Learn Microsoft Publisher 2013 Training

Get ready to master Microsoft Publisher 2013 with this 6.5 hour course.
Learn Microsoft Publisher 2013 Training
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Learn Microsoft Publisher 2013 Training

What you’ll learn

Setting up new publications
Graphics and visual effects
Patterns, gradients, and textures
Importing text and creating styles
Column and paragraph formatting
RBG, CMYK, and Pantone colors
Inserting tables
Mail merges
Preparing for the print house

Learn Microsoft Publisher 2013 Training


Microsoft Publisher 2013


Want to create print-ready documents that look like they were done by a graphic designer?
You can!
Event invitations, holiday cards, brochures, and flyers are all a snap when you discover the tricks of high-end desktop publishing in our Learn Microsoft Publisher 2013 course. In this 6.25-hour video training course, you’ll get the tools you need to add your unique touch of creativity to any kind of document.
To kick things off, your expert instructor will help you explore the Publisher interface and get comfortable with navigating your way around it. Next, you’ll discover how to delete and add pages, and how to move pages around when you want to change your document’s order. Videos on paragraph formatting, working with columns, and using fonts will then teach you to make an impact with your text. You’ll learn to do this with images, too, as you learn techniques for adding cool effects—textures, gradients, shadows, and more—to your visuals.
By the time the class is done, you’ll have mastered the process of preparing your Publisher project for professional printing or for publication on the internet.

What People Are Saying:

★★★★★ “Very complete course on Publisher 2013. I am self-taught and knew much of this information but was glad to learn more about master pages, setting custom font pairs, mail merges, and other details I didn’t know. Thank you!” –Carolyn Wilhelm

★★★★★ “The instructor has an excellent delivery of the information, very thorough explanations for almost all of the features, but moving fairly rapidly. At times I had trouble seeing where her pointer was on her screen so I did not see the tabs she was selecting, wondering if there is a way to color or highlight the pointer as it moves? Thanks much, she is a great instructor for what could be a dry course.” – Meghan Yeats

★★★★★ “Because I have limited familiarity with an older version of Publisher, the information provided so far is very helpful in refreshing and updating my knowledge of this software. I have just completed the course and found this training to be extremely “friendly” to someone who has limited overall computer skills. Although I am retired and am doing this to aid in a contract job I am doing, I will explore other Microsoft training being offered by Simon Sez IT just to improve my skill set. I cannot say enough about the instructor, the presentation format, or the material covered. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST EXPERIENCE I’VE HAD WITH COMPUTER TRAINING!” –Gerald Eggert

★★★★★ “So far so good. I switched from another Publisher course and I like this one much better so far. It is much more detailed and has better explanations. I am pleased so far.” -Mary Ellen Diot

★★★★★ “Only stuff I already knew – but very well presented – not too many words – but enough to give good overview for a beginner. MS Office experience helps – but this promises to become even better.” –Martin Nowak

** Updated June 2017. Course transcripts now available.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 DOWNLOAD ME: Course exercise files

Lecture 4 Downloadable Course Transcripts

Lecture 5 Create a New Publication

Lecture 6 Interface Overview: Backstage View

Lecture 7 Interface Overview: The Publisher Application

Lecture 8 Insert, Move, Rename and Delete Pages

Lecture 9 Viewing and Navigating Pages

Lecture 10 Rulers, Measurements, and Guidelines

Lecture 11 Establishing Business Information

Lecture 12 Setting Preferences

Lecture 13 Saving Your Publication

Section 2: Working with Text

Lecture 14 Inserting a Text Box

Lecture 15 Formatting a Text Box

Lecture 16 Character Formatting Options

Lecture 17 Working with Font Schemes

Lecture 18 Importing Text from Word

Lecture 19 Working with Columns

Lecture 20 Setting Paragraph and Line Spacing Options

Lecture 21 Inserting Hyperlink Text

Lecture 22 Inserting Special and Break Characters

Lecture 23 Performing a Spell Check

Lecture 24 Using Find and Replace Feature

Lecture 25 Paragraph Formatting Options

Lecture 26 Working with Tab Stops

Lecture 27 Working with Styles

Section 3: Working with Images and Graphics

Lecture 28 Bitmap vs. Vector Images

Lecture 29 Digital Image File Formats

Lecture 30 Inserting Images and Image Placeholders

Lecture 31 Move, Resize and Crop Images

Lecture 32 Utilizing the Adjustment Settings

Lecture 33 Adding Captions and Alternate Text to Images

Lecture 34 Inserting Page Parts, Borders and Accents

Section 4: Creating and Working with Shapes

Lecture 35 Course Review

Lecture 36 Inserting a Basic Shape

Lecture 37 Formatting a Shape

Lecture 38 Drawing Lines with Line Tools

Lecture 39 Editing a Shape using Anchor Points

Section 5: Working with Colors, Tints, Gradients, Textures and Patterns

Lecture 40 Comparing Color Models

Lecture 41 Exploring RGB, CMYK, and Pantone Colors

Lecture 42 Using Adobes Kuler Tool

Lecture 43 Creating and Applying Color Schemes

Lecture 44 Tints, Gradients, Textures and Patterns

Lecture 45 Applying Custom Colors

Section 6: Managing Objects

Lecture 46 Utilizing the Scratch Area

Lecture 47 Arranging, Grouping and Ungrouping Objects

Lecture 48 Rotating, Flipping, Nudging and Aligning Objects

Lecture 49 Wrapping Text around Objects

Lecture 50 Utilizing the Format Painter

Lecture 51 Saving an Object as a Building Block

Section 7: Working with Tables

Lecture 52 Inserting a Table

Lecture 53 Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

Lecture 54 Formatting a Table

Section 8: Managing Pages

Lecture 55 Working with Master Pages

Lecture 56 Applying a Page Background

Lecture 57 Managing Page Setup Options

Section 9: Create a Mail Merge Publication

Lecture 58 Starting a Mail Merge

Lecture 59 Selecting Mail Merge Recipients

Lecture 60 Inserting Merge Fields

Lecture 61 Previewing and Completing a Mail Merge

Section 10: Finishing the Publication

Lecture 62 Working with Skydrive

Lecture 63 Running Design Checker and Managing Embedded Fonts

Lecture 64 Printing a Publication

Lecture 65 Additional Saving and Print Options

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 66 Course Summary

Section 12: Assessment Test

Users new to Publisher 2013 and those upgrading from previous software versions

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 12m | 2.59 GB
Created by: Simon Sez IT

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