Learn Microsoft OneNote 2016 the Easy Way

Boost your productivity by discovering the power of OneNote, a virtual junk drawer for your notes and files.
Learn Microsoft OneNote 2016 the Easy Way
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Learn Microsoft OneNote 2016 the Easy Way

What you’ll learn

Create and format Notes
Share notebooks and collaborate with others
Integrate OneNote with Microsoft Outlook
How to use the OneNote interface
Discover how to effectively insert images, screen clippings, and OCR
Tag your notes and how to search them
Use handwriting in OneNote
Spellchecking and AutoCorrect options
How to protect your notes

Learn Microsoft OneNote 2016 the Easy Way


In order to follow along with the exercises, students will need a copy of Microsoft’s OneNote 2016


Learn how to effectively use OneNote 2016 to create and manage notes and keep your information organized with this easy-to-follow course. 6 hours of professionally produced videos, with exercise and instructor demonstration files, included.   Practice what you learn with included exercise files.  A  full 6 hours of professional video instruction.  46 easy-to-follow how-to videos.   Everything explained step by step for quick comprehension.  Discover how to use the OneNote interface.  Organize notes and other information into a virtual junk drawer.  Learn how to create and manage notes.  Discover how to effectively insert images, screen clippings, and OCR.  Follow along as you learn to use handwriting in OneNote.  Explore the benefits of using tables to help organize your information.  Discover how to protect your notes.  Dive into spellchecking and AutoCorrect options.  Learn how to tag your notes and how to search them.  Integrate notes with Microsoft Outlook.  Practice with bonus OneNote 2016 exercises.  In today’s information-driven world, effective management of your information is crucial. This OneNote 2016 course is for beginners who are new to OneNote 2016. Get ready to discover how to turn your notes, files, recordings, clippings, screenshots, and more into a virtual junk drawer that’s easy to access at any time.        Contents and Overview   Your Microsoft certified professional trainer will show you how to effectively use OneNote 2016. Discover how to navigate through the OneNote 2016 interface, including using Backstage View.   Get helpful techniques for creating new notes, in addition to managing your notes.   Learn how to use OneNote to manage various types of information you deem important to store, including images, screen clippings, OCR (optical character recognition) information, audio & video recordings, and more.    Follow along as you learn how to search and find the information you need as your instructor teaches practical tagging and search techniques.   Discover how to share your notes with others, and also how to protect your notes.   With this informative course, you’ll learn the skills you need to use OneNote 2016 effectively, efficiently, and competently.    Plus, when you sign up for this course, you’ll also get these extras:    Exercise files – to help you become proficient with the material.  Instructor demo files – use the same database files used by your instructor.  Optional quizzes – to test what you’ve learned.  A certificate of completion – to tell everyone you’ve aced the course.  If you’re ready to master Microsoft OneNote 2016 and sign up for the course, go ahead and hit that Enroll button, or try some of the free videos by using the Free Preview feature. We look forward to seeing you on the course!        Here’s what our students are saying…”Very comprehensive overview of OneNote. I get a blistering amount of work-related emails and documents daily; OneNote has transformed this unorganized mess into an efficient tool. I thought I knew a lot about One Note. But this course has taught me a lot of tools that I didn’t even know existed.” – Michael Coccia “I am in the middle of this Udemy course. To say that I am impressed is a gross understatement. Toby, the instructor, is fantastic as is the Udemy presentation. I am using an iPad with Udemy and drafts running in slide-over mode for note taking. I am 68 and learning a lot and having fun. This is making OneNote so powerful and so easy.”– Bob Cook“Good intro to OneNote. I’m surprised how powerful it is. Good job” – Jim MckeeDid you know?Simon Sez IT teaches all sorts of software, including:- Microsoft Excel- Microsoft PowerPoint- Microsoft Word- Microsoft Project- Microsoft Outlook- QuickBooks- Photoshop Elements- Web Development Languages- And so much more!


Section 1: Introduction to Microsoft OneNote 2016

Lecture 1 Course Overview & Structure

Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 Course Exercise Files

Lecture 4 Course Demo Files

Section 2: OneNote Workspace

Lecture 5 OneNote Workspace Overview

Lecture 6 Backstage View and Options

Lecture 7 Adding Content

Section 3: Managing Notes

Lecture 8 Managing Notes – Part 1

Lecture 9 Exercise 01

Lecture 10 Managing Notes – Part 2

Section 4: Backup and Restore

Lecture 11 Backup & Restore

Section 5: Printing

Lecture 12 Printing Options

Section 6: Using OneDrive

Lecture 13 Using OneDrive

Section 7: Working with Text

Lecture 14 Typing and Formatting Text

Lecture 15 Exercise 02

Lecture 16 Laying Out Your Notes

Section 8: Working with Images

Lecture 17 Inserting Images

Lecture 18 Screen Clipping & OCR

Section 9: Quick Notes

Lecture 19 Using Quick Notes

Section 10: Handwriting in OneNote

Lecture 20 Handwriting

Lecture 21 Exercise 03

Section 11: Drawing in OneNote

Lecture 22 Drawing Shapes and Lines

Lecture 23 More About Drawing

Section 12: Tables in OneNote

Lecture 24 Inserting Table

Lecture 25 Formatting Table

Lecture 26 Working with Excel

Section 13: Audio and Video Notes

Lecture 27 Inserting Audio Notes

Lecture 28 Inserting Video Notes

Lecture 29 Exercise 04

Section 14: Templates

Lecture 30 Using Template

Section 15: File Attachment

Lecture 31 Attaching Files

Section 16: Working with Links

Lecture 32 Inserting Links

Lecture 33 Different Types of Links

Section 17: Tagging & Searching

Lecture 34 Managing Tags

Lecture 35 Searching

Lecture 36 Exercise 05

Section 18: Protecting & Sharing Notes

Lecture 37 Protecting Notes

Lecture 38 Sharing Notebook Using OneDrive

Lecture 39 Other Sharing Options

Section 19: Authoring & Researching

Lecture 40 Spell Checking & AutoCorrect Options

Lecture 41 Translating Text and Language Preferences

Lecture 42 Using Thesaurus

Lecture 43 Research Tools

Section 20: Integrating OneNote with Outlook

Lecture 44 Creating Notes to Outlook Tasks

Section 21: Math Tools

Lecture 45 Calculator and Equation Editor

Lecture 46 Exercise 06

Section 22: Conclusion

Lecture 47 OneNote Online & Conclusion

Section 23: Bonuses

Lecture 48 EXTRA LESSON: OneNote 2019/365 Crash Course – Recorded Webinar

Anyone new to Microsoft OneNote,Users new to Microsoft OneNote 2016 and those upgrading from previous software versions

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 30m | 3.05 GB
Created by: Simon Sez IT

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