Learn Microsoft Outlook Complete Microsoft Outlook Guide

Create and manage emails, calendars and tasks
Learn Microsoft Outlook Complete Microsoft Outlook Guide
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                           Learn Microsoft Outlook Complete Microsoft Outlook Guide

What you’ll learn

Create and send colourful and professional email messages
create email signature and send bulk email messages
How to organize and manage your mail including ignoring, flagging and conditional formatting
Working with the Outlook Calendar, including creating meetings and appointments
Creating and managing tasks and reminders
Create and manage contacts and contact group
use chatgpt to create professional email messages

Learn Microsoft Outlook Complete Microsoft Outlook Guide


This course was created with Outlook 2021 & 365. So you need any version of Microsoft Outlook.
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This MS Outlook course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills required to use Microsoft Outlook effectively. The course is divided into eight sections that cover essential Outlook features such as email management, contact management, calendar scheduling, and task management.In Section 1, students will learn the basics of Microsoft Outlook, including installation, account creation, and accessing help resources. Students will also gain familiarity with Outlook shortcut keys to navigate the software more efficiently.In Section 2, students will learn how to configure and set up their Outlook accounts, including customizing the interface and creating a Quick Access Toolbar.Section 3 focuses on sending and receiving emails, including customizing email signatures and creating and sending bulk and colorful emails. Students will also learn how to save attachments and organize their inbox using Focused Inbox and customizable filters.Section 4 covers the essential skill of searching for emails in Outlook, including using search folders and advanced search options.In Section 5, students will learn how to manage and organize their emails effectively by ignoring conversations, deleting and archiving emails, and using categories and follow-up flags.Section 6 covers contact management, including creating and editing contacts, creating contact groups, and importing contacts from MS Excel.In Section 7, students will learn about Outlook calendar management, including creating new meetings and appointments, creating and replying to meeting requests, and printing calendars.Finally, Section 8 covers Outlook task management, including creating, assigning, and tracking tasks.Overall, this course is designed to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to manage emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks effectively using Microsoft Outlook.


Section 1: Getting started with Microsoft Outlook

Lecture 1 MS Outlook Introduction

Lecture 2 Installation of MS Outlook

Lecture 3 How to create Outlook account

Lecture 4 Outlook shortcut keys

Lecture 5 Getting help in Outlook

Section 2: Setting up Microsoft Outlook

Lecture 6 Overview of MS Outlook interface

Lecture 7 Quick Access Toolbar

Lecture 8 Configuring MS outlook account and other accounts like google and yahoo mail

Section 3: Sending and Receiving emails

Lecture 9 Sending and Receiving emails

Lecture 10 Focused inbox

Lecture 11 Customizing your email inbox

Lecture 12 Email signature

Lecture 13 Creating and using email template

Lecture 14 Sending bulk emails

Lecture 15 Create and send colourful and professional emails

Lecture 16 Saving attachments

Section 4: Searching Emails In Microsoft Outlook

Lecture 17 Searching emails

Lecture 18 Search folder

Section 5: Organizing and Managing Emails

Lecture 19 Ignoring conversations

Lecture 20 Deleting, Archiving and Restoring Emails

Lecture 21 Cleaning up conversation

Lecture 22 Categories and Follow up flag

Lecture 23 Using Quick Steps

Lecture 24 Folders and Sub folders

Section 6: Working with People or Contacts

Lecture 25 Create and edit contacts

Lecture 26 Create contact group

Lecture 27 Importing contacts from Microsoft Excel

Section 7: Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Lecture 28 Overview of Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Lecture 29 Creating New meeting and Appointment

Lecture 30 How to create meeting request

Lecture 31 How to reply to a meeting request

Lecture 32 Printing Outlook calendar

Section 8: Outlook Task

Lecture 33 Outlook Task

Anyone new to Microsoft Outlook,Everybody who wants to improve their performance and productivity at work,Everybody who wants to learn some productivity tips that save a lot of time

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Created by: Emmanuel Adefolaju

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