there for you when you have questions or need encouragement. Students who participate in this community are able to discuss their progress, post their questions (and recordings), as well as interact with other students as much they wish. Our job is not finished when you buy the Learn & Master Sign Language course. It is done when you have reached your dream of communicating with others using American Sign Language.


Section 1: Course Introduction and Tools

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Learn & Master Sign Language Lesson Book

Section 2: Lesson 1: The Basics of ASL

Lecture 3 Introduction

Lecture 4 Gesturing

Lecture 5 Hand Dominance

Lecture 6 Fingerspelling and the Alphabet

Lecture 7 Fingerspelling Practice

Lecture 8 Colors, Numbers, and Basic Sentences

Lecture 9 Lesson Review

Lecture 10 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 11 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 12 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 13 Vocabulary

Lecture 14 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 15 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 16 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 17 Numbers

Section 3: Lesson 2: Introductions and Greetings

Lecture 18 Introduction

Lecture 19 HOLMS

Lecture 20 Practice with HOLMS

Lecture 21 Basic Introductions

Lecture 22 Basic Introductions Practice

Lecture 23 Lesson Review

Lecture 24 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 25 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 26 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 27 Vocabulary

Lecture 28 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 29 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 30 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 31 Numbers

Section 4: Lesson 3: Pronouns and Family

Lecture 32 Introduction

Lecture 33 The Signing Space

Lecture 34 Pronouns

Lecture 35 Practice with Pronouns

Lecture 36 Families

Lecture 37 Ranking Family Members

Lecture 38 Ages

Lecture 39 Creating Sentences and Conversations

Lecture 40 Lesson Review

Lecture 41 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 42 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 43 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 44 Vocabulary

Lecture 45 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 46 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 47 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 48 Numbers

Section 5: Lesson 4: Adjectives and Topicalization

Lecture 49 Introduction

Lecture 50 Communicating with Facial Expressions

Lecture 51 Topicalization or Topic/Comment Sentences

Lecture 52 Topic/Comment Dialogue Practice

Lecture 53 Yes/No Questions

Lecture 54 Lesson Review

Lecture 55 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 56 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 57 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 58 Vocabulary

Lecture 59 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 60 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 61 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 62 Numbers

Section 6: Lesson 5: General Public: People and Places

Lecture 63 Introduction

Lecture 64 Constrastive Structure

Lecture 65 Sentence Structure Review

Lecture 66 General Public Action Vocabulary

Lecture 67 General Public Location Vocabulary

Lecture 68 General Public Objects and People Vocabulary

Lecture 69 Narrative Practice

Lecture 70 Lesson Review

Lecture 71 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 72 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 73 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 74 Vocabulary

Lecture 75 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 76 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 77 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 78 Numbers

Section 7: Lesson 6: Same and Different

Lecture 79 Introduction

Lecture 80 Eye Gaze

Lecture 81 Same and Different

Lecture 82 A Color Review

Lecture 83 People Descriptions

Lecture 84 Narrative Practice

Lecture 85 Rocking Numbers

Lecture 86 Lesson Review

Lecture 87 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 88 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 89 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 90 Vocabulary

Lecture 91 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 92 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 93 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 94 Numbers

Section 8: Lesson 7: Tense and the Calendar

Lecture 95 Introduction

Lecture 96 Time Space

Lecture 97 Tenses

Lecture 98 The Calendar

Lecture 99 The Rule of Nine and Numerical Incorporation

Lecture 100 Communicating More Complex Time

Lecture 101 Dialogues and Practice Sentences

Lecture 102 Lesson Review

Lecture 103 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 104 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 105 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 106 Vocabulary

Lecture 107 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 108 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 109 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 110 Numbers

Section 9: Lesson 8: Clock Time, Calendar Time, and Frequency

Lecture 111 Introduction

Lecture 112 Time on a Clock

Lecture 113 Sentences with Time

Lecture 114 Days of the Week

Lecture 115 Frequency

Lecture 116 Lesson Review

Lecture 117 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 118 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 119 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 120 Vocabulary

Lecture 121 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 122 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 123 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 124 Numbers

Section 10: Lesson 9: Directional Verbs

Lecture 125 Introduction

Lecture 126 Introduction to Subject-Object Agreement Verbs

Lecture 127 Practice with Subject-Object Agreement Verbs

Lecture 128 Sentence, Dialogue, and Narrative Practice

Lecture 129 Directional Verbs and the Nondominant Hand

Lecture 130 Commands

Lecture 131 Lesson Review

Lecture 132 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 133 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 134 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 135 Vocabulary

Lecture 136 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 137 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 138 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 139 Numbers

Section 11: Lesson 10: Sports

Lecture 140 Introduction

Lecture 141 Sports Signs

Lecture 142 Popular Sports in the United States: Baseball

Lecture 143 Popular Sports in the United States: Football

Lecture 144 Popular Sports in the United States: Basketball

Lecture 145 Time and Numbers in Sports

Lecture 146 Lesson Review

Lecture 147 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 148 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 149 Vocabulary

Lecture 150 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 151 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 152 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 153 Numbers

Section 12: Lesson 11: Outdoor Activities

Lecture 154 Introduction

Lecture 155 Explain by Examples Expansion Feature

Lecture 156 Camping and Hiking Vocabulary

Lecture 157 A Day at the Zoo

Lecture 158 Gardening

Lecture 159 The Park

Lecture 160 Practice Activity

Lecture 161 Lesson Review

Lecture 162 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 163 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 164 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 165 Vocabulary

Lecture 166 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 167 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 168 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 169 Numbers

Section 13: Lesson 12: Hobbies

Lecture 170 Introduction

Lecture 171 Scaffolding and the Spectrum of Love

Lecture 172 The Movie Theater

Lecture 173 The Stage Theater

Lecture 174 Acting on Stage

Lecture 175 General Hobbies

Lecture 176 Lesson Review

Lecture 177 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 178 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 179 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 180 Vocabulary

Lecture 181 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 182 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 183 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 184 Numbers

Section 14: Lesson 13: Household Activities

Lecture 185 Introduction

Lecture 186 Rhetorical Questions

Lecture 187 Cooking and House Cleaning Vocabulary

Lecture 188 Laundry

Lecture 189 Who Does What?

Lecture 190 Plural Nouns

Lecture 191 Lesson Review

Lecture 192 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 193 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 194 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 195 Vocabulary

Lecture 196 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 197 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 198 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 199 Numbers

Section 15: Lesson 14: Classifiers

Lecture 200 Introduction

Lecture 201 Intro to Classifiers

Lecture 202 CL:1

Lecture 203 CL:2

Lecture 204 CL:3

Lecture 205 CL:4

Lecture 206 CL:5

Lecture 207 Letter Handshape Classifiers

Lecture 208 Types of Classifiers

Lecture 209 Lesson Review

Lecture 210 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 211 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 212 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 213 Vocabulary

Lecture 214 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 215 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 216 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 217 Numbers

Section 16: Lesson 15: Parties and Celebrations

Lecture 218 Introduction

Lecture 219 Ordinal Numbers

Lecture 220 Special Celebrations

Lecture 221 Graduation

Lecture 222 Weddings

Lecture 223 Role Shifting

Lecture 224 Other Celebrations

Lecture 225 Lesson Review

Lecture 226 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 227 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 228 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 229 Vocabulary

Lecture 230 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 231 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 232 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 233 Numbers

Section 17: Lesson 16: The Seasons

Lecture 234 Introduction

Lecture 235 Conditional Sentences

Lecture 236 The Seasons: Winter

Lecture 237 The Seasons: Spring

Lecture 238 The Seasons: Summer

Lecture 239 The Seasons: Fall

Lecture 240 Lesson Review

Lecture 241 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 242 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 243 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 244 Vocabulary

Lecture 245 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 246 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 247 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 248 Numbers

Section 18: Lesson 17: Holidays

Lecture 249 Introduction

Lecture 250 Winter Holidays

Lecture 251 Spring Holidays

Lecture 252 Summer Holidays

Lecture 253 Fall Holidays

Lecture 254 Christmas Holiday

Lecture 255 Lesson Review

Lecture 256 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 257 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 258 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 259 Vocabulary

Lecture 260 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 261 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 262 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 263 Numbers

Section 19: Lesson 18: Food and Faceting

Lecture 264 Introduction

Lecture 265 Breakfast Foods

Lecture 266 Lunch Foods

Lecture 267 Dinner or Supper

Lecture 268 Faceting and Opinions of Food

Lecture 269 Cooking in the Kitchen

Lecture 270 Lesson Review

Lecture 271 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 272 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 273 Quiz: without Answers

Lecture 274 Vocabulary

Lecture 275 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 276 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 277 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 278 Numbers

Section 20: Lesson 19: Restaurants and Money

Lecture 279 Introduction

Lecture 280 Manners

Lecture 281 Restaurants and Bars

Lecture 282 The Bill and Money

Lecture 283 Combining Dollars and Cents

Lecture 284 Restaurant Practice Dialogues

Lecture 285 Lesson Review

Lecture 286 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 287 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 288 Vocabulary

Lecture 289 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 290 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 291 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 292 Numbers

Section 21: Lesson 20: Where We Live

Lecture 293 Introduction

Lecture 294 Addresses

Lecture 295 Types of Housing

Lecture 296 Home Interiors

Lecture 297 Objects and People in a House

Lecture 298 Lesson Review

Lecture 299 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 300 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 301 Vocabulary

Lecture 302 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 303 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 304 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 305 Numbers

Section 22: Lesson 21: Going to School

Lecture 306 Introduction

Lecture 307 Types of Schools

Lecture 308 In the Classroom

Lecture 309 School Subjects

Lecture 310 School Days

Lecture 311 A School Activity

Lecture 312 Lesson Review

Lecture 313 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 314 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 315 Vocabulary

Lecture 316 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 317 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 318 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 319 Numbers

Section 23: Lesson 22: The Workplace

Lecture 320 Introduction

Lecture 321 Careers and Jobs

Lecture 322 Workplace Responsibilities

Lecture 323 Workplace Environments

Lecture 324 The Interview Process

Lecture 325 Question Practice

Lecture 326 Describe Then Do Expansion Feature

Lecture 327 Lesson Review

Lecture 328 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 329 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 330 Vocabulary

Lecture 331 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 332 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 333 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 334 Numbers

Section 24: Lesson 23: Travel

Lecture 335 Introduction

Lecture 336 Why and How We Travel

Lecture 337 Where We Travel

Lecture 338 When We Travel

Lecture 339 Reiteration and Identity Numbers

Lecture 340 Classifiers and Travel

Lecture 341 Lesson Review

Lecture 342 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 343 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 344 Vocabulary

Lecture 345 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 346 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 347 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 348 Numbers

Section 25: Lesson 24: Travel Locations

Lecture 349 Introduction

Lecture 350 Bright Lights, Big City

Lecture 351 Country Living

Lecture 352 Beach Escape

Lecture 353 Building Travel Narratives

Lecture 354 Lesson Review

Lecture 355 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 356 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 357 Vocabulary

Lecture 358 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 359 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 360 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 361 Numbers

Section 26: Lesson 25: Emergencies

Lecture 362 Introduction

Lecture 363 Natural Disasters

Lecture 364 Medical Emergencies

Lecture 365 Other Emergencies

Lecture 366 Emergency Personnel and Preparedness

Lecture 367 Deaf Culture Highlight

Lecture 368 Lesson Review

Lecture 369 Quiz: with Answers

Lecture 370 Vocabulary

Lecture 371 Fingerspelling: Beginner

Lecture 372 Fingerspelling: Intermediate

Lecture 373 Fingerspelling: Advanced

Lecture 374 Numbers

Learn & Master Sign Language will teach you all you need to know in order to master the beautiful language of American Sign Language. Professional instructors, Dr. Byron Bridges and Stacey Webb, have designed each interactive lesson to give you a solid foundation in basic and advanced signing. Each chapter provides basic lessons, quizzes with and without answers, vocabulary video index with each word taught in the lesson, fingerspelling practice at three different speeds, a section in each lesson on varying numbers, book activities, narrative practice, dialogue practice, and highlights and tips about deaf culture.,Learn & Master Sign Language is a comprehensive course to learn all about the art of this beautiful and expressive language. In each lesson, you will learn vocabulary, as well as practice signing and receptive skills with sentences, questions, dialogues, and narratives. There are over 2000 vocabulary words. You will also learn about expansion features in ASL, fingerspelling, numbers, and facts about Deaf culture.,Learn & Master Sign Language is designed for anyone wanting to learn American Sign Language. This course takes you from the very beginning learning the alphabet.

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Created by: Legacy Learning Systems

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